I Know you must be in need of a Hosting. Right! Then, You have landed the right place. We at bloggerfreak helps others finding the best web hosting on various niches. Today, I am going to share the Top 3 best Godaddy alternatives in 2020.

Well, talking about the best hosting provider. There are various wordpress hosting solutions available on the internet but getting one that really helps your blog to grow is essentially the most important factor when picking a web host.

Best Godaddy Alternatives

The 3 Best Godaddy Hosting Alternatives that you will read in this article:

But WAIT. There are few other reasons too if you don’t pay enough attention can get into real trouble especially the beginners. So, without much of wait let’s straight get ahead to Top 3 best Godaddy alternatives in 2020.

Top 3 Best GoDaddy Hosting Alternatives 2020


Here is A2hosting that offers a loads of features at lower prices. You might think this is a new company but it’s not. The company started its operation on 2001 and since then, it enjoys a limelight. Having a better infrastructure and swift services are it’s USP. A2hosting comes Number 1 choice for Best Godaddy Alternatives for Hosting.

Also, they offers “money back guarantee”? And whatnot? Let me explain you the things. According to the policy if you request the refund within the 30 days of pay. You will get the full refund. After 30 days they will only refund you for the unused services (in-prorata basis). So you have the time to check everything before you decide to leave or stay with A2hosting. Even if you don’t get satisfied with any of their services. You get back your investments.

Every single web host offers it’s unique set of features to provide you incredible experience to every user. For instance, speed cacher for better page loads.

A2 Hosting also offers users with TURBO servers to boost up the speed of  websites hosted on their servers. You can even start your own A2 Optimized module that automatically enhance the site load speed. Every and each hosting providers uses their own caching tool. So, each plugin or services will only run with the particular web host and not with all. A2 introduce this caching method that is designed tool for A2 Hosting users that allows site acceleration for caching.

A2hosting also offers unlimited storage, data transfer and Cpanel to their users. They have got their latest PHP version and you are even allowed to change or shift to 5-7.

You can choose “Swift” plan to get more out of this package. Like Unlimited domains. This is a great plan when you have limited budget for multiple projects you can start with choosing the “Swift” hosting package would be a great move.

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How many web hosting companies can you count on who are competing to get customers. Normally when a person starts thinking about an online venture, Fastcomet provides you the opportunity to host your own site through Fastcomet hosting services. There are many reasons why Fastcomet is an excellent choice for your GoDaddy alternative for hosting website.

Fastcomet is a among those many web hosting companies that offers you some unique set of features than others? How? Let me give you a brief insight on the company performance.

Just like other hosting fastcomet offers you housing your site with prefered data centers making it available for everyone at least for those having internet connection.

The company mainly focuses on providing hosting to both business as well as to private clients. Since 2013, they started their operations offering public cloud hosting to its customers. Since, their service also include open source web hosting, SSL along with free templates.

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Fastcomet Hosting Plans

Shared hosting is one of the cheapest when looking for a hosting plan. Shared hosting is good especially for an individual or small business. Fastcomet plans are offered with StartSmart, Scale Right and SpeedUp. This means you get all the essential features such as SSD upto 15Gb, a free domain, daily auto backups as well as backed with 45-days of money back guarantee.

The Plans starts with just $2.95 and extends to $2.95 per month. So, you can easily map out your requirements for your website.

FastComet SSL

If you have a website that has a lot of traffic in it. You must secure your website and prevent fraudulent practices. We now, let you why it’s important. You might not know that your personal details can be stolen from web.

To secure your data as well as the user details you need to have a SSL certificates. Beside that SSL is now a major ranking factor for your website too. It’s advised to implement SSL for webmasters or blog owners on their website.

Fastcomet offers you with two types of SSL certificates one is from Global sign and others from Let’s encrypt. You will have different features according to the plans you chose. This is even better when you purchase your own SSL certificates especially from reputed company such as Globalsign.

Global sign not only secure your website but also offers you better host of other benefits too.

FastComet with WordPress Websites

Luckily, I have decided to move to FastComet when I started blogging and this gives me lot more control and peace of mind when I can simply concentrate on my blogging while Fastcomet take care of everything. I know, it’s hard to find a hosting company that doesn’t go with wordpress hosting. But on a serious note. Did you ever came across any hosting optimised for wordpress.

WordPress is an open-source application that gets installed with Fastcomet 1-click installer. Not only that Fastcomet will offer you with some advance features like daily backups and restore options. Virus and malware protection with daily scans with better security system integrated with it. Using wordpress is now easy with Fastcomet as well as safe for use with any wordpress sites.

Another thing that I liked about wordpress hosting is considering when looking for a wordpress website hosting are website loading speed. Where the site gets loaded much more faster than usual. This is to note that the company offers the speed which is even better than other hosting companies like Siteground, Bluehost etc.

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Plans That I consider for wordpress blogs

Well, now when you’re ready to host a new website. My recommendations starts with $2.95/month plan. This is a affordable plan and used by so many bloggers out there. There are also some free wordpress themes that gets downloaded when you choose to pick the wordpress plan.

Fastcomet reviews on Support

I have personally gone wrong so many times, that at least once I needed support from hosting end. And, I am surprised by the overwhelming response I get from Fastcomet support every time. Beside that you also have a community where you can ask questions from staffs that helps you solve all your issues. This is where you can seek technical help from them. I have shared my personal experience and with their support and I feel pretty good with it.

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Tmdhosting started back in 2007, based in Orlando, Florida. The company offers a wider variety of hosting features just like others with data center lying on Chicago, IL, AZ, Houston, TX, Amsterdam and Phoenix.

Tmdhosting promise to keep zero downtimes on it’s website and uses it’s custom made firewall that keep stealth on 24×7. The data center are SAS 70 type II-certified and equipped with TMD-C1 features and advance networking features.Tmd hosting offers a advance cpanel / WHM management where users can edit hidden files, add mime types, chek server logs or creating cron jobs and carry out many other tasks simultaneously.

Why we love TMD hosting and it’s bunch of features

Each business has its own set of characteristics. A particular type of solution is made to fit the company sze and staff for a specific industry needs. Like you should only cater to substitute your existing hosting solution if you’re not satisfied with your hosting services. It may be good for you to read some reviews on web to find out what users actually think about a particular web host. You can always read our reviews for honest opinions on different web hosting companies.

Tmd hosting claims to offer you support through tickets.  The company also promises to respond to tickets in less than 15 minutes. That’s a great thing. Isn’t it?

But, wait Tmdhosting is much more than that. Everyone in need of hosting call it a shared, VPS or dedicated. Every each of us having some kind of online venture and are subjected to buy hosting for their website or blogs. There are already many hosting providers who claims to offer a host of features but each one of them put forward some limitations to it. For instance if a host is providing a free domain and you need to renew it after a year or so.

But, tmd hosting offers you a free domain for life. With it’s very basic package you get a solid state drive hosting. If you’re new to this hosting types of stuff. Don’t get panic. Tmdhosting is well organised and you can literally find everything easily on it.

From setting up your wordpress on server to writing a post you get all the help with build-in tutorials from tmdhosting.

Things that I liked about TMDHosting

Blazing fast web host

There are lot of things you I consider good while using TMDhosting. I ran the speed test and it got A certified with speed ranging from 52ms.

Very reliable server

Reliability is one such important thing when choosing a web host and this is the reason I like about tmdhosting. The following are the uptime data i analysed before purchasing their services.

Affordable price- I guess not the cheapest but sounds reasonable

The company offers a great value for money with shared hosting starts at just $2.85/month which is even better than Fastcomet. It offers a straight 60-days money back guarantee which seems longer than the industry standards.

Responsive customer support

The support is excellent and assist you with most of the issues. I never faced anything beyond technical glitches which has to happen no matter which hosting you acquire hence, it doesn’t disappoint me. There are 34×7 chat options available for you. Even I have seen hosting providers with false claims but with tmdhosting I have received fast responses from them almost all the time.

Features, features and more features

Tmdhosting takes pride in getting ahead with above market features such as SSD storage, free daily backups and restoration options down the line. The choice of different server locations and anti spam features impresses almost everyone opting for their services at such as low price.

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Why you need Godaddy Alternatives?

Have you ever face difficulty setting up things on your server. Or Did you even contact the customer support for resolving any technical issues. At some point, the customer may end up using the particular web host if he it doesn’t satisfy him/her. A customer support is the soul of every business, Isn’t it? At times, I felt changing my hosting when the hosting company did not deliver the support services when we need it most. This is not applicable for those who have technical skills and don’t need any assistance.

But, Every other user whether a nibiew or expert need help at some point of time. Being a FastComet customer I contacted them numerous times and they replied me without waiting for longer period. This shows how much they are reclined towards their customers. I am fascinated to talk about about more on hosting providers who cares for their customers.

But essentially a responsibility for the service provider to respond to user queries. In my personal experience customer support should be improved in order to run business successfully.

Other reason to find Godaddy Hosting alternatives?

There are other reasons to find the best alternatives to Godaddy is the true absence of backup. Instead we simply recommend you choosing these 3 top godaddy alternatives host for free automatic backups.

For Instance, if any problem arises after a week or so, then restoring backups regularly would solve your problem. Over here, we’re recommending our top best web hosts who keeps backups of all databases and files and replace it with the existing restored backups. This way facilitating their customers which pushes customers to purchase these hosting more frequently compared to Godaddy.

Those times are gone when you have to manually make backups every week. This frustrates the user lately and he/she end up renewing with host for another time. Moreover with Godaddy standard hosting plans that offers HDD which seems absolutely outdated now.

The other reason of choosing these top 3 best godaddy alternatives web host is to get SSD drive hosting with different speed zones to make the pages load a lot more faster. The web hosts we’ll be talking later on the post comes with SSD storage so now on you don’t need to rely on the spinning drive.

Most frustrating reason for Godaddy

My experience with Godaddy was pathetic when i signed up thinking I don’t have to use my credit card as I reside in India. I was enchanted by their Ads bubbles and felt like a trap. The problem was with website loading speed as their server are really slow and you don’t get much options there. Everything you ask, you ought to pay them for most of the things. Instead serving their customers they are pushing hard to purchase their third party backup service and email marketing plans.

Note: In my opinion, they should improve their customer support as well revise the plans and update their servers. We suggest you taking a look at Top 3 best godaddy alternatives in 2020, you can refer for best experience on your online journey.

Conclusion on Best Godaddy Alternatives

As per our experience, you can consider above 3 Godaddy alternatives when we compare them mainly on the features. We can conclude as per our recommendations FastComet and tmdhosting will be the excellent options.

Mostly, I prefer Fastcomet. Fastcomet is the best options when you are on a budget and wants unlimited bandwidth. The TMDHosting is also a great alternative to Godaddy but keep in mind the traffic limitations are restricted at certain level otherwise, it’s a excellent wordpress host.