A Gaming server preferably requires a dedicated server that has the pure requisite amount of hardware and resources to run a game fluidly. For instance, games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft will never take charge of playing the game as the game is the property of the gaming company itself.

However, a dedicated gaming server refers to a single computer or a cluster of network reserved for serving the needs of the network. Gaming website can be both fun and business. In this article, I will provide you the detailed information on Best Dedicated Game Server hosting in 2022, with its features and Pricing.

You can easily churn out profits by operating a gaming website. Popular online gaming websites are already making tons of money. But when it comes to the gaming server, it’s entirely different from traditional hosting such as a dedicated game server hosting has a special architecture to perform and manage games and online users efficiently.

Recommended Dedicated Gaming Hosting Provider

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Click here to visit Liquidweb (opens in a new tab) Liquidweb is one of the best dedicated server hosting company which provides Fully Managed hosting service to its clients

Similarly, a powerful gaming experience makes use of a dedicated gaming server. There are many recognized hosting companies that offer dedicated hosting specifically for a gaming website. Dedicated game server hosting is different from regular server machines which are equipped with high-quality graphics cards to offer a rich media experience and faster workflow to players.

A regular dedicated machine might not need a rich graphics card to be installed for websites and databases. However, there are 2 broad categories such as – a centralized model and a distributed model.

The centralized hosting players go online to play the game without using any simulator or client tools.

A distributed hosting asks the user to download the file in the local PC to play online.

For a best dedicated gaming server hosting 2022, you need to have high RAM, blazing CPU speed and tons of bandwidth with resources. In this article, I am going to provide you 3 best-dedicated game server hosting in 2022 which you can host your Gaming websites without any issue.

Shout out to the best-dedicated game server hosting

With loads of options and companies, how about one that sits right for your needs. While things may change every day with new technologies may come and go. However, installing a game on a server that is fast enough and offer the best plans should be considered.

We may like to share a few selected best dedicated game server hosting services in 2022.


In our test, we found out Liquid Web to be the fastest among all. A premium quality dedicated hosting provider with SSD servers that allows blazing network speed and guaranteed uptime. However, we do feel companies looking to host gaming site needs enterprise-level dedicated servers that are full of awesomeness and fully managed.

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So, yelling at complicated server configurations fixing you has got a team of proficient engineers to look at your gaming project and host your site. If you have already made your mind, I bet Liquid Web is one of the affordable and reliable dedicated game server hosting services in 2022.

I have come across some of the best features for this company:-

  • RAM can extend up to 64GB
  • Has window servers
  • Linux servers
  • SSD storage
  • DDoS protection
  • No need to provide setup fees
  • Intel Xenon Processor
  • It also has multicore processors
  • CPanel or Plesk
  • Monthly or daily fees structure
  • 100% fully guaranteed uptime
  • Balances load pretty well
  • Website protection with Firewall and more

Pricing of Liquidweb – Best Dedicated Game Server Hosting

  • The basic Liquidweb plan starts for $129 per month, but there is an offer provided by Liquidweb where you can get your dedicated server at a price of $79.98 per month for your first 4-month hosting plan
  • Liquidweb provides a Single Processor as well as Dual Processor dedicated server and dual-processor server you can get at a price of $399/mo

It’s easy for you now to decide to pertain to the level of RAM and resources you get. It’s convinced that you can host big online games such as GTA, WOW, Counter-Strike or Minecraft. If it’s doesn’t sit right on to track we would like to tell you that find dedicated cloud servers from the same company.

However Liquid web does offers 164GB of cloud dedicated server with 28 virtual cores. The cloud gaming solution is one of the finest options you get features like VPS, CDN and a pretty long list of premium quality tools.

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HostGator is one of the best dedicated game server hosting services since a user can choose between the basic plans that come with 4GB of RAM or even more. If a gaming website requires more RAM then, you can opt-in for an enterprise dedicated hosting plan that boasts up to 30GB of RAM on Linux as well as in Windows OS with unmetered bandwidth.

For local storage, you can even decide to have SSD or HDD drives. According to me, the best dedicated server hosting for games is Hostgator which is affordable and easy to use

HostGator is popularly known for its dedicated hosting services which makes it an add-on offering support via phone and live chat. There is lots of room available for you to manage a game server by solving common hosting problems.

They offer lots of guides which help to fix every issue happening over time. All the dedicated gaming servers require having DDoS protection and leveraging up to 5 IP addresses with RAID-1 configuration and unlimited databases.

The ultimately dedicated game server hosting features

  • If you’re looking for a dedicated game server to host a gaming website then Hostgator have the full system resources directly at your disposal.
  • With functioning HDD and SSD options available at various flexible server configurations makes it easy to choose for an online gaming website.
  • Hostgator data centers are heavily protected with a DDoS and IP-based firewall that keeps the gaming website running optimally.
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HostGator dedicated servers for the game

A gaming server refers to a dedicated server used for online games which are used for online game portals or website. HostGator dedicated server offers a smooth gaming experience that controls a dedicated server is a way to go. Hostgator dedicated servers are ideal for large gaming websites with high traffic websites. Hostgator offers you maximum optimizations and configurations with installation over flexibility.

No matter what happens HostGator unparalleled support boasts over 500 video tutorials and solutions with 700 easy searchable articles in it.

Hostgator Dedicated Game Servers includes:

  • 3-5 Dedicated IPv4 IPs
  • Full Root Access
  • RAID-1 Configuration
  • Full Root Access
  • DDoS Protection
  • 24/7/365 Live Support
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Fully Redundant Network

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Hostwinds (Cheap Cloud dedicated hosting)

Suppose you purchased a costly dedicated hosting plan and then, the service offered by them may go down in the peak hours of business. Also, when you’re not backed with money-back guarantee then your investment turns out to be completely futile. Therefore, it’s better to look for the important factor when choosing the right gaming servers for your first gaming website.

Similarly, Hostwinds brought up in 2010 in the US become popular in the span of 9 years of its operations. Hostwinds promises to serve at 99.999% uptime, the speed and reliability marked up with hypervisor KVM –kernel-based virtual machine. Apart from this their servers are reliable and well distributed all around the world.

Hostwinds - Dedicated Game Server Hosting

Perhaps, Hostwinds is one of the cheapest dedicated gaming hosting server solutions. You can choose from Linux or Windows server that works really well. Hostwinds offers full game server optimizations that boost the speed and the RAM.

This dedicated game server is cost-effective than other dedicated hosting providers. You can choose the resources that add more RAM and space when need, finally Host1Plus offers scalable hosting services you can count on. Hostwinds offers various data center which ranges from Seattle, Dallas and Amsterdam, etc with 100% of uptime.

Best features of Hostwinds – Why it is the best and cheapest dedicated server for game hosting

  • Speed and reliability

Hoswinds offers greater reliability as promised with the servers that are distributed all around the globe. With the help of widespread data centers, it is easy for your gaming website in reaching your target audience.

  • Powerful API

API is one of the important factors when managing backups as well as monitoring the CPU and the bandwidth.

  • Once click Installer

It comes with a free tool that enables the installation of 100 more CMS script on the website.

  • Instant Customer Support
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Hostwinds offers amazing support with more than a 24×7 team of experts always at your service. However, with live chat support and an attractive ticketing system that supports programmers, developers are also available.

  • Wide Datacenters

Having widespread datacenters minimizes the time of downtimes. As you already know Host1Plus offers dedicated servers around the world you can undoubtedly choose the platform for the fast loading of the website.

  • Easily Accessible Cpanel

A user-friendly control panel has been introduced right from the WP installation to the backups with a simple layout and multiple management options.

Thousands of dedicated gaming website owners trust Hostwinds with their brilliant features and making use of Host1Plus advanced technology in offering various services.

Keeping a dedicated gaming server means having hosting server for a greater need. No one other than you can have access to the dedicated servers. It always expensive for a dedicated game server to host a site having an enormous amount of traffic or playing online games from the website.

Hostwinds is the most secure server with few advantages of choosing OS and plans accorded to varied CPU cores.

We knew that most gaming websites save bucks by choosing cheap dedicated hosting services and then lose money in the business. However, it is advisable for to choose a reliable dedicated hosting partner with significant results that assist you in every step.

Hostwinds dedicated game server hosting service is one of the preferred names when it comes to picking a steadfast hosting partner.

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Choosing the Right dedicated game server hosting (from top 3 hostings)

Choosing the right best dedicated server hosting for games requires enough information and better knowledge. There are few criteria to consider when choosing dedicated game server hosting such as performance, reliability, ease of management and automation, support. Among them, performance and reliability is a most important aspect.

We have picked 3 best dedicated game server hosting services in 2022 that offer the best hosting game server. They have been in the industry for over 10 years now so, trust isn’t an issue now. All 3 dedicated game server hosting network is carefully designed to administer with low pings 10GB connections.

This dedicated game server hosting offers 24 hours support which means you can contact them at any point in time and you can also make full backups at ease. They do update and take concern over the network and server issue on their own with the demands of modern online gaming.

Owning a dedicated game server for hosting is similar to attain total control along with rock-solid support. Picking the right dedicated game server hosting allows you to regulate things be it the type of game or numbers of players to stay and who has to quit. These dedicated gaming hosting providers will offer you better control and reliability and a guaranteed outcome.