Looking for the best web hosting Canada can provide? If you are, you should be very pleased to hear that it’s actually quite simple to find and use one. First of all, it’s best to understand what web hosting is before we look at some of the best web hosting Canada has to offer you.

“WebHosting Refers to” –  the act of providing a website address on your own server, with your chosen web host.

To find a “good web host in Canada”, you’ll first need to know what it is you are looking for. One of the most common features that you want from a web host is reliability. A hosting service provider that offers good service is one that can help you get your website up and running.

While reliability, on one hand, it’s also important to look at other things as well. You should know the various types of web hosts available so that you can choose a hosting service provider that has the right features for your needs.

For instance, if you only want a hosting service that can handle an occasional blog, then you won’t have as many problems with that as if you wanted a hosting service that can handle a bigger site that you use often.

What the best web hosting services for Canada should look like!

Once you have decided what features you want, you will be ready to start looking for a web hosting-Canada host. You may be able to find a great web host in Canada by simply looking at the different providers listed in this article.

This way, you will be able to find a host that offers you the features you need and a price that doesn’t break your budget. You can even find web hosts by looking online.

A great way to find web hosts in Canada is by reading other blogs. By searching for forums and reading their reviews, you can quickly find web hosts in Canada. Once you do, you can find the service you need and the price you can afford.

Why Quality Web Hosting Matters?

The Canadian web hosting provider is a great web hosting service offering quality services and benefits at an affordable price. These web hosting companies provide high-end features and services that are ideal for any kind of website.

Most of the companies offer to host packages that offer various types of web services and features. Here you will find all the information and benefits that you would like to get with your hosting plan from this great service.

Hosting Canada 2020 has been providing high-end features and services to the customers of their company for quite some time now. They provide hosting packages that are perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, for personal use, and for large businesses.

The packages they provide are designed to suit the needs and requirements of different kinds of people. They have various features and services that can be used for different purposes.

All the features that are provided by this hosting company are managed and backed up by various professionals who have the necessary experience in using these features.

Most of the packages provided by them offer many benefits such as unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth, MySQL database as well as the PHP script support, and a lot of other features and benefits that can be of great help for your business.

Why would you choose a server-based in Canada instead of a USA based web hosting or just another that hosts anywhere else?

The answer to that question is quite simple: a website in Canada has more protection than one based in the United States, as well as the ability to keep the work on the Internet without having to worry about regular hosting packages.

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Canada also has its own Internet regulator, which is the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, which can help protect you from having your site blocked by the government. This agency is currently conducting a review of online businesses, which should result in a more level playing field for all of us online.

These hosting services have been providing great features and benefits for the clients of their company for many years. They offer free installation and support for all the packages they offer. The web hosting Canada 2020 also provides a full-time technical team that takes care of all the technical support issues that your website may face.

The server-side security is of great importance to you and your business. With this great hosting company your server will not face any downtime. Their service also gives you the best level of uptime and reliability. The features that are provided by this great hosting company are ideal for your needs.

Since this winter 2020, we’ve bought and tested 3 popular Canadian web hosting companies out there. In this review, we’ve thrown insight on a host of factors to help you figure out the best hosting solution for your blog.

Likewise, we’ve spent hundreds of hours researching online and have spent dollars to find out the best Canadian host. At last, after a lot of trial error, and tribulations, we’ve decisively established the best overall web hosting service in Canada.

1. HostPapa – Best Canadian Web Host

HostPapa is a top-notch full feature hosting solution with first to initiate the green revolution. While they’ve been operating for a few years, the most significant aspect of eco-friendly hosting is that the power required for servers is derived from green energy sources.

HostPapa Web Hosting

HostPapa web hosting has established itself in Canada with their servers in Toronto with prices that are actually in Canadian currency than the US dollar. They are one of the most popular web hosting companies and are very reliable to be picked up by the people from Canada.

This Canadian web hosting provider has a lot to offer you such as free migration, the domain name for life, free SSL along with the enhanced security features to protect your website from cyber intruders, etc.

Not just this, HostPapa provides a comprehensive 30-days money-back guarantee. With so much to offer pricing remains lower.


HostPapa definitely has good support with different options for contacting them ensures your journey towards finding a reliable Canadian web hosting company remains viable.

Support can be launched either through telephone, email, live chat, knowledge base, video tutorials, weekly webinars, network status page, and a free one on one video training sessions. It seems they have included all the possible means to help users finding difficulties while setting up their website or arising technical faults.


As said earlier, they have good performing servers in Canada. However when you need to target other countries then Cloudflare CDN isn’t that far.

This means your website data will be stored as a cache to serve different locations, countries by ensuring speed to the visitors far away from your actual server or datacenter. CDN maximizes the loading speed of websites compared to traditional hard drives.

On top of that performance boost such as the use of rocket-fast premium servers on HostPapa deploys more resources per hosting account and lesser accounts per server in the enterprise or premium hosting, Business Pro Plans of HostPapa.

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  • Brilliant speed
  • Prices are under budget
  • Free SSL
  • Free Migration
  • Servers or data centers are located in Canada
  • Prices are in Canadian currency.

With the most affordable and premium wordpress discount. You can easily get their discount plan under CAD 1.99/month.

2. HostUpon – Best Canadian Reseller Web Host

Host upon is an established Canadian web hosting company that offers affordable web hosting services to small businesses and individuals around the world. They have been in operation for many years and continue to provide reliable hosting services to people all over the world.

HostUpon Canada

With over 20 years of experience in the web hosting industry, they have developed a variety of plans that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals and small business websites.

They primarily operate on the 3 best featured hosting packages, whereas the starting price of the cheapest plan is $2.95 p.m previously $7.95p.m.

Most HostUpon plans come standard with cPanel, a user-friendly website management system that allows users to easily manage their hosting accounts, configure various settings, add email addresses, and install external scripts without much technical knowledge needed.

Other features included with most hosting plans include the ability to manage a server and keep up with software updates and security patches that keep your hosting software and system protected from the threats of the Internet.

The ability to set your own disk space limits and bandwidth and to customize the amount of memory used are other features that make HostUpon a popular choice among individuals and small businesses who want to create a simple yet effective website.


HostUpon greatly emphasized their support and there are multiple ways to get them such as knowledge base, network status, ticket submission, online live chat, telephone support.

However, the most suitable channels to get 24×7 support is through live chat, telephone support, ticket submission. You can also be assured that their customer service will be responsive and helpful if there are any issues with your website or cPanel.


Usually, the speed and performance are rich with HostUpon but they are available with expensive plans. With over 80% CPU resources allocation on Business Plans and 100% CPU usage on their Premium Unlimited Plan.

Similarly, the cheapest hosting plan has only 40% CPU allocation which is fairly good considering the price and suitable for small to medium business blogs.

The memory allocation is not enough with 512 MB considering the competition but praises for greater I/O operations at 512Kb/s.

If you are looking for an affordable way to get your website online, consider HostUpon as a hosting company in Canada. If you would like to review HostUpon’s various plans and compare them to other Canadian web hosting companies, you can contact their customer service department by visiting the website below.

HostUpon’s online support and forums are also a great resource to help you learn more about this web hosting company.


  • Unmetered everything
  • On the spot support and sales team
  • Prices are not bound to rise
  • Data Centers at Canada and US
  • Free domain name

3. Cirrus Hosting

Looking for a Canadian host that offers affordable plans with plenty of resources and has data centers in Toronto, Cirrus hosting is a place to look for. Started back in 1999 two-decade-old company with adequate experience in hosting technologies is definitely worth checking.

Cirrus Hosting

At this point in time cirrus hosting accommodating more than 15000 sites offering basic to advanced features such as free SSL, 1-click installation, a free domain for life. Cirrus Hosting is one of the best Canadian web hosting companies offering everything under one roof.

In addition to basic shared hosting, WP hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers they are fortunate to have enough Sharepoint hosting which we don’t see often.

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Why Do We Like Cirrus Hosting?

As said earlier, Cirrus is a Canadian hosting service offering plenty of hosting solutions with more than 100,000 websites operating currently.

Regardless of the way we’ve explained Cirrus web hosting one thing that we’ve all missed when preaching about this Canadian web host is the numerous products and customizable product options it has to offer. Anyone looking for a good web hosting in Canada can go for Cirrus Web hosting due to the following reasons.

  • Accepts Candian currency as well as USD
  • Multiple data centers
  • Part of the Green Revolution
  • Tons of options
  • Multiple control panel
  • Free website builder


Cirrus hosting takes care of user queries and issues they face while setting up host through either of these channels ticket submission, knowledge base, phone support, online live chat.

Whereas the last two options are available round the clock. The support mechanism is definitely good but not great.

However, some reviews suggest that they have provided prompt service and have started to serve them well. While others may have faced nitty-gritty and were disappointed with their support.


The data centers are located in Canada and have more than 3 data centers in Toronto. While they have data centers in Canada they don’t pack extra features such as fast website loading speed.

Meanwhile, usual features such as PHP 7 are used to power up the website regardless of the way PHP 5.6 used previously.

But Cloudflare, LiteSpeed Server, and features such as cache are absent in their shared hosting packages.


  • Experienced
  • Everything under budget
  • Servers located in Canada


  • Hosting packages with 3 years or more plan have reduced prices


As an Internet marketer looking for the right Web Hosting Canada, there are several benefits to doing business in this country. One of them is the fact that the laws governing the Internet are the same in Canada as they are in the USA, which is a major benefit for anyone looking to establish a company online.

In addition, if you live in Canada you have access to the same free or low-cost Internet as anyone else in the world, meaning you don’t need to pay for high-speed connections that aren’t readily available to so many people.

Canadian web hosting gives you the advantage of having more control over your site, even if your needs are small. For instance, if you need only one website, you don’t want to have it hosted elsewhere, because then you may not be able to get the support you need from the other company if anything goes wrong.

However, if your website consists of many different sites, or if you need to host your site on your own servers, then you do want to find a web host that will allow you to do so.

The same holds true when choosing a place to set up your servers: you want one that is within the country. Having a place that is not on the Internet in your country can cause some difficulties in terms of obtaining support.

Canada Web Hosting provides you with all of these benefits, which means that you’re better off finding a web host that is based in the country where your website is based.

Canada Web Hosting Safely Transferring your website to a new Canadian Web Hosting company without having to worry about being fined is truly perfect for those looking for a web hosting company in Canada.