Cloud web hosting solutions has became one of the most essential in an online business.  Today, In this article I will provide you the Top and Best Affordable Cloud hosting provider company in India which will help you to find your best cloud hosting partner where you can host your website without any issue. It is always a confusion between the user Who are the top cloud hosting service providers in India? To overcome your doubt this article will help you a lot.Here you will find some best and excellent cloud hosting provider in India which offers great features with great pricing.

If you are Looking for the best cloud web hosting service providers in India, I have recommended some of the best web hosting service provider with its features, plans and pricing that will make easier for you to decide your hosting partner for your online business

Best Cloud Hosting Provider In India

My Recommended Top Cloud Hosting Providers in India

  1. Cloudways

Are you looking for great but affordable cloud hosting company then it is the right place? You can grab a hosting plan at just $7 per month. This one tops our lists as best thing they offer you one-click migration from another hosting company on Cloudays platform and we forget to tell you all the plan listed under cloudways hosting has got 24/7 customer support via call and chat.

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Features of Cloudways – Why it should be your best cloud web hosting Partner

  • Cloudways is one of the best managed cloudways hosting provider
  • The cloud hosting starts at $7 per month
  • Cloudways provide multiple cloud infrastructure, where you can choose between Amazon, DigitalOcean, Google, Vultr, and KYUP. In a single click you can deployed your managed servers in a single click.
  • Cloudways provide 25+ datacenters that you choose to host your website
  • They support multiple php based Apps and you can install on a single click
  • You will get a dedicated resources , such as RAM, CPU, Storage and IP
  • Cloudways provide SSD based cloud hosting service.
  • Single click backup and restoration is provided by cloudways
  • 24×7 customer support service is provided by cloudways
  • Read Cloudways Coupon Code to get updated on all the offers and discounts.

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At time when you are looking for a simple yet effective hosting. We bring you the old team player just starting at $6 per month with excellent and reliable but ultra-cheap cloud hosting of 2017.

We cannot opt out Bluehost as they provide incredible fast cloud plan with it domain name for 1 year. Does it cost you much? No definitely not. As we know Cloud Service are faster-faster than ever and it is always a cloud based. By which you can easily monitor and has got a global reach.

Bluehost wonderful resource management system will never let your site down due to any traffic spikes going on.

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Features of Bluehost India – Why it is best cloud server hosting in India

  • The Price of Bluehost India cloud hosting starts at Rs 399 Per Month
  • Bluehost provides  99.9% Uptime Guarantee for your website.
  • Separate Control panel is provided on every hosting plan
  • 24x7x365 days of customer support is provided by Bluehost India
  • Single click installation of every popular open source script
  • Bluehost India provides 30 Days of money back guarantee service
  • Add on Dedicated IP and SSL certificate is provided
  • Read Bluehost India Coupon, to get update on all the latest offers and discounts
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  1. Bigrock

Let’s just take a leap on to Bigrock cloud hosting, in fact, this is one of the companies you can surely Bank on. The cloud hosting company provided by them a premium quality and pricing of their hosting plans are really great. It is one of the leading accredited domain registrars in India and assured to provide reliable and excellent service from them.

The prime motive of the company is to provide customers with delight and they were kind to listen to all customers.It’s easy and has a strong customer relationship which is ideal for business houses, bloggers, or even an individual developer.

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Features of Bigrock – Best Business Cloud Hosting provider in India

  • The Price of Bigrock cloud hosting starts at Rs 399 per month
  • Bigrock provides Monthly billing facilities to its users
  • Bigrock provides Data mirroring, which stores copy of your website on multiple locations
  • Integrated caching features is provided on Bigrock
  • Bigrock provides 30 Days of money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the service provided by them
  • If you need additional CPU or RAM then you can easily upgrade without any issue
  • SSL certificate can be installed easily just contact with the support team of Bigrock then will help you out
  • Use Bigrock Coupon Code to get updated on all the latest offers and discounts

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  1. Hostingraja

Whether you’re planning to upgrade and build a new website for you trying to shift your website to another host. hosting Raja is one of the best cloud hosting company with excellent features the one you should concern with is it the right or trustworthy the only and only with cheap web hosting plans. Yes, we do have the tendency to compare pricing in order to get cheapest and affordable still there may be other web hosting companies but honestly most of them don’t stand a chance test in the real world?

Hosting Raja offers multilingual support so that if you come across any issues with your web security or hosting server you can directly chat with the support representative via live chat rooms or a contact by the end to end phone conversation for a quick solution.

You will be glad to know that it specializes a different kind of hosting also along with some outstanding features. The most important thing to be considered is that they provide exceptional service in affordable prices with good tech support and it’s one of the India number one web hosting company which will allows you for cloud hosting.

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Features of HostingRaja

  • The Cloud Hosting price of Hosting raja starts at Rs 2680 per month
  • Hostingraja has multiple plans that you can select as per your requirements
  • Optimised control panel is provided for better website speed
  • Free Varnish cache, which increases website speed by 10 times
  • Free website and cache optimization is provided by HostingRaja for better speed
  •  Hostingraja provides a configuration where you can easily configure your requirements
  • Hostingraja is one of the best cloud hosting company which provides excellent customer support service
  • Read HostingRaja Coupon Code to get updated on all the latest offers and discounts

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  1. Fastcomet

Fastcomet is one of the fastest growing cloud hosting providers around the globe. I have hosted by website on Fastcomet. Fastcomet with their cloud hosting plan starts from a minimum rate of $2 which includes unlimited brand with unlimited SSD storage space SSL certificate and more. Well, you can install popular applications like WordPress, Joomla and it even offers you free application installation. Well, the most profound thing is that they offered you everything in the cost of nothing.

It’s wonderful for bloggers to take few minute without any a headache for a complete setup like posting blogs. Thereafter if you can also start with E-commerce websites which include everything from Magneto Prestashop, Woocommerce.

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Features of Fastcomet – Top Cloud Hosting Providers

  • The Hosting price of Fastcomet starts at $2.95 per month and the renewal rate would be the same as the purchase price
  • Fastcomet provides SSD based cloud hosting service
  • Free Domain name is provided for lifetime by Fastcomet
  • Fastcomet provides 24x7x365 days of customer support service via Live Chat, Ticket based customer support
  • Multiple datacenters that you can choose to host your website. They have a presence in every continent
  • Daily and weekly backup is provided by fastcomet
  •  The refund policy is the most wonderful thing that I have like which guarantees 45 days no question asked money back.
  • Read detailed Fastcomet Review, which will help you get more information on fastcomet as top cloud hosting providers

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  1. Hostgator

From last 15 years, Hostgator providing web hosting solutions globally and now they have started providing cloud hosting service across the globe. If you are from India, then Hostgator would be the best Cloud hosting providers for your website. Does Hostgator be any good? The two most crucial factors for every website owner is website load time and unlimited bandwidth. HostGator cloud hosting services which are 99.9% uptime. They have, fortunately, pulled up their services and improve for 100% uptime.

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Hostgator Features – That Helps you to Purchase Cloud Hosting Providers

  • Hostgator cloud hosting starts with $4.95 per month.
  • The price for Hostgator cloud hosting plan isn’t too bad they have been generous enough to provide readers with an exclusive discount.
  • Along with you will get an unlimited bandwidth so that you can emphasize more with your site structure while navigating your site in a breeze.
  • All the things are explained relatively clearly with no-nonsense.
  • With free migrations, daily backup, automatic Malware removal, global CDN, SSL certificate and a good and quick support.
  • Use Hostgator Coupon Code BLOGGER25FREAK which you can save flat 25% discount on your hosting.
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What is cloud hosting?

A cloud hosting concept is it development enterprise business as well as for the normal user in the virtual data center. This employs an array of a virtual network of servers in the cloud which will be used to host all of the business and its operations including the websites the more major examples of cloud hosting carries the functions to pull on a virtual service and the data which are stored in the physical server. A typical cloud hosting provider offers and delivers some features and benefits on reliability, physical security, scalability and flexibility with responsive load balancing.

How secure is cloud hosting?

It is easy to grasp why cloud hosting is becoming an effective and best alternative for everyone looking for data hosting solution. It is because of the data equally back top and spontaneously accessible almost anywhere, if there is an Internet connection. At the age of convenience, we are not worrying about maxing out storage capacity as we have cloud-based storage is on the go. As far we can see almost secure and reliable for cloud hosting providers to strictly regulate their physical domain and at most they are more convenient to organize your data with maximum security and with minimum hassle bringing out backup, connectivity solutions and workplace recovery with added network security services.

How reliable is cloud hosting?

We all know cloud hosting is the new word in the technology world. But what happens when a cloud fails. Well, that’s not good for everyone. Although that doesn’t seem that cloud hosting is less reliable. In the technology part, we all have failures but it does not mean it will cause a catastrophic event. Cloud hosting is much more reliable as long as you choose your perfect hosting provider.

Why cloud vs shared hosting?

Due to the ability to handle a large amount of traffic, cloud hosting is seen as the far better option than shared hosting due to its developed security protection and reliability. Furthermore, everything comes at its price like cloud hosting comes at expensive cost than shared hosting. Well if you are a website owner and you are starting to grow your site then you must need a high-performance cloud hosting erver.  Probably a cloud hosting server can suit you all the comfort of your needs and if you are on a low budget you could get a try on shared hosting plan if you have the opportunity to upgrade it later.


Final Verdict

Let’s come to the final conclusion the entry-level list that we have prepared for cloud hosting providers are suited for every individual, every cloud hosting options are awesome due to their user-friendliness. We will highly recommend this plans to host your websites. Therefore no further reading required.

I love Fastcomet cloud hosting service provider there effective SSL certification and better reliability.