There are lots of Server or Hosting Company in India and the prices vary according to their Server Configurations , Features and support.

There are many Dedicated Server Providing Company with Cheap prices , but never go for such company as they will not provide 24×7 instant support , No Dedicated Manager for you. Go with the best Dedicated Server Provider Company in India

Here , I will Provide you the List of Companies that Provides a Good Dedicated Servers in India with its Features , Specifications and the Prices.

Bigrock : Bigrock is India’s Best Web Hosting Company and a Domain Registrar , Bigrock also Provides the Dedicated Server in India for their Clients.

Features of Bigrock Dedicated Server

  • Bigrock Provides Powerful SuperMicro Blade Servers
  • Bigrock Provides the Unlimited Storage Expansion
  •  Bigrock Dedicated Servers are Powered by Intel Xeon processors, RAID 1 Hard drives, CentOS and cPanel
  • Bigrock provides 24x7x365 Days customer and Technical Support
  • Big Rock Gives 99.9% Uptime Guarantee for their Dedicated Servers
  • Bigrock Provides the 4 Pricing Plan for their Dedicated Servers they are Mach1 , Mach2 ,Mach3 , Mach4
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Bluehost : Bluehost is one of the best Hosting Company in the world and now they have started their service in India. Bluehost Provides the best Dedicated Server in India and you can opt for it

Features of Bluehost Dedicated Servers
  • Bluehost Provides the Cutting Edge Server and and Storage Hardware for their dedicated server
  • Supports SSH and Dedicated Server Control Panel
  •  No Waiting Time , as soon as you purchased the plan the Dedicated Server will be configured.
  • It provides storage on the cloud
  • Dedicated Customer Support 24x7x365
  • Bluehost also advise you to purchase a dedicated hosting
  • provides the 3 Pricing Plans for their Dedicated Server Customers , they are DS1 , DS3 and DS4
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Hostgator Dedicated Server : Hostgator Provides the ultimate Power, Speed , Performance and Control. Hostgator is the Well Known Hosting Company in the world. As Claimed by Hostgator 1% Online traffic is managed by Hostgator
Features of Hostgator Dedicated Servers
  • A Dedicated Server is the Ideal Solution for Large business and high traffic load websites.
  • All Dedicated Server by Hostgator includes Cpanel to control your server
  • Hostgator has server on Multiple geographic locations.
  • Hostgator has 4 Plans for their Dedicated Server they are as follows – Basic , Standard , Elite and Pro
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