Are you Looking for the Best E-commerce Website Hosting provider company in 2020? Then this article will help you get your best e-commerce website hosting partner for your Online Store. Whether you are a startup e-commerce company or a big online store then it will help you to select your online store hosting.

The eCommerce website hosting industry is rising up with many ups and oodles. The numbers are growing and business is coming in recognizing the huge strength of merchandise and services online. Best Web Hosting companies are playing a significant role in creating any websites as well as helping the clients enslaving their problems.

As competition is rising, ample companies have created their impression in the industry. It is best in choosing the right kind of hosting package for your needs is another thing entirely. The huge back-up of reliability in infrastructure, best eCommerce hosting can enable one to effectively showcase the world.

There are many open source script which helps you to create your eCommerce stores such as Prestashop, Opencart, Zen Cart, Woocommerce and many such open-source eCommerce scripts which you can use to create your eCommerce website. Bad web hosting may impact your sales and indirectly to your revenue, So you don’t get into such a situation this article will help to get your best web hosting for eCommerce websites.

In this article, I will provide you with the best eCommerce hosting plans, Its Features, and Pricing which will help you to select your hosting provider.

Best Web Hosting for Ecommerce Website 2019

Fastcomet: Fastcomet is one of the excellent eCommerce hosting companies among all; no one will get an organization with assistance on any domain. Located in San Francisco,  Florida, it is the eCommerce hosting company.

The vast organization has its operation since the 1000s; it has been shifted publicly at the end of 2013. Today, more than 11,600 customers’ in approximately 90 countries are enjoying the services. Fastcomet comes with the basic price, which starts at $2.95 per month.

My Website Blogger Freak is also hosted on Fastcomet and I recommend fastcomet on my personal experience with them

The first company name FastComet is providing offers and discounts on every hosting purchase. FastComet is providing services to the following Clients:

Shared Web Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Open Source Hosting, and SSL Certificates. FastComet has its basic hosting plan by which one can host 1 website and in Higher Plan, one can Host Unlimited Websites.

The Bandwidth, which FastComet, is providing Unlimited Bandwidth or Traffic to the entire Hosted website, a Daily Backup as well as restoration, so no need to take tension of losing data. An unlimited Email Account will be given by Fastcomet the best web hosting companies.

Sign UP with Fastcomet for Ecommerce Hosting

Fastcomet – Affordable Ecommerce Website Hosting Provider

  • Fastcomet has a special eCommerce shared hosting plans at a price of $6.95 Per Month
  • Free Global Sign SSL Certificate is provided by Fastcomet for your Online Store
  • Fastcomet provides Free Live Chat Sale integration
  • Free Shopping Cart installation is provided by fastcomet if you purchase an eCommerce hosting plan with them
  • The best thing which this company provides is its perfect interface for the ticket and their quick reply which can be less than 5 min.
  • Their functionality is the utmost priority and they are concentrating their eCommerce hosting services fully.
  • FastComet is giving the privilege of 3 Different Hosting plans for their user and they can be Single Website, Multi Website, and eCommerce Geek.
  • Fastcomet has a fabulous customer support service that is available on 24*7 for their clients.
  • The guarantee plays an important role in purchasing any web hosting package so Fastcomet provides 45 Days of Money-Back Guarantee to its clients.
  • 9% Uptime Guarantee to their attaching clients.
  • Read my Personal Experience with  Fastcomet Review on their hosting service
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InMotion HostingThe world is dynamic and people are navigating more and more facilities to the clients. In the 21st century, best eCommerce hosting companies are always needed. Inmotion is one of the best online store hosting provider company in 2020. Researching about the wide range of services available, the Inmotion hosting service began in 2001 and the company is fully concentrated on the employee.

One cannot repeat the mistakes that have already irritated some of the same customers who can get the services from Inmotion Hosting. While cold-calling and traditional advertising, both have their benefits, one now can live in an online world. This company is taking the expenses, providing commitment.

As this company, Inmotion’s Hosting is famous for taking the utmost care of its employees. The data core is located in the town center in Los Angeles as well as an additional location is at VA Beach.

The Los-Angeles facility was the world’s first-ever green information center, which is based on the Inmotion’s Internet hosting service blog. The appreciation can be done with an excellent example, like if one is planning to buy VPS or any business category pack, just go for selection which information center your site is organized in, which is concentrated based upon on where customers are located.

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Features of Inmotion Hosting – Why It is the Best web hosting for Ecommerce

  • Inmotion provides SSD equipped shared hosting service to its Ecommerce clients who wanted to open an online store.
  • Inmotion provides Shared and VPS Hosting plans to host your eCommerce website immediately within a single click.
  • Inmotion supports a number of e-commerce applications such as Prestashop, Magento, Opencart, woo-commerce and much more and this e-commerce open script can be installed in a Single Click
  • Free Domain name is provided by Inmotion Hosting when you purchase e-commerce hosting from them
  • Inmotion Hosting provides 3 different SSD shared e-commerce website hosting plans and they are  Launch – $5.99 Per Month, Power – $7.99 Per Month, and Pro Hosting plans – $13.99 per month.
  • If you want SSD VPS Ecommerce web hosting then Inmotion also provides 3 different VPS hosting plans for eCommerce websites and they are VPS-1000HA-S – $22.99 Per Month, VPS-2000HA-S – 49.99 Per Month and VPS-3000HA-S – $74.99 Per Month
  • Both shared SSL and dedicated SSL certificate is provided by Inmotion for your eCommerce website as security is a very important part of the online store.
  • The very Important part of Inmotion Hosting is it’s 90 Days of Money back guarantee, If you don’t like their service you can get your full money refund.
  • Use Inmotion Hosting Coupon to Get an update on all the latest offers and discounts

StablehostFor the last seven years, Stablehost has the record of providing affordable eCommerce Web Hosting Solutions to their clients and customers. The company has a debt-free background with only 10 Employees who really take care of their website. They invest their revenue back in impoverishing their clientele.

Stablehost provides one of the cheap and affordable eCommerce hosting provider company with all the features that required to run one successful eCommerce

The StableHost Company has three Data Centers which include Phoenix, Chicago, and Amsterdam locations and the best thing is that they are not taking any additional cost if you select any data centers.

 Sign UP with Stablehost for Ecommerce Hosting

Features of Stablehost – The Best Ecommerce Website Hosting Provider

  • Stablehost provides 2 different eCommerce shared hosting plans and they are Starter hosting plan and Pro Hosting plan and price starts at $4.95 per month and $8.95 Per Month
  • Stablehost also provides Enterprise hosting plan and its price starts at $29.95 Per Month
  • If you are looking for VPS hosting for your eCommerce website, then a stable host provides the best VPS hosting solution and its hosting plans are VZ 1GB – $9.95 Per Month, VZ 2GB – $14.95 Per Month and VZ4GB – $29.95 Per month.
  • You can use stablehost coupon BLOGGERFREAK to get flat 40% discount on your Hosting
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth is provided by stablehost for their eCommerce customer
  • The Main attributes of Stablehost are Money Back Guarantee and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee which is given by the Stable Hosts to its precious clients.
  • Stable Host is giving the provision of Premium Spam Filtering features, which will help to catch around 99% of Spam emails to land in your inbox.
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Are you worried to Protect your Ecommerce Website for any hacking attempt or any malware, Then Read my Article on Website Malware Removal

HostGator: HostGator means “unlimited” which is now expanded in scope. If you are looking for affordable eCommerce website hosting then Hostgator should be your choice. The company was started with the provision of the best service as well as products in the industry.

It is with the great enthusiasm company came into its existence. The company is able to offer their customers reliability, scalability along with the excellent performance, they are also giving full access to the cPanel features they know and love to have in the hosting.

They were built in pooled and with great storage resources with features to permit everyone to respond quickly to any hardware issues that come up. The fully redundant storage array ensures optimum data integrity.

Ecommerce Website Hosting

 Sign UP with Hostgator for Ecommerce Website

Features of Hostgator – Affordable Ecommerce Hosting Provider Company

  • Hostgator is a trusted eCommerce hosting provider company
  • Hostgator provides Unlimited Diskspace and bandwidth to its eCommerce website
  • Hostgator provides Flexible and easy to use control panel
  • Unlimited Subdomain, FTP Accounts and Email Accounts
  • HostGator provides 45 Days of Money back guarantee service to its e-commerce user
  • Hostgator supports all the Open source eCommerce scripts such as Magento, Oscommerce, Zen Cart, and Open Cart.
  • Hostgator provides $100 google Adwords credit to start your eCommerce promotion
  • HostGator is integrating an automatic caching of static content that ensures lightning-fast page load speeds.
  • Even if more computing resources are also needed to ensure lightning-fast page load speeds.
  • It is just a click of a button which can scale up to 8 cores and 8GB RAM via the Server Performance Dashboard.
  • This is up to 4 x’s more which is more than what some other eCommerce hosting companies are offering to their valuable clients.
  • Hostgator provides 24×7 customer support service to its clients
  • Automatically weekly off-site data backups are provided
  • Use Hostgator Coupon Code BLOGGER25FREAK to get flat 25% discounts on your Hosting

Ipage:  – Ipage is one of the powerful and best e-commerce hosting with the large selection of templates that provides ample of the facility’s online store. The business verification, as well as network scanning for the clients, is one of the best attributes needed for security.

Ipage customer support is always there for the client with the email and chat help. Their customer service executives have a great online knowledge base.

Sign UP with Ipage for Ecommerce Website

Features of Ipage – An Affordable and Best E-commerce Hosting Provider Company

  • Ipage is providing web hosting since 1998
  • The Hosting price of Ipage starts at $1.99 Per Month and the renewal rate is $5.99 per month for your eCommerce website
  • Ipage provides shared hosting and also Dedicated & VPS Hosting
  • Ipage provides very easy upgrading option from your Shared Hosting with VPS Hosting
  • Ipage gives marketing credit $100 of Google and Bing
  • You can host your eCommerce website with Ipage very easily.
  • Paypal Integration and Ipage supports all the open-source eCommerce script that helps you to create an online store
  • Use Ipage Coupon to get all the latest offers and discounts
  • Not only this, but Ipage has also come with video tutorials and online help for their precious customer base.
  • They are with the unlimited disk space, a free domain, and also with an unlimited email address.
  • You can make a presence above your competition.

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The best eCommerce hosting solution is also providing some features like enhancing specifically designed qualities for those who chose to trade goods and services online.

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Before hunting down the Best eCommerce hosting 2019 for your eCommerce website, one must know the benefits of this service. Some factors are:

Server Reliability

It is very important to have your e-commerce working 24×7 and your Web Hosting company should be able to provide you uptime guarantee. Many hosting companies offer 99.9% Uptime but if they are able to provide up to 99.5% then it is very good for your eCommerce website. You can monitor your server by using the free and paid tools, they will let you know when your website is down or server is responding slow

Server Plan upgrading options

Always select Ecommerce Hosting plan, which has server plan upgrading options. If you are starting with your eCommerce website with shared hosting and If you feel that you need more server, VPS, or dedicated hosting then your Web hosting company should be able to provide you the upgrading options.

Pricing – Pricing is always a very important part of any web hosting company. If you are planning to purchase eCommerce website hosting then you have to look at a Price of hosting that you are looking and also you should look for the Renewal price. Many web hosting offers an attractive price during Sign Up and the renewal rate of any hosting is very costly.

Money Back Policy – Before purchasing any web hosting company, then you have to look at the Money Back policy. Hosting companies offer a money-back guarantee from 30 Days to 90 Days. Before getting into it please read their money back policy.


A secure e-Commerce web hosting solution will also yield what one needs to create and supervise at an online storefront which includes a comprehensive payment system that competes with a shopping cart that needs to be functional. A good storefront friendly hosting solution will fulfill your orders and offers customer service.

Enhanced Security:

The most comprehensive feature of a good eCommerce hosting solution is to provide security for any website, but those things are needed when monetary transactions and even with the exchanges of financial and personal data.

SEO Tools:

It is vital for any business. These companies offer supply search engine submissions, even free search advertising credits, and other features with the packages offered by the eCommerce hosting companies.

So, these are the features that you need to look up when selecting an eCommerce website web hosting service provider. I hope you like this article on Best Ecommerce Hosting provider company which you can select as per your need and requirement.

Do share this page with your friends and relatives so that if they are Looking for Best Ecommerce Web Hosting then they can get the list of hosting companies that will help them to host their website.