Are you planning to start your Blog and Looking for the best web hosting plan? Then this article is for you, Here I will share you the best hosting plans for your blog.

When you start to Looking for a new hosting service for your website. We often come across things like pricing, plans and so on. I am not doing any kind of promotion instead, I felt good after using the Fastcomet hosting plans for a year now continuing with another renewal.

I know there are few skeptics I gone through about the best web hosting 2018. Although, these Fastcomet hosting plans are really cheap and a complete steal for the price they are offering. 

Even I have a similar opinion when I started the same. I would like to state all the question on behalf of fellow bloggers such as some tries to use free hosting that annoys a user or choose a unrealiable host that are not upto the mark.

That’s the reason I came out to talk about FastComet hosting Plans, with a fastcomet review. FastComet is definitely among the best web hosting providers. Don’t believe me. Check out by yourself. At the end of the post I am sure you would like to check out atleast once the Fastcomet hosting plans.


Similarly you won’t spend half of your time shifting to another hosting services. Once you get it the right fit..enjoy countless years with it.

Now, the question seems pretty interesting such as why do you need a hosting that suits your blogging?

When anyone ask for a advice or on a free will I do recommend FastComet hosting plans the reason is very clear. Speed and affordability.

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A web hosts that is completely transparent to you comes at affordable price range is FastComet so as the FastComet hosting plans for your blog

Visit Fastcomet to view the Best Hosting plans offered by Fastcomet

Those who like to read further don’t worry I would define every word for you. FastComet hosting plans literally boasts 3 major plans on hosting for their hosting packages.

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NOTE: You can look for Hosting discounts with the Fastcomet team via chat team, may be they can provide upto 30% discount (I am not giving guarantee on that if they will provide)


Let’s clear your skeptics one-by-one.

What is the best FastComet Hosting Plan?

Before jumping into a conclusion, we know you love to read the plans, let’s talk about why FastComet hosting plans are one of the best hosting service for the bloggers.

When it comes to choosing the best hosting plans. Consider choosing 2 things before opting any web hosting company.

#1 Uptime reliability – Now, if your hosting is not operating good you’ll surely lose your visitors. FastComet hosting plans comes with a CDN integrated into system that mean you mostly get 99.9% uptime value. So considering a maximum uptime is the prime motive for selecting a web host.

#2 Speed – Speed is the top most priority for any website to grow. Not only Google tops your site ranking but you do get well wishers too. You will attract more visitors in your website when your pages load fast. So why take a chance? At an average FastComet servers take no more than 2 sec to load a site that makes your users to browse your site at lightning fast.

I hope by now, you know and realized FastComet hosting plans are more reliable, secure and fast with better customer support friendly hosting service.

If you’re still confused which fastcomet hosting plans to go for. We’ll add a few bunch of subcategories right for you. Let’s dive into more details for more.

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There are basically 3 kinds of bloggers such as beginners, seasonal bloggers and advanced bloggers.

What about the Beginner: They usually know few thing about hosting and wordpress. They usually run a single blog and in a learning stage.

Seasonal bloggers: They are good goers. They start with one blog and expand their blogging once they are experienced. They usually start earning from the blog and always in need of cheap and best hosting plan for their site.

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Most Advanced bloggers are those who earn their living from blogs. They earn a passive income through their life from blogs. Mostly their blogs are coupled with high traffic sites.

Now, I feel it’s easy for you now to distinguish between the categories of bloggers. Among most of them have a common a good hosting.

If you’re a blogger and starting to open your site with FastComet hosting plans starter package. If you are a seasoned blogger you can look for FastComet for Plus Package and  advance bloggers retains a expensive hosting service. Which we’ll talk about in another post.

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Here are the features that is offered by Fastcomet hosting plans starter package.

There are various advantages one can take back when getting one hosting such as:

  • Unlimited Email account
  • Storage 15GB SSD storage ( Solid state drive are much better in reliability and speed)
  • You can host 1 website with the starter plan
  • Unmetered traffic
  • 1-free domain registration for life
  • Free domain transfer
  • Customised optimised server setup
  • Guaranteed resources
  • 2- CPU cores
  • You’ll be gifted with 2GB of RAM
  • Free Website transfer
  • 45-days money back guarantee
  • Comes with Free CDN technology

We know you’re just asking for it. Perfect right? Beginners just hop into it without much await. Now, you can learn something at minimum cost.

What about the Pricing for Fastcomet Starter Hosting Plan?

Here’s the pricing to buy the FastComet hosting plans directly.

  • 12 Month Term- $5.95/month+Free Setup
  • 24 Month Term-$4.95/month+Free Setup
  • 36 Month Term -$3.95/month+Free Setup

Note: Make sure to buy any plan for the longest period i.e 3-years to drastically reduce the hosting price.

The Renewal Rate is same as that of Purchase rate, so you don’t have to pay extra when you are renewing your account with Fastcomet

Start your blog on Starter package

With FastComet hosting plans you can always count on things that other hosting most likely to miss out such as better pricing, Fast SSD Storage, hack-free Protection, Real 24×7 Technical support.

If you’re just starting out we would like to recommend you to go with the FastComet hosting plans starter pack of just $3.95/month. The following hosting package consists of following features:

  • Always same renewal price
  • SSD industry graded servers
  • RocketBooster
  • Let’s Encrypt free-SSL
  • CloudFlare CDN Caching
  • SpamExperts
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Malware Removal
  • Free daily backups
  • Instant Chat response
  • Flat renewal price
  • Multiple server application

Start your blog on FastComet and get the ultimate freedom to choose from best fastcomet hosting plans. Here, we said more about the starter package but you can see the rest of the plans if you need. When you select any of the plans for more than 3 years you get the hosting at reduced price. This is even perfect for advanced bloggers who wants a decent hosting without much of sacrificing the speed. Know which FastComet Plan is better for you

Have you figured out the right plan for you? Select a plan that is according to your blogging needs. That even further determines, how much traffic your blog handles on a daily basis, how well you maintain your blog. Even if you feel dissatisfied with FastComet hosting plans you can somehow get straight 30 days money back guarantee as well.

Click the link to go straight to the FastComet hosting plans page. And pick the one interest you. I am sure now you are convinced that FastComet is one of the best web hosting provider you can gift to your blog.

Let me know if you have further queries regarding FastComet hosting plans. Thank you for reading the post. Please help us know how you liked our post.