The electric kettle is one of the most useful home appliances which most of the houses prefer to use. electric kettles have a modern look and advanced features that are useful in everyday life.

These kettles offer temperature control and allow ease of boiling water, tea, or soup with higher precision and handling and. the use of an electric kettle is far different from the traditional kettle that was used earlier.

The electric kettle is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors & designs.  It can take minimum space in the kitchen and is available at a reasonable cost in the market.

Importance of choosing the right electric kettle:

Some of the factors that are useful in choosing the best electric kettle are discussed as follows:

Branded kettle:

Electric kettles are available in the market in a variety of brands. Always look for the branded electric kettle which is highly standard and has advanced features along with a warranty offered.

Safe & healthy kettle:

The kettles made up of stainless steel material are the best and healthiest kettles. even kettles made up of glass material are also good in quality but need to be used carefully. this status does not release any metallic flavour to water stored inside it

Type of  kettles:

The two types of kettles are electric and stove. Electric kettles are most useful easy to use and easy to maintain.

  • Electric kettles are available in a variety of sizes and at reasonable cost. A kettle is available with a cord and without a cord.
  • Other factors to be considered before purchasing a safe and healthy kettle are temperature options provided, speed of heating, available sizes and capacity, noise, and warranty.

Purpose of the buying guide

The buying guide is a useful and very helpful book that offers several tips and advice. the tips given in the buying guide will help you to choose the best electric kettle according to your budget and requirements.

To buy an item, we need to know the quality of the item, the material used in it, and also additional features that allow you to use the item properly.

The buying guide also offers specific information about the brand, additional feature options along with the techniques of handling the device, warranty, and guarantee.

Top 5 Electric Kettles in India 2024

1. Prestige stainless steel 1.5 Litre Kettle, 1500 Watts

Prestige has become one of the largest kitchen appliances brands in India today. the main features are safety durability trust and innovation.

Prestige has a network across India and the world over along with research and development centres.  Products designed and developed by Prestige are continuously modified and analyzed by introducing brand extensions and buying offering innovative models as per consumer requirements.

Prestige kettle is useful in the kitchen mainly during rush hours in the morning time. you have to plug in and switch on the kettle and the water will get heated in no time. it is useful in making tea coffee or juices and also, you can boil eggs in the kettle by setting the temperature.

Key Features of Prestige Kettle

1. Innovative techniques:

Prestige stainless steel 1.5 Litre Kettle, 1500 Watts is a highly innovative and most useful kitchen appliance. The kettle has a 360° swivel base which makes the kettle portable and convenient to use. the kettle will get automatically off when water gets boiled at a specified temperature and it saves electricity and also minimizes power expenses.

2. Single-touch lid:

The power indicator keeps blinking while it is on. The kettle with an elegant handle and easy-to-use single-touch lid makes it easy to use and completely safe.

Extensible cord:

The kettle with a compact cord offers safety while using it in the kitchen. the chord can be extensible and can be easily sufficient.

Available in different sizes:

The kettle is available in various sizes designs and colours. it can easily match with other kitchen appliances by giving a model look to your kitchen.

Pros & Cons of Prestige Kettle:

Pros :

  • Trustable product
  • Nicely packed without any damages
  • Does not have any additional odor or flavor


  • The colors shown don’t match with reality. Red looks like pink.
  • The cord should be longer.
  • Makes noise when heated.


The price of a 1.5-litre kettle is  Rs.699/-Including all taxes

Customer reviews or testimonials:

  • The kettle is lightweight and easy to handle. It looks stylish and offers a modern look to your kitchen. It helps you to experiment and make various dishes easily and safely while using the electric appliance.
  • The kettle is useful in making tea, coffee, soup and mainly to make water hot quickly & easily. The kettle plays a useful role in the kitchen and its automatic switch saves power expenses. It’s safe to handle even by children or elder people.

2. Pigeon Amaze plus Electric kettle:

Pigeon offers you outstanding cookware along with lifelong commitment and guarantee. The stylish products are supported by advanced technology and it helps you to make cooking easier safer and healthier. Pigeon has become a household name today.

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Pigeon Amaze Plus Electric Kettle 1.5 L, Stainless Steel Body with Auto Shut-off Feature Used for Boiling Water is an excellent kettle in silver color.

The nicely shaped and smoothly polished pigeon kettle allows you to heat water quickly and it stores heated water for a long time during the day. Once the kettle is switched off, you can use it without a cord.


360° swivel base:

The classical-looking kettle has a capacity of 1.5 liters. Kettle has 360 degree swivel which is well connected to the base and can be used safely and conveniently.  It also has a standard cord that remains long and extended.

Cordless handling:

The kettle requires a minimum place in the kitchen and once it starts heating the water it hardly takes any time to start boiling the water. The kettle looks graceful when holding its hands without the cord and it remains risk-free and hassle-free. Even it can be handled freely by left-handed users.

Quick boiling:

A kettle with 1500-watt power connectivity can heat the liquid quickly within 5 to 7 minutes. You can start your day with lemon tea, green tea, or even with hot water very easily.

Easy to clean :

The kettle can be easily washed and cleaned from time to time. You can make use of baking soda &  vinegar with the help of a bottle cleaning brush.  The kettle will get clean without damaging concealed heating elements.


  • The kettle is highly standard and remains safe to use.
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes as per choice & requirements.
  • 1-year warranty from the Brand is also offered from the date of purchase.
  • Consumes less electricity.


  • The outer surface gets heated.
  • Internal cleaning is tedious.

Price range:

The price of a 1.5 litre kittle is Rs.599. The price range starts from Rs.599 to Rs.1450/- depending on various sizes and capacities.

Customer reviews or testimonials:

  • Pigeon kettle offers amazing boiling capabilities that make you enjoy the presence of this appliance in your kitchen. It will definitely make you get addicted to the device. It is most convenient, safe, and easy to use.
  • The Pigeon Amaze Plus Electric Kettle makes it useful for various boiling tasks. When you want hot water for beverages, for instant soups, or while preparing noodles, the kettle offers prompt and consistent results.
  • The kettle is available in various capabilities and it can be easy to use daily and can be easily cleaned. The powerful kettle with concealed heating elements allows the water to boil quickly. It saves time, energy, and money.

3. Prestige electric kettle of 1.5 L

Prestige 1.5 Litres Electric Kettle (PKOSS 1.5)|1500W | Silver – Black| Automatic Cut-off | Stainless Steel | Rotatable Base | Power Indicator | Single-Touch Lid Locking is a most advanced electric appliance that makes women at home and chefs at the hotel feel happy while cooking. The smart-looking kettle remains a part of your kitchen all the time.

Prestige has become part of home appliances for decades and people have trusted the Prestige products and always preferred them as part of their household. The electric kettle is available in a variety of sizes, capacities, colors, and designs. They are made easy and safe to use.

Key features

1. Durable and innovative:

The kettle is highly durable and it is made of stainless steel which is easy to use and easy to clean. The modern-looking appliance remains sturdy to handle and ensures safety. The innovative technology helps in offering cord-free and spill-free pouring.

2. Kitchen decor:

The kettle remix is smooth and shiny even after longer usage. It can become a part of your kitchen decor by its vibrant color and design. Most of the users get addicted to the elegant-looking kettle that runs on a 1500-watt power supply to work faster and consumes less electricity by saving expenses.

3. Automatic temperature control:

The kettle offers automatic temperature control options that make it highly useful and easier to use. You have to set the timer as per the temperature setting.

Even if you are away from the kettle, it will automatically switch off the power when the water is heated up to the required temperature.

4. Cooking assistant:

The kettle works as your assistant in the kitchen while it helps you in cooking. It can boil the water within no time while you prepare tea, coffee, or other beverages.  It can be safer to use even for children and for elder people.

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  • It consumes less electricity by saving you time and money.
  • It is available at reasonable prices along with the discounted offer.
  • Warranty is offered for 1 year.


  • The length of the cord is limited.
  • The actual colors of the kettle do not match with colors given in the photos.

Price range

The kettle with a capacity of 1.5 liters is available at Rs.699/- using 1500 watts of electricity. The price range varies for varying capacity sizes and it can go up Rs.1450/-

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

  • The sleek-looking PKOSS kettle offers amazing services from the day it is purchased. the tightly fitted lid and the light indicator make it easy to boil the elements within a few minutes. The water remains hot for a long duration when stored inside it.
  • The kettle with a rotating base can be handled easily by both left-handed people without issues. The different colors and shades offer a mind-blowing feel while you hold it in your hands and while you fill hot water into the glass.
  • I had gifted the Prestige Kettle PKOSS having a 1.5 litre capacity to a friend. It has changed the lifestyle of my friend completely.  Now my friend is completely addicted to the electric kettle, which quickly boils water and helps in making tea, coffee, or beverages almost every day. It’s safe, easy to use and it can be easier to wash.

4. Havells AQUA PLUS 1500 watts 1.2 liters Electric Kettle

Havells offers various electric and home appliances that have become popular among the masses around the world. High-quality appliances having a higher rust resistance provide higher performance in long-term usage.

AQUA PLUS kettle is made of high quality steel having a double layer built that keeps the outer body cool. The inner body remains rust resistant which allows water to get heated within no time without any odor or flavor.

Key features

High-resistance steel body:

The 1.2-litre Havells kettle looks amazing and catches your attention. The entire body is made of integrated Steel and no plastic. The kettle is sturdy and strong and can be used for a longer time.

Saves energy, time & money:

The energy-saving kettle offers a cool touch while the outer body remains cool while heating the beverages. It offers no scalding hazard which makes the kettle outstanding to be a part of your kitchen.

360 degree cordless:

The moving base makes it easy to rotate the kettle at 360 degrees without any issues. It can be easily handled by a left-handed person too. The cordless usage makes it more useful and highly safer.

Easy filling & serving:

The black colored kettle adds style to your kitchen. It has a wide mouth that allows easy feeling and easy serving with spill-free pouring.

Pros and cons


  • The rust-free kettle gets heated faster.
  • The cable is sufficiently long.


  • The light indicator keeps blinking.

Price range

The price of the kettle of 1.2 liter with a 2-year warranty is Rs.1498/-

5. Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 liter Double Wall Kettle

Havells has gained the trust of people by offering the most reliable and perfectly designed electrical appliances. The research & development department always keeps doing required experiments and the double-walled kettle made of stainless steel having 1.2 capacity, always gets all the attention of the consumers.

Havells electric kettle is one of the highly preferred kitchen appliances that remains well furnished, easily adjusted, and can become a part of cooking exercises for the long term.

Key features:

Stainless steel covering:

Made up of stainless steel, the inner body of the kettle has a double covering that allows it to remain sturdy by keeping the outer surface cool.  The kettle has a wider mouth to make serving better & risk-free.

Warranty for 2 years

Havells offers huge discounts on the purchase of kettles of different sizes and capacities. It also offers a warranty of 2 years on the appliances which is an advantage.

Heat resistant handle:

The kettle with overheat protection and cordless usage enhances its applications in the kitchen. The kettle also has heat resistant handle which can be useful while holding the kettle in the hands when beverages are served in the glass.

Automatic shutoff

The kettle can be set to a specific temperature level while boiling the water. The light indicator shows a red light when the water starts heating. The moment the water gets heated and starts boiling, then the kettle will shut down automatically.

Pros & Cons:


  • It offers an amazing look and excellent performance.
  • The cable is long enough to be used in the kitchen.


  • The colors specified in the images do not match with actual items available.
  • Packaging needs to be made carefully.

Price range

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The cost of blue colored steel-made kettle is Rs.1398/- with a warranty.

Electric Kettle Buying Guide – 1. Types of electric kettles

Standard electric kettles

The kettle has a capacity between 1.5 and 1.7 liters of water and is supposed to be a standard kettle. You should always make sure about the minimum and maximum capacity of the kettle before boiling.

Temperature-controlled kettles

Smart kettles offer smart techniques. The boiling process can be controlled using temperature sensors. The temperature-controlled kettles can be easily controlled using mobile apps with Wi-Fi connectivity. It can offer automatic shut-off and keep-warm mode options.

Cordless electric kettles

A cordless electric kettle does not require a direct electrical connection when it is required to be used. The kettle is placed on a separate base which is connected to an electric outlet using a cord. The kettle can be easily lifted off the base for serving when it is switched off.

Gooseneck kettles

A gooseneck kettle with a spout that is longer and can easily pour water without spilling it. The kettle helps in the saturation of tea leaves or coffee beans while preparing tea or coffee. the gooseneck opening allows the drink to be served to guests by pouring slowly into the cups.

2. Material and build quality

Stainless steel vs. plastic

Stainless steel kettles are stronger than plastic kettles. The stainless steel kettle is double-walled and remains rust-free. The water heated in a plastic kettle has a particular odor.

Durability and heat resistance

The electric stainless-steel kettles are the most durable when compared with plastic and glass kettles. Plastic kettles and glass kettles have less heat resistance when compared with steel kettles which are of higher build quality.

3. Power and Speed

  • Wattage and boiling time

The kettles can get heated while consuming 1500 Watts of consumption while boiling the water of 1.5 liters in 5 minutes. The consumption of 1500 watts will be in one hour.

  • Variable temperature settings

The variable temperature makes the kettles highly efficient and it helps in controlling electricity and its usage. The temperature setting option helps in choosing & setting the required temperature as per the requirement and that makes kettle usage highly feasible.

4. Safety features

  • Auto-shutoff

The kettle will be switched off when the water gets heated and reaches the specified temperatures which lowers the electricity bill and reduces power consumption. The water remains warm for longer hours which is an advantage.

  • Boil-dry protection

The automatic shut-off option will be useful to avoid dry heating or boil drying of the kettle during its usage. It protects the kettle completely.

5. Ease of cleaning

  • Removable filters and parts

The filter is useful to remove the collected limescale and other impurities that get stored in the drinks. They can be removed to wash and clean separately. The filters have mesh which can also be replaced after longer usage.

  • Descaling and maintenance tips

To clean the kettle, you can make use of baking soda. You have to rub a soft sponge and clean the kettle internally. To get rid of limescale from the filter, soak it in vinegar and scrub it clean.

6. Additional features

  • LED indicators

The LED indicator is on and remains on by displaying a red light while the kettle is working and the water heating process is on. Anyone will know that the kettle is switched on & it is in a working state.

  • Keep-warm function:

The option keep-warm helps in keeping the water warm for a longer time. When the option is selected, the water gets warm without reboiling. You will get warm water instantly for the whole day.

7. Brand reputation and warranty

  • Overview of reputable brands

The kettles available in the market are of various brands and companies. Most of the branded kettles are of superior quality and offer outstanding performances. The national and international brands are highly reputable for great products and excellent services.

  • Warranty considerations

The warranty offered on kettles of various sizes, capacities, and brands varies. Most of the brands offer a warranty on the kettles either one year or two years. The warranty starts from the day of purchase of the product.


The kettles have become a part of modern kitchens today. Most of the family members get addicted to the kettles later placed in the kitchen. The kettles are stylish, well-furnished, and classical to look at. It will definitely change the atmosphere in your kitchen.

The performance of the kettle remains outstanding and it helps in preparing many recipes and dishes. A kettle in the kitchen not only reduces power expenses but also reduces the pressure of work during rush hours.

You can choose the kettle of your choice of required capacity in a stylish design and mind-blowing color.