Web hosting is a very important part of any business that uses a website. In this article, I will give you the information on a Best Golang hosting provider. I hope by reading this article, you will find your Golang hosting company which supports this Golang and help you in setting up the Golang environment to your hosting server. You can also read my overall Best Web Hosting article which will help you to decide your hosting partner.

Before, getting into the list of best Golang hosting provider, I will give you the brief description about Golang

Best Golang Hosting

What is Golang?

Golang is also known as Go, It is a Computer programming language whose development work started in 2007 at Google and it was available to the public in 2009.
Go is an open source programming language which is very easy to build simple, reliable and efficient software. Go Project community has grown considerably with more than half a million users and community members across the globe.

For more details, you can visit Golang Official Website

Let’s See Who Provides the Best Golang Hosting in 2020?

By doing a detailed research, I am providing you the top Golang hosting company which provides Golang environment to developers who are building their projects using Golang. If you Sign up with My the Link provided, I will get some amount of money as an affiliate which helps me in running this blog


A2hosting provides the best, reliable and Fastest Golang hosting service provider with 14+ years of hosting experience and they are one of the first hostings company to implement and provide the developer friendly environment. A2hosting provides 20 times faster than hosting server to the Golang developers. A2hosting provides the Shared Hosting, VPS , Dedicated server and Cloud server.

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Features of A2 – Why they are the Best Golang Hosting Providers?

  • The Hosting price of A2hosting starts at $5 per month
  • A2hosting provides 20GB of Storage space is provided for Golang for the basic hosting plans
  • 1 Core CPU is provided by A2hosting and Up to 4 CPU cores is provided in the higher hosting plans
  •  2 TB of bandwidth is provided by A2hosting
  • For basic hosting plan 512MB and 1 GB for higher hosting plans are provided by A2hosting
  • A2hosting provides Free SSD to its Golang customers
  • For a Golang Developer, A2hosting provides Root Access to your server
  • A2hosting provides Anytime Money back guarantee service to its clients
  • For Golang, A2hosting provides VPS Hosting service
  • A2hosting provides a Single Click installation GO Software with a Single click using Webuzo.
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • Anytime money back guarantee service to its customers

There are not many hosting companies which support Golang software. I will keep updating this article when I will find and come across any top Golang hosting companies which support Golang software.

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