Are you Looking for Best Ghost Hosting provider company for your Ghost Blog? Then you have come to the right place, Here I will provide you the List of 3 Best Ghost Blog Hosting Provider. The selection of Best Ghost providers is done on the basis of Affordable Price, Rich Features, Excellent Uptime, and Knowledgeable technical customer support.

But before getting into the List of Ghost Web Hosting, I will provide you a brief description of Ghost Blog and for what it is used.

About Ghost
Ghost is an Open Source Blogging and Publishing platform which is beautifully designed and free for everyone. Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog and providing all the features, that help to publish your blog. Ghost is one of the best alternatives for WordPress and Tumblr. For more details, you can visit its official website i.e

For, more detailed information scroll down the page and see each ghost blog hosting features and style. You should try comparing them to decide which one suits you. However, on top of that, you choose to hosts by specific features. Sit back! We have researched it for you and our top choices say, consider these following hosts.

List of 3 Best Ghost Hosting Provider Company in 2020

Here, you will find the List of Top Ghost Web Hosting provider company for your Ghost Blog, Select anyone of them from the list and find your Ghost Blog Hosting Partner for your Blog.
If you are searching for the Best Ghost Hosting company, then I will recommend Fastcomet as your Ghost Web Hosting Partner. Fastcomet is one of the fastest and affordable growing web hosting company. Fastcomet provides all the hosting features that is required to host your Ghost Blog. If you are in doubt about where you have to host your ghost blog, then Fastcomet has all the features to provide the Best Ghost Hosting service.
Best Ghost Hosting
  • The Price of Fastcomet Ghost Web Hosting starts at $2.95 Per Month
  • Fastcomet provides Fast and Reliable Hosting package for your Ghost blog and websites
  • With every Fastcomet Hosting account, you will get a Free Domain Name
  • Here, you will get an SSD Ghost Cloud Hosting from Fastcomet at a very affordable rate
  • Daily and Weekly backup is provided by Fastcomet for your ghost blog
  • Fastcomet provides 24×7 Ghost Customer Support
  • Fastcomet provides Fixed Prices and the same renewal rate
  • If you are not satisfied with the Fastcomet, you can get your money back within 45 Days of Signing up
  • Single Click Ghost installation is provided by Fastcomet
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A2HostingA2hosting is a very famous name in the Web Hosting industry. A2hosting has main focused on open source hosting and they are providing one of the best open source hosting service. A2hosting provides 20x faster ghost blog web hosting service to the professionals who are looking to start a professional blog with Ghost platform.
  • A2hosting pricing for Ghost hosting starts at $3.92 Per Month for the basic plan which is best suitable for a professional blogger
  • A2hosting provides the perfect Ghost Hosting solutions
  • Set Up your Ghost Blog on a single click by using softaculous software provided by A2hosting
  • A2hosting provides the Free Hackscan protection, to look about that your website is not hacked or threat to your website
  • A2hosting provides Friendly and Knowledgeable ghost hosting solutions
  • Free Ghost blog account migration is provided by A2hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee is provided by A2hosting
  • You can get your money back at any time

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TsohostIf you are Looking for Ghost Hosting in the UK, then Tsohost is the best selection for you. Tsohost is one of the Best Web Hosting companies across the UK. Tsohost provides the best Ghost hosting solutions in the UK
  • The Price of Tsohost Ghost Blog Hosting starts at £2.99 Per Month
  • Tsohost provides Single Click Installation for your Ghost blog
  • Free Daily Backup is provided by Tsohost
  • 24×7 UK Based Customer support service is provided by Tsohost
  • Tsohost provides Ghost Cloud Hosting service

As, you know, Ghost is one widely popular of being a free and open-source blogging platform. Though Ghost has been developed to tailor the need for blogging without having to operate on full-grown CMS which is used to make complex websites.

The Ghost blogging platform was initially started with a non-profit ghost foundation by John O’Nolan (he was a deputy leader of the WordPress UI team). With the successful starting, the campaign has remarkable gone big and peoples come to raise funds for it. As WordPress was becoming too complex Ghost being the young platform enchanted everyone with the modern Node.js execution engine which makes it faster surpassing WordPress in manifolds? The latest version of Ghost released with version 0.7.5.

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Anyone can look out to download this amazing Ghost platform, install it on your server for absolutely free of cost. Similarly, the Ghost foundation has got up with few paid best hosting for ghost and its hosting plans are known as Ghost(Pro) for users don’t want this hassle to manually configure and install on their servers.

All the Ghost hosting plans are managed by the Ghost Foundation. But as of now, there is no free Ghost(Pro) plans. The profits that generate are invested again for further development infrastructure of the Ghost project.

Benefits of Choosing Best Ghost Hosting?

Ghost has become really popular among all masses due to its functionalities and a lesser role in configuring it. Users with limited or knowledge afraid of taking the risk to install it on the server or configuring on their own can look at it.

Basically, there are 4 hosting plans as of now offered by Ghost Pro.

  • Unlimited transfers and storage
  • Automatic updates and backup
  • SSL support
  • Global CDN and security protection
  • Support for all themes and apps

Installing Ghost on a Server

For installing a Ghost on a server you need a specific Node.js execution engine which can be downloaded in a .zip file. A user first needs to extract the downloaded files and enable the Node command prompt and initiate the Ghost from there.

Further, instructions are available online. While having windows, Mac or Linux OS. Installing and launching require having the Node Package Manager. Using Ghost as a public which is something we do not recommend. You can either use the server software like Apache, Nginx or IIS to deliver the content.

Setting up Ghost on the host is crucial when you plan to run directly from the server. The steps are little cumbersome which consists of installing the Node.js and allow SSH terminal window to access the Node.js.

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PS: Ensure that you have the latest release of Node.js installed on the server.

The basis installation guide for Ghost is as follows:-

  • Download the latest release of Ghost
  • Unzip the file into the web directory
  • Run the installation script
  • Launch the ghost using the Node Package Manager
  • Ensure that it’s running on the website
  • Edit the URL and main setting in the configuring file
  • Set Ghost to run it on your server
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PS: Upgrading Ghost can be a little tricky as it needs a wholly manual process. You need to check for the latest release periodically for the most stable and bug-free version.

Features of Ghost Blogging Platform

Ghost Blogging Platform has focused more on blogging and publishing the content. It’s easier to navigate and use the fully operational CMS similar to WordPress. So, the first benefit a user can derive would be Easy to use managing and browsing the content is a lot easier akin to the way you use your emails.

  • Another feature We like having a powerful split-screen markdown editor which shows the live preview. So, a Split-screen editor should be the top choice when typing and formatting the content.
  • The third benefit would be the overlay interface, the interfaces are pretty straightforward which is clean and design to make clutter-free. The simple interface is high on the priority of our list.
  • The ghost rebuilds itself to make it search engine optimized. SEO Features that make it tirelessly beautiful is now supported in Ghost.
  • Play with designs with themes offered for Ghost. Disqus comments, Google custom search and Google analytics are now supported by Ghost.
  • No more working alone, if you have a team or an editor or delegating author roles to members. The user roles are now is simpler than other blogging systems. This makes is flexible and easy to manage a blogging team.

How about Alternatives to Ghost Blogging Platform?

Do you know there are many alternative free blogging platforms available? You can seek WordPress, a blogger but all these have a common issue with them. Like limited tweaking and customization. Despite offering free blogging platforms Ghost is still the best when it comes to using it on the server by installing and running it within a few minutes.

Should you choose Hosted options? Of course YES there are few blogging software packages offered by the various hosting providers that specifically support installing Ghost on their servers. Not only that they are one of the popular choices of hosting regular websites and blogs among masses.

So, here is the list of Top 3 Best Ghost Hosting Provider companies across the world. You select any one of them as per your requirement and budget. But I will provide you my recommendation for Ghost Hosting.
My Recommended Ghost Blog Hosting Provider Company is Fastcomet
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