Are you planning to host your CRM and Looking for the Best CRM hosting providers? Then in this article, I will provide you the list of 3 Top and Best CRM web hosting across the globe. It means this CRM hosting provider will help you to host your CRM software, it doesn’t matter where you are located.

The accomplishment of businesses relies on how entrepreneurs preserve strong as well as healthy associations with their prospective customers. The product or service that you offer does not matter but developing a potent client base is a must for enhanced growth and increased revenues. It is imperative to have a discussion session with the existing customers to offer them what they require. And this is where CRM has a major role to play.

Below we bring you the 3 Top CRM Hosting service providers that will help to make your business run easily and efficiently.


A2hosting furnishes an extensive assortment of configuration alternatives on their hosting programs to backup sophisticated web development plus app programming constraints.

Their unmanaged VPS, as well as dedicated server platforms, comes with support for Gentoo, cPanel, Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Fedora, and CentOS. A2 Hosting is amongst the Best CRM Hosting providers and an outstanding option for the top CRM software.

A2hosting provides one of the best CRM hosting solutions to the top CRM software such as CiviCRM, SugarCRM, Zurmo and Vtiger

It comes along with pre-configured A2-optimization service for highly developed page contractions as well as website caching. Their A2 Optimized Site Accelerator utilizes Memcached, OPcache, APC, and Turbo Cache for even quicker speeds in loading pages, with extra alternatives to incorporate the Cloudflare CDN, ESI, SPDY, and HTTP/2.


  • The Shared Hosting of A2hosting starts at $3.92 per month
  • The VPS Hosting of A2hosting for CRM software starts at $5 per month
  • The dedicated server CRM Hosting of A2hosting starts at $9.31 per month


  • Speedy CRM Web Hosting services that are optimized for speed plus dependability
  • an outstanding option for web developers and programmers who require platform customization alternatives
  • ‘Developer Access’ solution for owners of the website to allow their team of web developers right of entry to the hosting account exclusive of master login details sharing
  • Permits customers to pick server location in the USA, Europe, or maybe in Asia
  • Supervised and unsupervised web hosting programs with a broad assortment of technical arrangements
  • An outstanding choice for WordPress with page load speeds six times faster
  • Automatically arranges software installations with the best speed plus safety traits
  • Extends poly- tiered Reseller bundles for web designers plus CRM Web Hosting start-ups
  • Free SSD storage on the majority account plans
  • At all times accessible technical assistance services via live chat,  phone, and email
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  • The majority of the CMS hosting schemes other than WordPress provide no extra attributes
  • Beginners who do not use all the tools this is not the best pick
  • Turbo Boost plus Turbo Cache services are costly on VPS plus Dedicated schemes
  • Overpriced for cPanel, Softaculous, as well as CloudLinux licenses on unsupervised programs

My Verdict on A2hosting as CRM Hosting Provider

Sadly, site possessors in addition to web programmers who are enticed to max-out every one of the bolt-on characteristics and custom-made configuration alternatives accessible on A2hosting schemes will most likely wind up paying more than anticipated for the services. However, this is the exchange for a top hosting account with the best hardware specs.

It is recommended that A2Hosting services can be bought over their competitors by site owners who are seeking a dependable, superior web hosting program with advanced technical modernization and back up for the most recent web standards.


One swift peep at FastComet’s consumer reviews and you will find an irresistible number of optimistic comments with regard to their cloud hosting service. From a concrete uptime service to extremely proficient and sufficiently trained delegates, it appears that the service provider is reaching mark after mark with regard to rendering quality service, that too all within a budget-friendly cost.

Let’s look at Fastcomet the Best CRM Hosting service providers’ pros and cons as below:


  1. FastComet provides you with free domain enrollment or relocation, and on top of that free renewals as well.
  2. FastComet has several data centers advantageously situated on three different continents – North America, Europe, as well as Asia – and presents you the alternative to opt your data center reckoning on where your dealings come from.
  3. FastComet extends reasonable, set rates all through your payment.
  4. Fastcomet packages Cloudflare CDN with their programs – irrespective of the place your visitors are from, you can reckon on your site to load with lightning speed for them.


  • In spite of FastComet’s concrete uptime service, some recently installed websites go through downtime effects; nevertheless, the majority of the users have noticed that as soon as their accounts were up, websites performed without any snag.

My View on Fastcomet as Best CRM Hosting

FastComet maintains its networks with strict protection so as to keep it off from malevolent activities as well as possible attacks. They have a security system to keep your account as well as applications secure from hacking passwords plus DDoS, brute-force as well as abuses and malware security, CageFS protection, and nonstop supervising.

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And, double-feature verification prevents anyone from interfering with your version and making superfluous alterations to your website.


TMDHosting was launched in 2007 and since then has built up dependable customer support throughout these 8 years. They started off with a single data center. However, at present, the company has several servers in the US as well as overseas.

They now have a total of 4 data centers in the USA – 1 in Arizona, 1 in Texas, and the other 2 in Illinois. With noteworthy TMDHosting development, they have established data servers in the European Union. Hence the Servers’ growth throughout the world provides them with the capability to supply exceptional hosting service.

Also, similar to the majority of the hosting services, TMD CRM Web Hosting uses a cPanel as a power panel. Consequently, if you are conversant with this kind of control panel, then utilizing TMDHosting the Best CRM Hosting ought to be a simple task for you.


  • Free every day backings  and refurbishment
  • 24/7 quality support
  • Free domain
  • Span experts free spam security
  • Sixty-day money-return assurance
  • Reasonably priced shared hosting schemes


  • VPS programs are slightly costly
  • Very few attributes

My Analysis of TMDHosting for CRM Web hosting

On the whole, if you are searching for a high-class web hosting service on which you can depend, then it is TMDHosting. The TMDHosting web hosting service, in addition, boasts a money-return assurance that stands effectively for sixty days.

You will not be asked any questions and you can just leave your account together with the service. when all’s said and done, you will not lose much here. On the other hand, the possibilities are you will treasure the whole thing that this service offers its customers.

What is CRM Software?

Businesses that have complicated tasks plus an enormous customer base feel very difficult to manage a sound relationship. This is exactly where CRM software plays its role.

CRM software is otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management Software comprises an assortment of applications to allow business concerns to construct a sturdy relationship with their clientele, increase their sales, conversions as well as incomes.

Well, what exactly is CRM?

Well, to define simply a CRM system lets businesses to handle business relationships plus the data and info linked with them. With CRM, you will be able to store customer as well as prospect contact info, accounts lead plus sales chances in a single mid site preferably in the cloud so the data can be accessed by many, in real-time. 

Even as a CRM arrangement may not bring forth as much interest currently as social networking platforms like Twitter or Facebook, any CRM system is also established around people plus relationships. And this is the reason precisely why it is so valuable for a quick- developing business.

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Any businesses for that matter begin with a base of the great customer relationship. You as a seller, link with people who require your product/service. Nevertheless, as your business develops, these business links become more complicated. It is simply not the question of just a deal between the seller and the buyer.

You embark on managing a multitude of associations, over time, and within every company, you carry on business with. You have to share data across an assortment of teams in your own business who contacts the same clients. A CRM arrangement can function as a crucial nerve center to handle the several connections that occur in a developing business.


CRM Objectives

If you want to benefit the most from a CRM system, you need to have a comprehensible set of CRM aims. Even though customer relationship management can be roughly specified as the procedure of building as well as maintaining excellent relationships with your clients, there are many betterments that a well-made CRM plan can assist you to achieve.

These could include finding out more about staffing requirements so that you will be able to purify your hunt for talent, customizing your creative efforts, and stock to better cope with the demands of your aimed market or bettering your online repute among other matters. The CRM objectives can be as:

  • To make a simpler marketing plus sales procedure
  • To bring more efficiency into call centers
  • To offer better customer service
  • To detect new customers plus augment customer proceeds
  • To cross-sell products/services more efficiently

Picking the exact CRM Technology is a sure-fire process

The tip here is that one size will not fit all. No single CRM software or method will provide immediate success to every company. For medium or small enterprises, the prerequisite is unusual from that of large firms.

Most CRM bundles offer outstanding sales force automation, however not equally fine incorporation with computer telephony, or even with the web. These are sufficient for medium and small firms but not for big firms. A blend of different software to connect the databases, contact management software, data warehousing software, plus a CRM package will stay on to help to upgrade the small companies.

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