The website hosting providers offer various hosting plans that include – Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and few other common hosting plans. Some of the companies offer enterprise hosting which can be considered as a powerful way of hosting the website with multiple advantages to enhance business prospects.

What is Enterprise Hosting?

The enterprise hosting providers offer the technique that combines both the hosting and managing services together while uploading a website. It allows the website to run smoothly while managing the secured network and the additional resources available.

  • The enterprise cloud hosting supports the advanced framework and the business applications of higher capacity. It offers a wide range of high-end services and controls the leading business & industrial portals with higher efficiency.
  • The enterprise web hosting handles the various high-performing facilities, the physical infrastructure and manages the availability of resources continuously.
  • The enterprise hosting solutions also manage security, storage, load balancing & content distribution services with the help of comprehensive abilities. It also keeps the track of optimal routing, safer delivery of data, and other enterprising server management and hosting services.

The other most required services such as IP connectivity, virtual monitoring, computing, VPN & data network management are also taken care of by the most effective enterprise hosting services.

What is Enterprise WordPress Hosting?

The most powerful enterprise WordPress hosting not only offers the most secured scalability instantly but also enhances the performance of the website, controls various options & tools. It makes the server processing highly capable and utterly efficient.

The enterprise hosting solutions are highly effective and they can make changes according to the custom needs & business requirements.

These services can be listed as given below:

  • Security for data & storage
  • Distributing intelligent content
  • Balancing the load
  • Managing IP connectivity
  • Computing and virtual services
  • Professional service operations
  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Network and data integration

Find more about enterprise WordPress hosting:

If you are running a WordPress website having many visitors on a daily basis then instead of choosing an ordinary hosting plan with limited operations, you can choose the enterprise website hosting plan & services. The enterprise hosting plan offers advanced features that help in boosting the overall performance of the website.

If you need to have control over your website and require the best hosting services along with scalable plans to manage the increasing traffic to the website. Enterprise cloud hosting offers excellent services and superior techniques.

Let us discuss the enterprise hosting providers and the best enterprise WordPress hosting Services of the year 2022:

1. Kinsta – powerful WordPress enterprise hosting

Kinsta is one of the most consistent enterprise cloud hosting services that have become popular among IT professionals and various business owners.

Kinsta - Enterprise Hosting

The company offers various enterprise hosting plans that starts from $600/-pm to $1500/-pm along with unlimited options such as 60 websites per user, allows interaction with more than 1 million users, free availability of CDN, the storage capacity of 100 GB along with 30 days money-back guarantee.

The company also has around 20 global data centers around the world. Kinsta offers advanced features and excellent services to clients on a monthly and yearly basis.

The company has a list of prestigious clients. Kinsta also provides enterprise hosting plans as per customer’s needs and requirements. For every yearly customized plan, two months of extra hosting is available freely.

Kinsta is known for providing high-class enterprise hosting services. The enterprise WordPress websites once uploaded remain working round the clock. The websites will be monitored, keeping a watch on the uptime and protecting the websites from any cyber attack.


The add-on features available are the CDN capabilities, Scaling visits, Elasticsraech, and Cloudflare Railgun. It also offers one-click enactment environments that are based on various themes and the plugins to be used.

You can also choose any one of Google’s regional data centers based on the cloud platform which is 20 in number.

The Google cloud includes NGINX, PHP 7, LXD containers, and MariaDB infrastructure. The company offers $1 for 1000 visits and if CDN crosses the limit then the charge will be $0.10/- for 1 GB.


  • Money-back guaranty of 30 days
  • Free certificates (CDN & SSL)
  • Automatic backup (daily basis)
  • Reasonable pricing options
  • Customer care services available 24/7
  • High-quality hosting performance
  • Reliable security services
  • Single-click cloning, additional backup,
  • Supportive environment,
  • Google cloud offers NGINX, PHP7, LXD containers & MariaDB services.


The backup of data is stored for a limited period only.

Customer Reviews:

The customer reviews by TrustPilot talks about Kinsta is one of the highly reliable enterprise hosting providers with advanced options and a friendly approach. You can visit the company website and find more about customer reviews.

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Prestigious clients:

The list of 130 prestigious clients of Kinsta hosting services includes – The White House, Sony Music, Toyota, The Walt Disney Company, and many others.

WP Engine – Best Enterprise WordPress hosting

WP Engine is enlisted at the top as one of the most efficient enterprise hosting services that most people prefer around the world. The company has several hosting plans ready for the customers along with the most advanced options, excellent features, and ready-to-use hosting solutions.

The WP Engine hosting plans are based on a free Genesis framework that can be available at $59 and it also includes various StudioPress themes that are made available freely with the hosting plans.

The higher Uptime remains strongest with unlimited storage (LargeFS) media. The hosting plans also support Dev, Stage & Prod environments and the sites can be easily transferable.

WP Engine with the help of enterprise hosting solutions offers global CDN features including higher page-level performance and offers SSL automated certificates while hosting the websites under various customized plans.

The WordPress multisite services are available along with dedicated customer care & support services. You can easily contact the WordPress experts either by phone, email or with the help of the online chat option.

The enterprise web hosting also offers GEO IP services and allows you to add as many websites as possible. The plugins are available for advanced operations and can get automatically updated.

The WordPress optimized Google analytics data helps in planning the strategy for the content with the help of the dashboard.

Pros :

  • The support services of WP Engine are outstanding & have won awards.
  • The dedicated customer support & account services are highly appreciable.
  • The command-line tools such as WP-CLI are highly useful in making the sites interactive.
  • The higher uptime of the websites use enterprise cloud hosting
  • The black Friday discount is huge and also provides additional offers.
  • The enterprise hosting services offer customer care service 24/7 without a break.
  • The higher security options of WP Engine make the websites hassle-free.


  • The advanced services and the latest options do not support beginners.
  • The hosting plans are highly developed and have higher costs.
  • WP Engine supports only WordPress websites.

Customer Reviews:

Most of the reviews by TrustPilot are in favor of WP Engine. The use of advanced options and excellent customer service are always preferred by the customers. You can visit the website of WP Engine for more detailed reviews of the customers.

Prestigious Customers:

The award-winning enterprise hosting providers have become popular among many business houses and a few of the prestigious clients are Myfitnesspal, Webdev Studio, GadgetFlow, etc.

Liquid Web – Overall best enterprise hosting provider

Liquid Web is one of the best and highly preferred. It also has the higher capabilities of enterprising WordPress hosting. The main advantage Liquid Web offers is the custom-designed enterprise hosting solutions that work effectively as per the customer’s requirements.

It also makes sure that the customers get complete support 24/7 along with complete security. You can contact the company to know about various hosting plans and the additional services offered along with the prices. The hosting plan also offers highly advanced facilities and dedicated services.

Most professionals and businessmen prefer hosting plans that help to grow business beyond expectations. The enterprising hosting makes use of the useful data centers that allow outsourcing the applications while managing the websites.

It also provides additional services such as backup, recovery, and automatic updates of the resources. Liquid Web offers a variety of enterprise cloud hosting that can be customized as per the customer’s needs.

It doesn’t have options for shared hosting but most of the hosting plans are highly committed to providing the best of services to the people and most of the plans are based on VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting.

Pros :

  • The Liquidweb enterprise hosting services offer 100% uptime.
  • The customer care services allow phone, email & online chat services 24/7.
  • It has 5 Global data centers offering the services round the clock.
  • Various hosting plans and custom packages are available.
  • The higher security keeps the website completely protected against any possible threats.


  • The hosting plans and the additional services offered have higher costs.
  • Sharing hosting plans is not available.

Customer reviews:

The reviews of the customers clearly show that most of the customers are happy with the services offered and are positive while discussing their websites and their performance. Trustpilot offers detailed reviews.

Prestigious clients:

The Liquid Web Company has made most of its clients happy while offering enterprise web hosting. It has provided higher ranks to the websites that help in various business operations. Some of the clients are – American Airlines, Ample Harvest, FedEx Express, Crazy Engineers, and many others.

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Let us discuss some of the most accommodating factors that will help you to choose the best and most suitable enterprise hosting company.

  1. Consistence services

To select the appropriate hosting company, you have to check for its reliable services and its consistent approach. The best way to understand the working approach of the enterprise dedicated server is to find more about the company with the help of social media networks and also by referring to customer reviews about the services offered and the various issues concerned. The social media network keeps the track of the latest facilities, and features of various products and also the updated information in form of offers, discounts, and prices.

The interactions with the customers and the users can help you to understand the quality of the services offered, various facilities available and the time taken to get back to the customers on various issues. The reviews written by the customers or concerned parties allow you to understand company policy, preferences, and priorities.

  1. Customer Care 

The hosting company should have highly skilled staff and other required facilities as a part of customer care and support services. Customer care services play a very significant part in the higher achievement of a hosting company. The latest technologies and advanced enterprise cloud hosting features have opened new opportunities to customers.

When the modern website hosting options are made available for the customers then there is confusion and issues faced by customers on a daily basis. If the customer care and support executives are capable of handling the customer queries and related issues flawlessly, then it makes the website hosting company highly successful in the market.

The customers can contact the customer care executives either by email or on phone regarding any help or to sort out any query. The dedicated services offered mainly depend on how quickly the customer care executive attends the call or replies to the mail. The customer is also allowed to make use of the online chat option to contact the executive.

  1. Speed

The higher upload time provided by enterprise hosting solutions is a major advantage. It helps in getting more visitors to the website. According to a survey, a visitor can visit a website only if it gets uploaded fast.

The visitors prefer to visit those websites that get uploaded within 10- 20 seconds. No visitor will want to spend time on a website that is slow and takes a long time to display. The speed of the enterprise dedicated server is a major factor that makes your website popular among visitors.

Even the search engine does not visit or go through the websites if the website is taking a long time to load. The search engine cannot rank the websites because all the web pages of the website don’t get loaded at once.

The speed of the website is mainly based on the server and the overall processing operations. The high-speed website can easily support various technologies and get benefitted completely.

  1. Security

The enterprise website hosting offers complete security to personal, educational, or business-related websites. There are various factors such as virus scanning and DDoS attack mitigation that keep the website completely protected.

The facilities such as backup & restore, SSL availability & Support, higher uptime, and firewall protection helps in keeping the website ahead and taking care of every issue.

The security aspects provided by enterprise web solutions manage the web hosting and by keeping track of other security issues. The OS allows the server to run effectively. It also manages other security applications that can help in providing the security system to protect the visitors from dangers such as malware viruses, blacklisting, and hacking.

Why should you go for Enterprise hosting Solutions?

Enterprise hosting is mainly useful for large-scale businesses. The enterprise cloud hosting supports the WordPress site also called a Multisite. Find more about the most common advantages you have while using enterprise hosting for your website.

  • Your website becomes highly adaptable

The Multisite environment is highly adaptable and can easily manage the sudden changes that take place while managing resources, traffic, updates in company policy, or application updates.

The enterprise web hosting plans keep the website highly efficient. The enterprise WordPress hosting plan is highly compatible while using various technologies and changes the environment as per business needs.

  • Your website will get powerful security

The enterprise web hosting plan offers highly powerful security to the website. The website remained protected against malware attacks, phishing, and hacking.

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The business website having higher uptime remains online without any interruptions. The enterprising WordPress hosting plan allows traffic to grow while controlling the major and minor issues well in advance.

  • Your websites use robust & reliable technology

The enterprise hosting is mainly based on advanced technology. The enterprise hosting is combined with several robust techniques and technologies. The hosting plan will keep track of uptime, customer data, control the increasing traffic to the website, and also offer required security and support services.

The enterprise WordPress hosting plan helps in growing the business opportunities while making use of various plugins and useful parameters to enhance the performance.

What are the main 5 advantages of Enterprise Web hosting?

Before you decide to go for the much-talked enterprise WordPress hosting plan, let us discuss some of its benefits in details:

  1. Exceptional Scalability

The enterprise hosting service is a highly scalable service. Scalability is a very important factor that enhances the productivity of an element or a business.

It gives more options to extend limitations and to overcome any issues faced. According to the business needs and the prospects, you can create a suitable environment with the help of additional resources. It helps in converting the opportunities into possible business prospects and offers suitable technologies.

  1. Authoritative Security

The hosting enterprise offers a highly defensible security system. Most of the websites get easily targeted and can be hacked. The important information stored will be lost due to the unwarranted cyber attacks on the websites. But the enterprising hosting offers highly guaranteed and most powerful protection to your website.

Business websites that are growing rapidly always have authoritative security against all types of cyberattacks. The enterprising hosting options keep the websites safe, secured and offer immediate response against all types of dangers.

  1. Data Restore & Security

The enterprise-grade WordPress hosting maintains the ability to restore the data as its main priority. It helps in running the online services while managing any business with an online presence. You have to follow the regulations defined by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or you have to face penalties for any irregularities found.

The data can be well protected, properly stored, and backed up on a regular basis. The advanced options of enterprise cloud hosting take care of data using recallable and recoverable preferences.

It allows clients to download the related files and the data as and when required. Enterprise WordPress hosting protects the data with the help of internal data management.

  1. Higher Load Times

The enterprise WordPress hosting makes your website responsive, scalable with higher data security. To get a higher load time, the website gets optimized using plugins and certain cache techniques.

It helps in reducing the bounce rate and enhances the load time of the website. The advanced caching mechanism not only sped up the access to the database but also helps to store and backup the data easily.

  1. Support Services & Development

The enterprise web hosting services offer crucial support to the websites and offer complete support while dealing with advanced technologies, increasing traffic, data storage & backup while handling various operations at a large scale.

Even the most complex processes can be dealt with efficiently and the internal management of various services helps in taking care of the websites and helps them in growing.

It also helps in planning and developing the techniques and the required technologies as per customer requirements. The professionals and the experts keep supporting and offer quick responses as needed.

Pros & Cons of enterprise WordPress hosting

The high-end services offered by hosting enterprise services are highly useful and most suitable for businesses that are growing faster in everyday life.

Let us discuss some of the specific Pros & Cons of enterprise WordPress hosting:


  • It requires a highly capable server & other infrastructure
  • It needs to have the latest technology and scalable resources
  • It should manage the growing traffic and related issues
  • It should have built-in functionalities to have overall control
  • It should offer excellent customer support & expertise


  • It offers high-cost solutions
  • It requires multiple resources and automated updates


WordPress is a highly useful application that has become a household name today. The enterprise web hosting also offers a wide range of benefits that are discussed in detail above.

The enterprise hosting not only helps in managing the latest technologies, uptime, load time, traffic, security, files & data but also enhances the business prospects successfully for a long duration. You can choose the best enterprise hosting web services supported by WordPress if you find them most suitable for your websites.