What will be the best hosting for a site having 10K visitors daily? or What is the best hosting plan for 15k visitors per day? or What is the best hosting plan for 5k visitors per day?

I have come across such questions on many social media platforms such as Quora, Facebook and Twitter, So I thought to write an article on this topic so that many people will get to know and they can get benefits from this article.

You must have noticed when a huge number of users visit your website or blog the biggest issues most of us face is on Bandwidth and Data transfer speed. And for those already running a high traffic site on WordPress with adequate resources such as RAM, CPU & Bandwidth, and with room to grow.

Best Web Hosting for 10k Visitors Daily

Whether you’re new or an existing blogger it’s better to calculate how much bandwidth does your website need?

For instance, you have 10,00,00 visitors and on average, a visitor views 3 pages at once.

That Comes to 30,00,00 views per day. With an average page size of 400KB

That means you now require a bandwidth per day of 300000 x 400 = 114.44 GB

That results in bandwidth distribution per month 31 x 114.44 = 3547.6GB = 3.46 TB

Note – The Page Size of your website can vary, but you can use this as a rough calculation method

You must have looked up and seen “Unlimited Bandwidth” which most web host claims to offer which refers to marketing stunts and nothing else.

If you have started blogging on WordPress out of passion just like us. And millions of others with entry-level shared hosting. One fine day you’ll hit that massive traffic and then some company email will shoot off a few Emails that they can’t handle your website load. We have always faced this type of situation once in our blogging.

Since, if you’re facing the same with your website load grew up hundreds of visitors a day to 10k+ visitors a day. We have a complete solution for you.

The guide is to offer you or call for the resources for hosting selection and of course to pick one hosting that can help you to reach 10k+ views a day is an ultimate solution. As in today’s hosting technology is what we should see first. Indeed most of the companies have understood and come out with great options for hosting for a site having 10k visitors daily.

Generally, WordPress hosting companies that are built to handle the surge in traffic on sites does sound cheap with a typical $3-10 per month. There are few hosting companies that were more likely to talk about in the next few columns.

As we all WordPress is one of the first choices for a personal blog or e-commerce site. There’s A lot of cheap hosting that you can work with when starting or playing around. The only thing you would need a Quality hosting that can give you a little extra than the traditional hosting.

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The following WordPress optimized hosting offer great performance & security. They are designed to have a full-featured control panel so that you can configure your website consuming less time & effort.

They are most likely to have a greater share of advantages with everything doable with one click preferably when you get to see excellent customer support, High uptime, better security & performance. If you have started early then our suggestion on best web hosting would be to take up a managed server that offers decent value for the price.

Best hosting for a site having 10,000 visitors daily


Liquidweb incorporates bigger brands such as Homedepot, National Geographic, FILA, and more. Liquid web starting with a price of $29.50 per month is ideal for the features a managed server offers.


Features of Liquidweb – Why it is Best hosting for having 10k visitors daily?

  • Built-in backups
  • Gigabit transfer
  • Unlimited sites
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Server secure advanced security
  • Integrated firewall
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Cpanel
  • Root access
  • Easily scalable
  • 100% network uptime

What’s more in it?

When traffic flows at your website on a daily basis you must be getting more parallel visitors. In such scenarios, your website should obtain the best transfer speed to fulfill your customer requirements. As most of the hosting claims to offer 1Gbps which is difficult to achieve and they might be lying about it. Ask wisely for a link so that you can check it by yourself. Not even 1% of companies offer such speed.

A connection that has 1Gbps can serve 328 web pages per second. If you have an average page size of 400 KB it can serve 47230 web pages in 1 day. Even if the traffic surges it will not impact your website.

Benefits of Content Delivery Network

The advantages of having a CDN is phenomenal. No matter where are your visitors from? Your website tends to load fast and you don’t have to face network latency either. With CDN the static web pages are fetched from the nearest datacenters from around the world so that your customers can get the webpages to load quickly in no time. Also, the rankings are more likely to improve making it a successful business.

Is LiquidWeb any good?

For high bandwidth sites, our suggestions are to pick Liquid Web that offers over 10TB of bandwidth with a price of $29.50/month and comparatively lower than the AWS, Google & Digital ocean. Also, its’ completely managed so you do not have to worry about the server management which will be taken care of by the hosting company itself.

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Read my detailed article on Best Web Hosting for Node Js which will help you to get the best hosting to host your node js applications


A2Hosting is widely popular and specializes in a different number of services featuring the customers with various deals and discounts on shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. A2Hosting is SSD based each and every plans come with quality web hosting services and comes fully loaded with various features.

WordPress optimized servers are a great way to boost your WordPress blogs with various features. This fantastic hosting comes with WordPress optimized out of the box. And offer Turbo servers for fast loading of webpages.

The advantages of choosing A2host make your website secure with the spam as Baracuda firewall add-on is integrated into it.


When you have a great website that impresses visitors you’re more likely to hit the daily visitor counts. And possibly due to this you need a solid performing web hosting to attract the majority of the traffic.

A2hosting help you by offering amazing speed benefits even with shared hosting. The A2 Hosting Company is around for years then you may think. Since its launch on 2001 as a web hosting startup. It had grown significantly introducing SSD hosting to support SwiftServer platform. Adoption of such policies on shared hosting A2 managed to host are ideal for website having 10k visitors daily.

Also, the A2host make use of Turbo Servers to raise the speed of your web pages than other hosting companies. In a nutshell, the A2 host is the brilliantly marked its presence to be reliable offers high bandwidth and speed for a web hosting company.

Now, that you have known little about A2hosting company’s history. It’s time to look for awesome features that matter most while selecting the ideal web host.

  • Performance
  • Data centers
  • Security & Backups
  • Customer support
  • Control Panel
  • Developer features
  • Tools required for windows based solution
  • Satisfaction guarantee

A2Hosting pricing is competitive and offers a full-fledged hosting solution to the user. However, there’s only a little difference between Linux and Windows-based solution depending on what you choose.


Cloudways is one of the fastest-growing hostings for WordPress. The only thing that it’s not based on cPanel it dramatically improves the speed of a website. Cloudways is on a great path with modest premium fees you now get to see a cPanel which was missing before. Although the support is most important in our eyes and to be honest they have improved a lot.

Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting for a great value. The cloud provider along with Cloudways contents to make everything incredibly easy to manage. Also, for them who hit 10k visitors daily,Cloudways aims to deliver the individuals & business houses websites for seamless interactions with the visitors.

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Cloudways hosting offers a unique platform that offers platform-as-a-service along with cloud-based web hosting that other hosting do not provide such.


Cloudways hosting are rich in optimized speed, performance & security, and it the best cloud-based hosting provider for a site having 10k+ visitors daily.

Cloudways servers are known as best servers for high-speed performance no matter how much traffic does your website have thanks to the following few features.

  • Dedicated resources
  • Free caching WordPress plugin
  • Redis support
  • PHP ready servers
  • Content delivery network
  • Auto-healing servers

How does the CloudWays different from other web hosting providers?

Cloudways hosting is different from the conventional form of hosting. CloudWays provide multiple copies of your site so that if the main server goes down. The copies will be stored at alternative servers for minimizing downtime.

  • You can easily migrate the site from different servers data centers as the time of mishaps.
  • Experience a quick loading time due to multiple server setup CDN integrated into
  • Enjoy the most secure environment with servers that work independently without affecting others.
  • Cloud hosting is easily scalable with resources when you pay and use them during major traffic surge.

So how fast is Cloudways? Here we have contemplated looking for the actual performance a speedy website should have when hosted on Cloudways.

The results are astonishing the homepage loads in 435 milliseconds close to 1 second which is far better than other hosting companies.

Talking about the security we have seen Cloudways implement built-in security features on

  • OS-level firewalls protecting all servers.
  • Routine patches and firmware upgrades
  • 1-Click free SSL certificate install
  • 2-factor authentication for Cloudways account

We must say when picking a web host the most important is the support. Nowadays most of the hosting companies offering live chat support, through which you can contact the support team or raise a ticket to manage the progress of your query.


Picking a host for website having 10k+ visitors is pretty difficult when you know there are hosting companies allure to trap you. The first step is understanding the different hosting providers and the features you get with it.

If you have just started out there is no need to buy hosting by pooling resources. You can go for any shared hosting. Once you have made your decision of choosing among these few best hosting for a site having 10k visitors daily.

We recommend following companies on our top-rated hosts that are abundant on bandwidth, CDN usage, Disk space, and resources