Today, In this article I will provide you with the List of Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool which will help you to get the Long Tail Keywords for your website and you can plan your SEO and Website Optimization accordingly.

What is Long Tail Keyword?

Keyword which are more than 3 or 4 Keyword Phrases are termed as Long Tail Keyword and it is very very specific what you are selling from your website. If you are more specific to their search, It means that there are more chances that they will buy the product.
Volume of Long Tail Keywords will always be less as compared to the 1 or 2 Keywords but It is easy to rank on Long Tail Keywords then a Generic Keyword.

Long Tail Keyword are the hidden asset and Many Webmaster doesn’t know about their Long Tail Keywords, As Long Tail Keywords is not shown on Google Keyword Planner it’s always difficult to identify. To Overcome such Difficulty, I am writing article on Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool which will help you to identify the Hidden Gold Mines in your Website.

List of Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

Here, I will provide you with the Paid and Free Long Tail Keyword Research Tool. I suggest to save your time and Money Go for the Paid Tool as Free Tool only provides a Limited Information.
HitTailHitTail is the leading and one of the best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool and it is very helpful for the Bloggers, Website Owners and Marketers. HitTail is the Keyword Research Tool, which provides a Long Tail Keyword Suggestion from your existing Website Traffic.
HitTail provides a Specific Long Tail Keyword Suggestions that is very specific to your audience.
HitTail Plans and Pricing
HitTail provides 4 different plans to the user, you select the best HitTail plan as per your need and Requirement. The plans are as Personal, Pro, Business and Agency.
Personal HitTail Plan
  • The Price of this plan is $9.95 Per Month
  • In this plan you will get 200 Keywords Per month
  • Keyword Suggestions is delivered to you on every week
  • This Plan is best Suited for Personal Websites or Blog.
Pro HitTail Plan
  • The price of this Pro Plan is $19.95 Per Month
  • In this plan you will get around 500 Keyword suggestions Per Month
  • Keyword Suggestions report is delivered every week
Business HitTail plan
  • The price for this plan is $39.95 Per Month
  • Suggestions for 1500 Keywords Per Month is delivered
  • Keyword Suggestions are delivered weekly
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Agency HitTail Plan

  • This Plan is best Suited for Agency
  • You will get 4500 Keyword Suggestions every month
  • The Keyword Suggestions will be delivered daily

I will suggest before purchasing a HitTail Paid Account , Try a HitTail Demo for 30 Days

Long Tail ProLong Tail Pro is the Number 1 Keyword research and Competitor Analysis tool and it is being in the domain since 2011. More then 70,000+ SEO Experts use Long Tail Pro as a Long Tail Keyword Research Tool.
Features of Long Tail Pro
  • You can use Long Tail Pro as your Keyword Research tool, where Long Tail Provides 800 Keywords suggestion for every query
  • It also provides a Competitor Analysis, where you quickly analysis the Top 10 Results in Google SERP.
  • In this Tool you can do a Real Time Filtering by CPC, Local/Global Searches
  • You can Export your results in CSV and Excel
Long Tail Pro Plans and Pricing
Long Tail has 2 different plans and pricing structure and they are Long Tail Platinum Plan and Long Tail Monthly Plan.
Long Tail Platinum Annual Plan
  • This Plan can be purchased for annually
  • The Price of this Plan is $25 Per Month Billed Annually.
  • Thousands of Keywords can be find in a second
  • Keyword Competitiveness is available
  • Analysis your Competitor upto 10 Results in Google.
  • Check your Keyword Ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • In this Annual plan you will have a VIP Facebook community
  • Free Access to Long Tail University
  • You will save 33% on your Annual plan.
Long Tail Monthly Plan
  • You can purchase this plan monthwise
  • The Price of this plan is $37 Per month
  • Except Free Access to Long Tail University and VIP Facebook community all the plan feature is the same as of Long Tail Premium Annual Plan
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Google Search Console – Yes you read it right, you can use your Google Webmaster Tool / Google Search Console.

Step by Step Guide on How you can Get a Long Tail Keyword through google Console
  • Login to your Google Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console (For that you should have your Website and it should be added in Google Webmaster)
  • Select your Website for which you have to know the Long Tail Keyword.
  • Expand the Search Traffic in Left Sidebar
  • Click on Search Analytics Link
  • Select all the Checkbox (Select Queries, Impressions, CTR and Positions)
  • Change the date to Last 90 Days and Download the Report
  • Now Bifurcate the Keywords with the number of words it has
  • Select the Keywords who has 3 or More Phrases and It is your Long Kail Keywords. By Using Google Search Console you can find a Long Tail Keyword free of Charge.
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Google Search Console is the best and Genuine source to know your Long Tail Keywords. But this can only be done by a Knowledge of Google Webmaster Tool and Excel. It is also a Time Consuming Work.

It is my suggestion Don’t go for Free Long Tail Keyword Tool. I have provided you the Paid Long Tail Keyword Research Tool, Which will help you to extract the Long Tail Keyword in no time.