Are you looking for the best HIPAA hosting in 2023? In this article you will find all the top and best web hosting compliant with HIPAA and you can host your healthcare website without facing any kind of issues. Let’s read the detailed information on hipaa compliant web hosting companies

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Hosting 2023

HIPAA compliant is a bit complex in nature. We’ll start in a very basic way. HIPAA is known as Health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996. The law attribute to varieties of the requirement for insurance policies to follow an agreement with the law privacy and security rules under US law.

If you have a website on healthcare then it’s better to have the website with HIPAA compliant. It was made to collect and protect the health information along with medical records of the individual.

HIPAA generally means safeguarding of storing and sharing individual information. It is vital for any individual running a healthcare website or mobile to be HIPAA compliant.

Best Hipaa Hosting

3 Best HIPAA-Compliant Hosting Services (2023): Cloud & Servers

For those who know a little about HIPAA hosting or at least have a basic understanding of what you are looking for then in this article, you will come to know about 3 Best HIPAA-Compliant Hosting Services (2023): Cloud & Servers or HIPAA compliant cloud hosting that has become our all-time favorite cloud hosting providers.


Liquid Web is one of the popular and most demanding hosts that offer HIPAA compliant services to healthcare professionals in a way that complex infrastructure wrapped high class hosting package. The company delivers outstanding high-end hosting through cloud-based servers.

Users can choose between different servers that are pre-configured for premium HIPAA compliant hosting. Liquidweb specializes in providing a customized plans.

Liquidweb - Hipaa Compliant Hosting


SignUp with Liquidweb

Liquid Web has a long-standing reputation and immensely popular due to their super-fast servers and responsive support team that extend into the administrative, physical and offer technical safeguards to store, transmit protecting sensitive patient data. Liquid web features an advanced array of services in a click of a button.

  1. The liquid web provides 100% uptime guarantees
  2. It provides custom configuration, such as the use of SSD and instant provisioning
  3. It has custom configurations, backups with 24×7 sonar monitoring
  4. Block/object storage add-ons that distribute loads evenly
  5. The price of the LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting is basically priced at $67.58/month

Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services are one of the largest web hosting company in the world. Amazon Web Services help brings healthcare providers and IT professionals meet HIPAA and HITECH standards with a common security framework. AWS hosting solutions are completely suitable for the healthcare website or apps for deploying HIPAA compliant workloads in the easiest way.

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AWS is economical, have got better data encryption and data integrity authentication as well as server-side encryption. Amazon web services are the most popular utility cloud-based services to integrates, processes and store or transmit protected information in a safe way.

Read the detailed article on Best Laravel Hosting provider in 2023, which will help you to host your laravel website provides a secure and affordable way towards HIPAA cloud compliant hosting environment through which you can access a host of benefits of cloud hosting with zero risks. provides cloud hosting which is audited and certified by an independent 3rd party against the HIPAA security rule for HIPAA compliance.

There are many HIPAA compliant cloud hosting but very few can match security that of the HIPAA compliant healthcare hosting. You need not to worry though when you are with and that offers an ultra-secure private cloud that helps you reap the advantages of the cloud hosting with no risks.

Beyond this, you get to see better security for healthcare organizations. A quick and easy way to contact for team support and with access to over 24×7 phone and email support.

What is HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Hosting?

Healthcare HIPAA compliant healthcare hosting safeguards private patient records and is used in the healthcare industry but is there any need for a HIPAA server? What is HIPAA for that matter? A HIPAA server or HIPAA hosting is a type of hosting that follows the guidelines defined by the HIPAA to prevent medical records and data breaches.

As we know HIPAA is covered to run HIPAA compliant websites or applications and time when required to pick a HIPAA compliant hosting provider among many. On this page, you will come to see a list of HIPAA compliant web hosting companies that stands amongst the most extreme test.

These HIPAA compliant hosting providers need a special arrangement for web hosting requirements are explained in the below article sections.

Most of the HIPAA compliant hosting companies offer HIPAA compliant web hosting as well as HIPAA compliant email and cloud storage for small and enterprise levels. All these HIPAA compliant web hosting providers are capable of running a professional HIPAA compliant website or app.

What are HIPAA compliant hosting requirements?

HIPAA assimilates entities handling all the PHI data and policies due to the integrity and confidentiality of these records. A HIPAA compliant hosting requirements constitute several things such as:

  • Physical data storage security
  • Physical data destruction security
  • Data access security
  • Data integrity security
  • Data transfer security
  • Data breach reporting
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A HIPAA compliant server is necessary only for storing, transferring, or displaying any accessible forms of data that contains highly sensitive forms of patient information. The health information includes any genetic information that is recorded in any form for the employer, life insurer, school, or university.

Why HIPAA Compliant Hosting Matters for your Business?

According to experts, mobile health (health) will see growth in the coming times. Many have presumed of market growth of medical software and the expansion of the HIPAA compliant web hosting companies due to app dealing with sensitive medical data.

The expansion of HIPAA compliant hosting providers, plans are exciting in nature. However, to be on the safer side apps/websites dealing with sensitive medical data must have HIPAA compliant hosting aligned with federal law to avoid federal fines also it can lead to privacy risks and security risk mitigation.

Maintaining protected patient’s medical records is necessary that’s why you need HIPAA compliant web hosting to leverage the need for high-level security to help you address the complexities of HIPAA.

There are many HIPAA compliant web hosting companies out there on the web and picking one among them due to the suitability of vital research and medical data incorporates different datacenters, around the globe and is ideally suited for today’s high-performance storage device.

What happens if a website is not HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA compliant is necessary for a website providing healthcare facilities but if it falls in the mandatory HIPAA compliance zone then, the specific company will be severely penalized and charged with civil suits as per norms.

HIPAA compliance websites are generally seen protected when data is transmitted to the server from the device. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used possibly due to some untrusted compromised networks.

HIPAA hosting refers to website, application or data storage that is built to comply with the physical safeguard of the requirements of HIPAA security rule.

HIPAA hosting is an important part which is needed for application developers for HIPAA compliance of their solutions. The short answer is HIPAA compliance sets the standards and ensures protection against sensitive patient data.

HIPAA compliant hosting basically integrates 2 different aspects of HIPAA compliance such as.

  1. They sign a business associate agreement with the website owner considering service providers managing and handling the HIPAA protected information correctly.
  2. It safeguards the addresses with the requirement of HIPAA security rule such as.

Contingency operations

  • Facility security plan
  • Access control and validation procedure
  • Maintenance records
  • Workstation use
  • Workstation security
  • PHI disposal

First-class Healthcare HIPAA hosting vs. economy-class hosting: what’s the difference?

The Internet is vast and operates through some machine – be it yours or service is taken from another place. If you are in the healthcare field and do not have the resources to set up servers for your website you need a HIPAA compliant hosting.

If you own a medical website that interacts with the patient information then it might be time to look for HIPAA specialist in web hosting. Sensitive data of patients are protected using HIPAA regulations. Meanwhile if your web host

Meanwhile, every hosting is different from one another as because there is a disparity between the security and things that you should be looking at other web hosting companies. There are various things to be taken into consideration such as a guide to oversight of proper infrastructure and maintaining the patent records to prevent loss of data.

Those standards are done through the US health and human services department that is directed by the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Since a simple hosting provider company would have an inadequate measure to secure healthcare records for the healthcare hosting environment HIPAA compliant hosting abides by all lawful, regulations i.e. HIPAA hosting.

It is equally viable to understand the difference between the First-class Healthcare HIPAA hosting vs. economy.

It’s is necessary to verify that the following web hosts provide the following HIPAA guidelines. A non-HIPAA web hosting provides will not be able to provide the following things.

  1. A signed business associate agreement
  2. Monthly vulnerability scans of your servers
  3. Mitigation of the vulnerabilities discovered by the monthly vulnerability scans
  4. Server hardening
  5. Off-site backups
  6. Log retention of 6 years

The HIPAA compliant hosting generally scans for the HIPAA related servers once a month and generate a report in the backend for you. The main aim of this scan is discovering vulnerabilities found in a hosting environment that possesses potential risks to patient data, records,etc.

A HIPAA compliant cloud hosting basically provides severs as a part of their deployment process. Server hardening basically provides security measures to the servers. These include closing unneeded ports, removing unnecessary programs as well as adding security policies such as a banner of some kind.

Conclusion on Best Hippa Hosting Providers in 2023

Picking a HIPAA compliant web hosting to provide HIPAA guidelines which are different from finding an inexpensive host that does not require to store patient information.

Hope the article on HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Hosting is useful in some kind. The HIPAA compliant web hosting mentioned here in the article can be considered for your healthcare projects.