Are you looking for the Affordable and Best Forum Hosting Provider company? If your answer is yes, then this article will help you to get the affordable forum hosting for your Forum or community-related websites.  There are many companies that provide a Free forum web hosting but getting into free hosting is always a risk for your forum websites.

SO this article will help you the best forum hosting that will help you to launch your website and get into success. There is always a question arises What is the best forum hosting website? then this article will help you to find the answer on the forum hosting.

Here, I will provide you the List of Best Forum Hosting with its Pricing structure, Its Features that will help you to host your forum website and you also you can get a chance to compare different web hosting companies and decide which hosting company is best for your Forum website.

Recommended Best Forum Hosting 2021

Hosting CompanyPrice Starting At
$2.95 Per Month
$2.85 Per Month
$3.92 Per Month

Best Forum Hosting

Best Forum Hosting Companies in 2023

Finding the right forum hosting service is always a challenging role and select your hosting company that best suits your budget and requirement. The List of Forum web hosting companies in this article will support all the open-source forum software and Also the Premium version of Forum software.


Fastcomet provides one of the best and affordable SSD forum hosting provider companies providing hosting services around 70+ countries. Fastcomet has 7+ years of experience in providing Best Web Hosting service. Fastcomet provides hosting service to all major Forum software and script.

If you need affordable and cheap forum hosting service then fastcomet should be your first choice to host your website. Fastcomet provides the tutorials on different forum software which helps you to get the step by step guide on your fastcomet script



Fastcomet – Features of Fastcomet Forum Web Hosting Provider

  • The Forum hosting price of Fastcomet starts at  $3.95 Per Month
  • Free Domain name on every hosting service purchased from fastcomet
  • Fastcomet provides SSD equipped cloud forum web hosting service
  • The renewal price is the same as of purchase price, so you have to pay the same amount that you have paid during the purchase of your hosting
  • Free Cloudflare is provided by Fastcomet, it helps you to get closer to your visitors
  • Fastcomet provides most popular Cpanel powered web hosting to manage all your website requirement such as file manager, email and error logs
  • Daily Backup is provided by fastcomet for your forum website, which helps to protect any loss of the data
  • Fastcomet provides 24×7 customer support for your forum websites, so if you have any query they will provide help via Live Chat, Phone, and ticket-based
  • Fastcomet provides 45 Days of money-back guarantee service to its user
  • Single Click installation for all major forum software and free upgrade is provided by fastcomet
  • Fastcomet provides a free website and domain migration service is provided for a forum website
  • You can Read my Detailed Fastcomet Review, that will help you to decide and get your Best Forum Hosting provider company
  • Read my Fastcomet Review where I have provided my personal experience with the fastcomet

A2hosting– A2hosting provides one of the best and fast forum hosting solutions that you need for your Forum website. A2hosting supports all the forum software that you need to create the forum website.

A2hosting supports forum software such as vBulletin,phpBB, MyBB, SMF, Vanilla, bbPress, Phorum, XenForo, and much more software are supported by A2hosting. 97% of existing customers recommend a2hosting to their friends and relatives to host their website.

A2hosting provides different hosting services such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Click Here to Sign Up with A2hosting for your Forum Website

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Features of A2hosting – Why It is Best Forum Web Hosting Provider

  • A2hosting provides forum hosting service to every free or paid forum software that is available in the market that you can use to create your forum website
  • The A2hosting hosting price is $3.92 Per Month for your forum web hosting
  • A2hosting provides Unlimited storage and Bandwidth is provided for your forum or community-related website
  • Free SSD included by a2hosting, so it increases the speed of your forum website
  • A2hosting provides anytime money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with their hosting service, you can get money back
  • A2hosting has received a 5-star rating by the 4300+ verified customers of them
  • It is rated  A+ by BBB Accredited Business
  • A2hosting provides 3 different locations and they are USA, Europe, and Asia
  • 9% Uptime guarantee is provided by A2hosting to its customers
  • If you need a Dedicated IP, then it will cost $1.96 Per Month
  • A2hosting also provides Free Shared SSL Certificate for your forum-related website
  • A2hosting provides Single Click Installation for forum software such as Phpbb, SMF and many more

TMDHosting – It is one of the Best and Leading Forum Web Hosting provider company and it comes 3rd in the list of best forum hosting services. TMDHosting supports all the major forum script that is used to build a forum website.

TMD supports all the versions of server-side languages such as PHP, Ruby Rails, Python, and much more server-side scripting. TMDHosting Site supports forum script such as miniBB, MyBB, PunBB, SMF, and many more forum scripts. TMD provides Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Virtual servers for your forum-related website

Visit TMDHosting to Signup for your Forum Website

Features of TMDHosting – Affordable Forum Web Hosting provider company

  • The Forum Web Hosting price of TMDHosting starts at $2.85 Per Month
  • The VPS Hosting of Site5 for your forum websites starts at $35 Per Month
  • TMD provides 3 different hosting plans and they are Starter, Business, and Professional
  • If you are hosted your forum website on different hosting, TMDHosting provides free website migration service to its clients
  • TMDHosting promises 99.9% uptime guarantee so that your website visitors always see your website up
  • Easy to use control panel is provided by TMD
  • TMDHosting provides 24×7 customer support via Email and Live Chat
  • TMDHosting provides 1 click installation for all major forum software
  • You will get 45 Days of Money back guarantee
  • Read TMDHosting Coupon Code to get an update on all the latest offers and discounts

What is Forum Hosting?

A forum hosting is specifically made to cater to the needs of solid site traffic that means site owners need specifically a hosting provider that offers a lot of affordability, usability, scalability, reliability additionally flexibility. Fortunately, there are tested web hosting providers that offer the most popular free as well as paid forum software programs that run efficiently when paired with most effective hosts in the market

This is because a forum relies on a powerful hosting that can foster the needs of growing traffic and user interactions. Like a web host that offers relatively a high threshold and bandwidth as well as the memory. That being said there are several affordable options abundantly residing over hosting space. To find such top-notch services and support at a reasonable rate.

Starting your own forum can be a great start to help peoples and bring together similar interests. Probably best because it can be a nice way to discuss issues, collaborate with work, and speak with peoples having used a product or services. While forums are tremendously working and puts a heavy load of traffic each day. In the long run, you need to give a good experience to the users. Having the best cheap forum hosting will reap fabulous benefits for you and your forum website.

Advantages of having a Forum

Whether you’re looking for some information on coding or don’t know how to root an android phone community forums offer immense help and personal resources to users. Most of the peoples use forum posting queries and get answered by other peoples. It works to build a sense of community, drive tons of traffic as well as create fresh and relevant content. Forum owners always answer reader’s questions while they enjoy interacting with other peoples providing the information.

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What needs to be considered before purchasing the best forum Hosting in 2023?

Social media networks and blogs are more likely to bring all the glory when it comes to communicating on the web. Thus purchasing the best forum hosting in 2023 is surely a top-notch and way to bring like-minded peoples together and the best hosting around. Creating an online community has to be an easy and rewarding task by itself.

  • Let’s your visitors interact with each other
  • There is an efficient way to obtain feedback and answers
  • As the forum grows, there will be unique content and the website will drive more traffic
  • It creates a sense of community doing among visitors. That will prompt them to come back again to discuss or answer a few questions.
  • FORUMS ranks higher on the search engines and that’s possible because of unique content. Just the only what search engine crawlers hunt
  • However, building a successful Forum takes time bit but one can thrive to take the task at hand that yields more than hundreds of unique visitors each day looking out for your website.

Whether it’s a discussion or blog type for any website. It needs a web server. The usual requirement for a web server would be bandwidth, storage, decent uptimes also the support would be necessary.

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing the best hosting for a forum in 2023?


The forum has large sets of data to be managed by the hosting provider. Mostly a discussion board offers more than one database for storing information.

PHP support

Most forum platforms are built using the PHP. While a host may come with PHP support but can have limited functions.


The bandwidth is subjective and depends upon the traffic you receive on your forum. Well, to be at the safer side we choose to set this to unlimited bandwidth.


Actual forums need a decent space to store things such as avatars and small attachments. However, in actual the size can go up to a couple of gigabytes of storage. Make sure to choose an ample amount of space for the server.

Why should you not go with free hosting providers?

Remember the old saying “In this world, nothing is truly free”. Take the instance of a free hosting service that runs on the freemium business model. They do offer a free version of their full-fledged hosting services in the hope you’ll be bound to upgrade to their premium plans in the future.

You might have to stick with the limited onboard server space and no less than a tiny bit of bandwidth. Surely no FTP access so you can migrate the content with another hosting provider.

Your content can disappear at any time, with free hosting providers there is always the chance to shut down the services without intimating you. You might have faced a situation where you need to sell your blog that’s not possible with free hosting providers.

There’s more but..we had to stop! In the hope that a free hosting provider won’t suffice the need if you’re looking to make a Forum.

What are the different types of forum Software? List 5 to 6 Forum Software

You must have thought before making your first decision starting with a forum can be free and paid. But there are a few types of the forum software. Picking one is not as easy as seems, but we narrowed down the options to have the 5 best tools for your forum website.


It’s one of the oldest open source forum software and launched in 2000. Whereas as it continued to develop the modern capabilities, AJAX functionality with command-line interface and support. You can read my detailed article on best phpbb hosting providers.

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Its free and open source and comes with hundreds of modifications and plug-ins in it. Unlike others, it did not need to edit a single line of code. You can have it seeing the immense amount of versatility and sandboxing technology used in it.


bbPress is a platform made to use with PHP and MySQL. It’s an ultra-popular CMS with all things WordPress usability and performance. The main thing that makes this our favorite would be the integration of administrative dashboard and support as well as Akismet spam protection.


Simple and popular vBulletin is one of the paid forum software that is used by more than 40,000 online communities. The most scalable and installation software suited for forum websites. Also, supports the native iOS and Android apps for optimized mobile users.

Simple Machine Forums

It takes us back again with the open-source realm managed with minimal resources to accommodate various levels of technical expertise. Simple Machine Forums offers unique server-side functions for flawless integration into your website.

How to promote your Forum website?

Getting contributors to a new forum website is not an easy task. You can’t just put a forum and expect it to work. A forum with few members is not going to work and it is self-defeating in nature. The only thing a website owner could do to attract most people on their first visit so that they want to come back.

Not all forums are created equal but a serious commitment is required to use the promotion. Each forum develops with the personality that matches a similar interest, style, and approach towards life. You can use the niche+forum to identify the possible user’s needs and can later use this to promote the forum website. The following are the scenarios.

  • Start and respond to topics
  • Be engaging to engage others

When you have to upgrade your Forum hosting provider to the VPS forum or dedicated servers?

People tend to adore the camp of an online forum website. Potentially a forum is set to make more profit than a usual website or blog. There are lots of good web hosting forums available in the market. More or less most of them offer similar features and pricing. In my blogging career, I have seen and reviewed so many of them. I personally feel a few best among all. If you need VPS, then you can read my detailed article on the best VPS hosting.

Consider upgrading the hosting for your forum website. When you see the loads trembling your site. An upgrade is a good option when you feel lots of users coming to your site and the desired load is reached to limit. This makes it upgrade your existing hosting.

You can take a look at this best forum hosting provider that adds more power and performance to your forum website. It’s a nice option to upgrade to VPS for easy scalability and for resource deployment.

Recommended Best Forum Hosting 2021

Hosting CompanyPrice Starting At
$2.95 Per Month
$2.85 Per Month
$3.92 Per Month

Here is the List of Affordable, Cheap, and Best Forum Web Hosting providers companies which will ease your work to host your forum website successfully. This web hosting company provides all the features and will help you to install the forum software and you will be working in a very good hand.

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Do let me know via the comment section about your experience with these 3 best forum hosting provider companies and also share this article with your friends and relatives so that can get aware of the best and most affordable forum hosting company