If you have a website or blog that receives the maximum traffic? Then you must have an excellent website hosting provider. You require website hosting that can fulfill your blogging needs at an affordable price. To summon everything we have come up with the top 5 cheap website hosting providers with lots of research and personal usage.

Let’s see the cheap website hosting companies in 2022:

Here’s our list of the Cheap web Hosting companies in the Market and below them, you’ll find a quick description with their features, as well as some pricing information too.

Affiliate Disclosure – This article contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosure here

  • A2Hosting – It is one of the best performing and cheap website hosting provider in my list
  • Fastcomet – I am personally using this web hosting for my blog
  • TMDHosting – The pricing is cheap with lots of premium features are included
  • Dreamhost – It is the best of best cheap hosting provider
  • Hostinger – This is the recent web hosting, that I have checked, price is affordable to give a try
Note – The cheap website hosting, which is recommended here are personally use for my different websites or I have recommended to my friend and they are happy with them. All the cheap hosting provider in this list is the best, it is just you have to check your budget and your requirement.

1. A2Hosting –  ($3.95/month)Best Performing Host

Get Started with A2Hosting

Features of A2Hosting

  • Anytime money-back & 99.9% server-uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited storage & bandwidth Cost:  $2.96/month Turbo Servers – 20x faster loading pages
  •  They are independently owned which means they are in complete control of all of their servers

A2hosting is a big name in the web hosting industry. The company started back in 2001 by Bryan Muthig. A2hosting has been offering most high powered hosting making a way towards fastest and reliable web host across the globe.

A2hosting is admittedly doing its best features plans and inclusion of “Turbo servers” in which they promise to deliver 99.9% uptime.

Also, A2host baffling customer support we usually do not see in any other web hosting company. The “Grew Crew” support sound promising with around the clock availability.

A2hosting is known for its superior performance rich servers, availability of developer tools, uptime reliability, and brilliant customer support.

By far our favorite. Nearly all our personal websites and new client sites use Siteground. Coming it at a slightly higher price point than the other two guys, however, the quality is incomparable.

Usually, A2hosting offers 6 different hosting types such as

  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Virtual private servers
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • Managed hosting

You look confused between 6 different types of hosting. In most cases, to start off choose a shared hosting plan if you are about to start blogging else, move to VPS or cloud hosting if you already have a website or blog. You can always upgrade the plan at a cost.

Pricing (Signup and Renewal Price)

Most web hosting providers offer a discount at signups so as A2host. Their hosting renewals are relatively lower than other hosting. For those want to join them can get one time easy discounts without having to pay the usual standard renewal rates.

Below you can look at how the PROMO looks as well as the renewal prices for A2 Hosting Lite, Swift and Turbo plan.

Try A2 Hosting without any cost! A2host promises to refund in a 30-day guarantee for any reason you don’t feel continuing.


A2host understands the demand for customer support. A2hosting offers good support through its professional team available 24×7. You can contact them using Live chat, Email as well through the phone.

Also, a2host keeps a separate knowledge database for people looking for FAQ’s, guides and setup tutorials on their website.

Uptime Scores / Server Reliability

 If you ask us which company provides the best uptime scores? Then it has to be A2hosting that guarantees 99.99% uptime. Not just that a2hosting keep every account in isolation through a technology to protect each user’s hosting account.

Server Locations

It is quite possible to choose a server location of your choice depending upon the targeted audience. As you know, the closer your server to the targeted audience the better usefulness it will derive with respect to site speed.

A2hosting has different data centers located at the following place.

  •  Michigan
  • Arizona
  • United States
  • Amsterdam
  • Europe
  • Singapore
  • Asia

The option to choose the desired data centers are beneficial. You can even choose from the list of the above data centres and build your online presence even stronger.


A2 hosting offers superior security techniques such as free SSH access for additional security to maintain secure data. Also, they offer an account isolation technique that ensures complete overall protection to your website or blog.

A2Hosting provides security service with the Partnership with Sucuri

Multiple Add-on Domains

Adding multiple Add-on domains ensure hosting a website using separate domain names to your a2 hosting account.

Usually, an add-on domain referred to a domain pointing toward the subdirectory of your primary account.

Refund Policy & Free Trial Period

A2hosting gladly accepts your interest in testing out its web hosting plan. The a2 hosting refund policy is 30 days no questions asked any time money-back guarantee. As of now, there is no free trial provided by the a2 hosting for free.

Although you can choose a plan pay a monthly price to test out the performance of their servers. By any means, if you do not like you can get the money refunded within the specified period.

2. Fastcomet ($2.95/month)

Get Started with Fastcomet

Features of Fastcomet

  • Free Domain Transfer
  • SSD Only Cloud
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Powered by Cpanel
  •  Daily and Weekly Backup
  •  100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee

About Fastcomet as Website Hosting company

Fastcomet started back in the year 2013 with the headquarters located in San Francisco, USA. Fastcomet rapidly has grown over 10 years of span and has 9 functional data centers across the globe with more than 50,000 happy customers.
FastComet robust cloud hosting platform offers powerful server performance along with 24×7 support and a straight 45 days refund policy makes it one of the best among its counterparts.
Fastcomet inexpensive hosting plans and other exclusive features such as free domain transfer, the inclusion of a free SSL & CDN setup what makes most users crave everything they find here.

Types of Hosting is offered by Fastcomet

Fastcomet offers an array of your hosting needs. There are some specialized options for choosing WordPress, Joomla which usually comes at a similar price of shared hosting.

Also, they offer fast and performance hosting solution for those having big size website or blog. You usually see Shared, VPS and dedicated hosting with FastComet. For high intensive website, you are also able to reap the benefits of the cloud VPS and dedicated hosting. Typically VPS hosting comes at a high price but offers you better value.

Also, those looking for a managed WordPress hosting FastComet can be an interesting option for you.

It nearly has everything to make your site go fast. Cloud-based options such as WordPress hosting plan comes with a host of features such as.

  • Free domain transfer
  • 1-click installation
  • CloudFlare integration
  • CPanel
  • Automated daily backups
  • Premium support from experts
  • Every day malware scans
  • Inexpensive renewals
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Pricing (Signup and Renewal Price)

The Hosting price of Fastcomet starts at $3.95 per month

The leading cloud-based hosting company offers a FREE domain and website transfer. Fastcomet offers complete transparent billing unlike other web host

Fastcomet does include a fixed renewal on the following plans.

  • The basic Starter plan Fastcloud will cost you $3.95/month
  • The second Fastcloud plus will cost you $5.95/month
  • The Third Fastcloud extra plan will cost you $9.95/month

Please make sure to check the renewal rate. I will recommend you to purchase for 3 years.


Fastcomet is a reliable hosting provider and provides good support. Besides FastComet has something called “Premium Support” for users who have opted for a higher level of hosting than usual.

In a nutshell, FastComet has a dedicated customer support team working round the clock. You can contact FastComet support using live chat, email, phone or through tickets.

  • 24/7 Human support
  • Instant response over phone/chat
  • Ticketing Support
  • Open Source Application Support ?
  • Free Website Setup
  • Free SSL Installation ?
  • Hacked Websites Recovery ?
  • Free Application and Plug-ins upgrade

Uptime Scores / Server Reliability

Fastcomet has been in the industry for more than a decade now. Overall good speed and great uptime make it scores excellent in the uptime department. As in our case, the uptime results were 100% when measured over the months of the span.

Overall FastComet has a straight 99.973% uptime perhaps due to their fast server speeds and outstanding hosting infrastructure.

Fastcomet has a good reputation on the web that makes it pretty convenient for users to enjoy the performance of their fast servers. The only downtime was found in the month of October for a shorter duration with the total availability of 99.9%.

Server Locations

Fastcomet has servers located around the world and this brings the privilege for the user to choose from 8 different server location they are as follows:-

Network, Chicago, Dallas, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Singapore (Asia Pacific), Tokyo and Mumbai.

As from the user reviews, it is pretty evident that FastComet has stable performance across all servers and have scored high in benchmarks test. During the initial test to measure the performance of the servers from different locations. The website ran well throughout the time in its time-to-first-byte and considered grade A.


Fastcomet efforts to secure the system are worth noting. They have come a long way offering great deals and products to customers. Fastcomet practice making use of the Free SSL certificates with SHA-256 hashing algorithms.

This helps in establishing a connection between computer web browsers and web servers faster and secure from a man in the middle attacks. Also, they prevent phishing and brute force attacks to rank your website higher on Google search results.

Multiple Add-on Domains

Fastcomet supports using multiple add-on domains which allows you to configure multiple domains usually on a single hosting. This means you can operate different domains using one single hosting account or cPanel account.

Refund Policy and Free Trial Period

Fastcomet does not have a trial run for any of their hosting plans. But they offer longer money-back guarantee. After you have chosen your hosting type FastComet will allow you for 45-days no questions asked a refund. And let you able to test their server performance.

The claims made on fair and straightforward costs are somewhat believable which actually explicit better compared to other web hosts.

3. TMDHosting -Best Discount Hosting ($2.95 per month)

Get Started with TMDHosting

Features of TMDHosting

  • Fully Managed Web Hosting
  • 60 days Money back guarantee
  • Support: Live Chat

About TMDHosting company

TMD hosting is doing well ever since they launched. The company incorporated the business 10 years ago and offer extensive options in the following range of services. TMD hosting reimbursed powerful data centers located across 6 Tier 1 country, including the USA, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

But when it comes to dedicated servers they only have two options Chicago or Amsterdam. TMD hosting is a good place to start your online journey since the host is capable of fulfilling all your needs.

It offers free installation of WordPress along with components and templates in a prominent way. All issues pertaining to the installation, technical faults are handled by the support team in less than 15 minutes.

Types of Hosting offered by TMD

TMD hosting official homepage has an ample amount of data related to planning, pricing details also you get a comparison table that you find the correct product for you. TMD hosting focuses more on the performance and even the low-cost plans would plan out exercising NGINX server and basic caching.

TMD hosting offer a plethora of services ranging from a different type of hosting offered and with business plan includes Meme cached for faster speed with unlimited website hosting capabilities.

  • Shared hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • VPS servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • WHM hosting

Pricing (Signup and Renewal Price)

TMD hosting definitely has to improve the pricing because the starter shared hosting plans generally cost $2.95 a month only if you purchase the hosting for over 3 years of period. TMD hosting hiding out the renewal price from the homepage but we assume they did with a reason.

There is a monthly based plan but they get expensive once you choose the hosting on a monthly basis. The usual plan will start off $8.95 a month after with no refundable security which is a disadvantage for users looking to test their server using little fee.


Support is one of the crucial factors in every web hosting. TMD hosting usually has enabled tickets from where you need to generate new tickets for the issues faced. Also, the TMD host keeps a separate place for the tutorial section having 40 text-based tutorials.

They have finally published a few articles on tutorials for first-time users to install WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.

Uptime Scores / Server Reliability

TMDHosting enjoys good uptime due to the Inclusion of SSDs in a cloud web hosting at an affordable price such as $2.95/month with a free domain for life.

When it comes to achieving success online your site performance and uptime are the key. TMDHosting provides uptime of 99.99%.

Alongside TMDHosting use CDN techniques to load websites faster than other hosting.

Server Locations

TMDHosting has multiple data centers located worldwide. Hosting your website on TMDHosting has advantages because they have 8 data centers across the globe which provides significant growth to your website as you can receive traffic from all corners of the world.

While setting up your TMDHosting hosting account. They ask you to choose the nearest location from 10 different data centers and include a premium caching service and deliver the requested page from the closest location to your visitors.


TMDHosting takes care of the security through regular updates, controlling traffic and monitoring and using daily backups for all the websites hosted on their servers.

Also, they include a highly secure firewall that acts as an extra layer of security to prevent online threats.

Multiple Add-on Domains

TMDHosting allows you access for adding multiple add-on domains and you are able to the new domain configured in its web directory as well as in separate FTP account. You can set up multiple add-on domains using the TMDHosting cPanel account.

Refund Policy & Free Trial Period

TMDHosting does not offer a free trial period but they allow you to get a refund for the closing of account in full. Based on the user reviews you are allowed to cancel your hosting account within the first 60 days of purchase through the client area or directly contacting the customer support team. You need to make a request and give a valid reason why you don’t like to continue their services.

4. Dreamhost – Runner Up (Only $2.59/Monthly)

Get Started with Dreamhost

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Features of Dreamhost

  • Free Domain included
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
About Dreamhost Hosting company

Dreamhost is a performance-driven hosting for those looking for scaling websites using shared, VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting. Dreamhost particularly focuses and leveraging the need for better optimization through performance-oriented servers.

Dreamhost offers spectacular speed and best suited for sites that are growing and gathering more traffic. These services include infrastructure management, automatic backups, regular updates, malware, and better security.

Their services concentrate on allowing unlimited traffic, storage, and website and email accounts. It is claimed that their servers are 200% faster than other hosting. They also allow you a day or a free service against every hour of downtime.

Types of Hosting is offered

Dreamhost offers a variety of plans along with different types of hosting. This determines the price and the complementary services you will receive with each hosting.

But the main types of hosting offered to website owners are:-

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting


Dreamhost has a unique way to compensate its users against downtimes such as they are keen to offer the cost of one day against every hour of downtime. Dreamhost perhaps the very first of its kind offering such services.

The company also emphasizes providing support through the in-house staff for expert advice and resolving technical queries. Each person is rigorously trained and dedicated to specific hosting types for persisting issues.

Uptime Scores / Server Reliability

Dreamhost average uptime was found to be above 99.96% which is equivalent to 17 minutes of downtime each month in 3 years.

Dreamhost mentioned about their 100% uptime service in their terms & conditions section. And the above-specified uptime is available across all hosting packages.

Server Locations

Dreamhost collaboration with different service providers for optimal connectivity and guarantees brilliant uptime across all servers. Currently, DreamHost servers are located in the USA and remaining in the other parts of the United States such as Ashburn, Virginia, Irvine, California.


Dreamhost provides pivotal security with ICANN accreditation enhanced protection & security. Besides they offer free SSL encryption with Day 1 monitoring by the Nightmare Labs so that users get complete peace of mind.

Multiple Add-on Domains

There is no limit of adding multiple add-on domains to your DreamHost account in all hosting types. There shall not be any cost for adding domains and subdomains.

Refund Policy & Free Trial Period

Dreamhost offers the longest time span of testing their server performance for the initial 97 days of opening an account. But sadly DreamHost does not offer any refunds for DreamPress or dedicated server and VPS hosting.  The 97 days complete money-back guarantee is only applicable to the shared hosting account.

5. Hostinger – The cheapest website hosting (Only $0.80/Month)

Get Started with Hostinger

Features of Hostinger

  • It is one of the top-rated Hosting Solution for personal and small business websites
  • Hostinger pricing is very cheap and affordable in price with Extremely fast, secure and user friendly web hosting for your successful websites
  • Expert Support That Stays Up All Night

About Hostinger – Best Cheap Website Hosting company

Hostinger is among the best hosting company which has received numerous awards.

Hostinger provides optimized WordPress hosting along with premium features that users will not find anywhere. Also, users will likely see an exclusive discount in all of their hosting packages.

Hostinger has built a multi-tiered network and has over 7 data centers in different regions such as UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia. Hostinger uses the latest technology on the market with proper hardware capabilities in affordable pricing.

Overall Hostinger is a high powered website hosting which is affordable in nature but gives you complete peace of mind.

Types of Hosting is offered

Hostinger offer different types of hosting such as

  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud web hosting
  • VPS Hosting


Hostinger is well versed in offering customers with useful web resources by publishing helpful articles on their official page. They also keep a 24×7 window open for support either in the form of tickets or email.

Hostinger is more inclined towards customer satisfaction due to which they are quite anxious about resolving customer queries.

Pricing (Signup and Renewal Price)

Hostinger focused on offering web hosting solutions to those can afford it. Their cloud, VPS and shared hosting actively participate in your website growth by offering blazing speed . Also, pricing is a little on the higher side. Liquid web is mainly for mid to big sized websites and usually not for new websites.

Usually, their Shared hosting plans start off with the price of $0.80/month with 10 GB disk space and the price list goes up to $3.45/month.

Uptime Scores / Server Reliability

Hostinger possesses excellent hardware faculty due to which customers get to enjoy almost 100% uptime. Not only that Hostinger use custom confirmation, has a robust infrastructure that is reflected by the consistent performance the host provided throughout the year. There are only a few handfuls of web hosting that is offering such kind of services as of now.

Hostinger is definitely a reliable hosting with years of consistent and quality deliverance. Hostinger boasts powerful servers facilitated through data centers located across worldwide.

Server Locations

Hostinger at present has data centers at 7 different distinct places the popular one remains at UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia.

They incorporate own data centers, have been specially built onsite security. Also, they have a rich performance-based network through which they prevent attacks and offer CDN protection against DDoS protection.

Multiple Add-on Domains

Hostinger allows you to add multiple domains however the process requires little setup before the additional domain names point to subdomains of your account.

Refund Policy & Free Trial Period

Hostinger is a great web hosting mainly crafted to meet large organization’s needs. However Hostinger does provide 30 days of money back guarantee service.

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How to find the best cheap website hosting for you?

 There are a few simple rules that will allow you to choose the cheap web hosting for you. 
  •  If you have an existing website that receives decent traffic then consider A2hosting. A2hosting will cost you a little high but offer you great service and support.
  • If you are starting out new then choose FastComet or DreamHost for their great uptime, support, and blazing speeds.
  • If you don’t want to spend too much TMDHosting and Hostinger will be a good fit for you.
I will not recommend beyond these web hosts regardless of their features, service, and pricing.
In this method, you will be more likely to see your blog or website running for years with zero issues

What is Website Hosting?

Hosting is the home of your website. If you want a website you need somewhere to host it that’s what exactly a website hosting. Now there are quite a bit of different types of hosting such as Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, dedicated hosting.

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We hope you’re looking for shared hosting because that’s the most popular affordable type of hosting.

So, What does actually mean by a Web hosting?

A web hosting is basically a computer – the networking structure that keeps your website available across the internet. It also provides other services like Email for you.

 So How does a website hosting works?

It all starts with a server that is actually a powerful computer and that is stored in a highly secured purpose field facility called data centres.

The data centres provide the network and power connectivity with temperature control, backup system, file suppression and high level of physical security.

Security is also important for surveillance. And the surveillance is built using dual components or critical components things such as hard drives and power supply units.

And the reason is to make sure your website is available at all times.

When you have a website you actually purchasing the physical disk space on the server as well as the bandwidth (the network of connections to the server).

And you often see web hosting advertising terms of disk space and bandwidth Unlimited in nature.

So, the disk space that covers your website files including key files such as Emails. And the monthly bandwidth allows you the traffic that comes in & out of your website.

In order to manage your website, you need access to a user-friendly interface known as cPanel (Control Panel) which allows you to access some of the key areas of hosting such as setting up Email addresses, managing domains & forwarding and managing databases.

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7 must-know website hosting tips before you get started

It’s quite challenging to choose the right affordable website hosting. If done correctly you will certainly spend the rest of your life happily.

As most high performing web host do a lookup for answering your questions.

Indeed we have created 7 checklists for you what you must know before purchasing a web hosting plan

1. Types of Hosting is offered

You should consider choosing a web host that matches your requirements. If you are just starting out maybe a Shared Hosting will be the right fit for you.

Or if you have an existing website that has decent traffic then, VPS or dedicated servers are the right choices.

Shared hosting is the most popular choice for small and mid-sized websites and usually, a shared server is divided into 100’s or 1000’s of website owners just like you. Just that the price, support and storage and the performance are distributed among others. Better say Shared Hosting is cheap and most affordable.

Whereas VPS and dedicated servers are meant for high-traffic websites because they need more computing power and speed to load your website faster. The pricing on VPS & dedicated servers are expensive but you do get what you pay for.

2. Type of site you are building

There are different types of hosting meant for various purposes. A website will determine the features you want from a web hosting provider. Some hosting providers help grow eCommerce functionality while other hosting focuses mainly on blogging and SEO.

With WordPress one of the best free CMS (Content Management System) allows you to quickly build a site to share your thoughts online.

Whereas people who just want to build a brand out of a website, generally needs marketing an online store. These type of websites requires specialized hosts that grants strong eCommerce integrations.

3. Choose a low-cost & high-cost hosting depending upon your site requirement

If you are a beginner choose a host that will help you grow in the future. A website that sells one product need to choose an online host that is fast and helps your business to grow at 10-20% each month.

A web hosting is ideally a place where your website is kept and made available for everyone.

In addition, choosing a strong shared hosting plan should meet your specific needs. This means you should actually know things such as resource allocation (bandwidth, storage, email accounts) you are more likely to use and then decide a hosting based on your website requirements.

But if you’re new to blogging or website building do not sacrifice support and performance against price.

Shared hosting usually does not burn a hole in your pocket instead you can save a lot of money per month as most web host offers some kind of discount for signing up.

4. Security and Support

Nowadays security does not depend upon the number of characters, the strength of a password. We have seen people suffer due to vulnerability because many unreliable web hosts do not include firewall and other active monitoring threats and periodical updates.

Also, avoid web hosting companies that provide no access to help & support. Support is one of the crucial factors as to when you decide to buy a plan and find yourself needing help later.

It’s better to find a web host that truly understands user needs.

5. Choose a host that offers the best value for money 

Do not get driven by looking at free ultra-affordable plans. Think of other factors responsible for making your site look more enticing. Take some time to fill in your requirements such as performance, support, migration, and some helpful tools.

6. Do you need a website builder?

Many web hosting providers provide an in-built website builder to customize your site for your online business purpose. Look for hosts that offer free website builder – A website builder generally allows you to customize the look and aesthetics of your website/blog by drag and drop option that largely anticipates in showcasing your website as a brand.

7. Choosing a perfect web hosting shouldn’t be a hefty job

Don’t feel alone if you can’t make out which web hosting is the right fit for you? Choose a web hosting that you feel like going (after you have checked everything). In order to make the process of choosing a web hosting easy.

We have prepared an In-depth article with the Step-by-Step process with you.

Final Verdict on Cheap Website Hosting 2020

In our detailed post, we have stated everything about different hosting companies by thoroughly testing the best web hosting services. Moreover, the best web hosting 2020 companies listed in the post is relevant to any user.

These recommended web hosting companies are meant to deliver best and suited for most websites or blogs. We have come up with a detailed post in a new manner stating the Pros & Cons of each web hosting and dividing each section by support, pricing, features, etc. as per their requirements.

In our experience, we feel these are all reputed hosts having a decade old presence and are known to be the best web hosting providers of 2020.

Cheap hosting is an excellent starting point for the local business owner who is trying to keep costs low, while still being able to drive customers to their website.