Are you planning to start a Social Networking Website and you have decided that you will be building your Community website on JCOW and now you are in search of the best web hosting company which can host your jcow social networking website without any issue?

Then this article is for you, Here I will provide you the list of Top 2 Best Jcow hosting companies where you can host your social networking website without any kind of issue.

Best Jcow Hosting

There are many hosting review websites, which will tell you the top 10 or top 15 hosting companies where you can host your jcow website, but by going through all of them it always creates a doubt in our mind whether we should host your website with them. Here, you will find only 2 jcow hosting companies where I have personal experience with them on the web hosting service.

Let’s See the List of 2 Best Jcow Hosting Providers 2017


Fastcomet is one of the affordable and best web hosting company and I recommend everyone to start their online career with them. Fastcomet provides the best jcow web hosting service at a very affordable rate. I have personal experience with them and I have also hosted my WordPress blog with them. The best thing about Fastcomet is its customer support team, they are one of the best hosting support teams I have come across till now and they have set their ETA of 10 minutes to reply to every support ticket raised by the customers.

Features of Fastcomet – Why it is Best for Jcow Hosting?

  • The Hosting price of Fastcomet starts at $3.95 per month for a 3-year hosting plan and the best part I like about Fastcomet is their Renewal rate. During the renewal rate, you have to pay the same amount of money that you have to spend during hosting purchases from them.
  • Free Domain name is provided by Fastcomet for the lifetime, till you have an active account with them
  • 7 Datacenters all around the corner, you can select your nearest data center and you don’t have to pay any extra amount of money
  • Free Cloudflare CDN is provided by Fastcomet
  • Daily Backup of your website is provided so you cannot lose your data at any point of time
  • Now the Best part, if you are just starting your social networking website, then shared hosting will work but what if you have lakhs of visitors on your community website, then shared hosting will not work at that point of time, you will need VPS or Dedicated server and Fastcomet also provides both of them. So you don’t need to look at other hosting providers if your website traffic increases.
  • Fstcomet offers 45 Days of money-back guarantee service, where you can get your refund back if you don’t like their hosting service
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A2hosting provides one of the best jcow hosting services and you can easily start your social networking websites. A2hosting has more than 14+ years of experience in providing hosting service and I have come across many a2 customers who are really very happy with their hosting service. A2hosting provides the fastest, easiest, and reliable jcow web hosting service.  A2hosting provides a turbo server which gives an extra boost to your website speed.

Features of A2hosting – Why it is the Best Jcow Web Hosting service?

  • With a single click, you can install jcow for your website and within a single click you can update your jcow software
  • The Hosting price starts at $3.92 per month for your website
  • A2hosting provides shared, VPS and dedicated hosting service, so in future, if you need to upgrade your server, you can do it easily without any issue
  • Free Account migration is provided by A2hosting for Jcow users
  • A2hosting provides an Anytime money-back guarantee to its customers
  • A2hosting provides 99.9% uptime guarantee service to its clients

So, Here is the list of Best Jcow hosting service where you can easily run your social networking website without any issue. For more information, you can read my article on Best Web Host for Social Network.

What is Jcow?

Jcow is one of the best social networking scripts written in PHP where you can create your own social networking or community website. Jcow is open-source and it is free to use and it has lots of features that make it best in terms of source networking script.

Features of Jcow

  • Jcow comes with the white label, so you need not give any kind of link or show the name of the script.
  • Jcow comes with the 100% source code, so if you are a developer you can customize this script as your requirement
  • Jcow has a template-based system where you can easily choose free themes from the list or you can create on your own
  • It gives a Link Preview in a share box
  • Boost Post, where it gives the options to your members to boost a particular post which helps you to earn money from them
  • Jcow has instant messaging system same as that  of Facebook
  • A Q&A section, where Jcow members can ask questions or give answers
  • Jcow provides a Powerful forum for your community
  • Jcow blogs where your active members can create a blog with a single click
  • For more Features, visit Jcow Official website

Why You Should Choose Jcow as your Social Networking Partner?

  • Jcow is totally free, so you don’t even have to give any money for different modules all the modules provided by Jcow is for free to download
  • Jcow is optimized in such a way that it can handle large traffic
  • Jcow gives an excellent mobile user experience
  • It comes with the deeply google map integrated which help you to create or join local groups or create/join local events
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I hope you have like the detailed article, On Best Jcow Hosting providers, and you have found your hosting partner for the same. You can also share your jcow hosting experience with us by commenting in the comment box below so that my reader who is looking to host their jcow website can get a clear idea about the same.

If you have any feedback you can share with any time by using the comment box.