Entrepreneurs with an online shop need the software to run their shop together with the web hosting. You find the top 6 Cubecart web hosting provider company across the world here. The free and simple Cubecart ecommerce shopping cart software has a host of features, which helps one manage the cart and run the online shop. Entrepreneurs both novices and professional benefit from the use of Cubecart e-commerce shopping cart software.

Operation range of Cubecart

For the novices, the Cubecart software gives you a controlling view of your shop, lists stocks, gives the warning of low stock, sales stats, new orders, and everything related to running the shop. In addition to reports in custom time ranges, you get comparison charts, visual representations of the what is happening, and more. Through multiple payment gateways you can receive or make payments, keep watch on unlimited categories of products, and arrange various shipping options.

CubeCart Hosting

FastcometFastcomet provides one of the best cubecart web hosting service across the globe. Fastcomet provides the most affordable cubecart ssd web hosting solutions. If you are looking for the cubecart hosting, then fastcomet should be your first choice.

Features of Fastcomet Cubecart Hosting

  • The hosting price of Fastcomet cubecart hosting starts at $2.95 per month
  • Free Domain name is provided by Fastcomet for your cubecart hosting
  • Fastcomet provides CubeCart SSD Hosting service
  • Fastcomet provides 24×7 cubecart hosting service to its customers
  • Daily and weekly backup is provided, so that you cannot lose your data
  • Fastcomet provides Fixed prices and you don’t have to pay more for your renewal rate
  • You will get 45 Days of money back guarantee service
  • 1 Click CubeCart installation service provided by Fastcomet
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InMotion HostingInmotion hosting is considered to be one of the best ecommerce script hosting service. If you are looking for cubecart hosting then Inmotion Hosting should be in your list of research

Price: $3.49/month


  • SSD Storage 300% faster and free, marketing credits for $300, 90-day money back guarantee, daily backup automated, 24×7 friendly and reliable customer support from US technical team.
  • Launch is one of the three business-class plans with a regular price of $6.99 discounted to $3.49 when one uses the promotional link. PostgreSQL, SSH, and Ruby are new additions.
  • Users get unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with marketing credits worth $250.
  • Since its launch in 2001, InMotion hosting hosts more than 200,000 businesses.
  • Free Domain name is included on every cubecart hosting purchase from Inmotion hosting
  • Inmotion Hosting provides 90 Days of money back guarantee service to its clients so if you don’t like the service of Inmotion, you can get your Full money back
  • Inmotion provides Free Single Click installation of cubecart script
Price: $4.86/month


  • Free security suite, extras for hosting worth $500, 30% discount if you use coupon, 99.9% uptime guarantee, setup of online store is free.
  • Offering features such as Perl, PHP5, SFTP, SSH, and MySQL among others in its basic package, HostGator hosting uses CDN. This boosts security and speeds up page loading. Users get 1-click installer all within the $6.99 price (discounted to $4.86).
  • The HostGator hosting company employs more than 900 employees to cater to millions of clients worldwide.
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Price: $3.49/month


  • One domain name is free, anytime money back guarantee, 24×7 friendly and reliable customer support based in US, 99.9% uptime guarantee, MySQL, Python, suPHP, SSH, Perl, ROR, PHP.
  • Users get unlimited email accounts, with free domain name. They have Python, PHP, Cron Job, Ruby on Rails, and MySQL. One gets Facebook advertising credit worth $50 and Google Adwords worth $100. You have 1-click installer and cPanel control panel.
  • They launched Bluehost in 1996 and now it hosts more than 3,000,000 sites worldwide.
Price: $3.96


  • One has free marketing and SEO tools, unlimited domains on one account, and free site building tools. Users get 24×7 friendly and reliable customer support based in the US throughout the year.
  • This green hosting plan gives you secure IMAP/POP3 email accounts with unlimited web space and data transfers. You can register or transfer your domain name freely. In addition, you have a 30-day money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and free site migration.

Price: $2.95/month


  • Users get a site builder made easy through templates and ecommerce shopping carts. You have the setup done instantaneously.
  • They take care of domain name registration and offer $100 credit each for Google and Bing advertising.
  • Users get the 30-day money back guarantee. The cPanel helps you set up the website easily.
  • The 1-click installers help you install websites on WordPress. The 24×7 friendly and reliable customer support is present to help you at every step.
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Check for these features

When selecting the hosting package for Cubecart, one must check the operating system first.

  • Cubecart can only run on Linux and Unix OS, namely GNU systems.
  • One should install the server with Apache (having mod_rewrite).
  • And you need MySQL 4.1 or better and PHP 5.2.3. or better. Since most of hosting provider company use new versions with Linux or Unix OS, one can choose from them.

So, Here are the List of Top 6 CubeCart Web Hosting provider company across the globe and I hope, you have enjoy the listing and you will select anyone of them as per your need and requirement.

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