BuddyPress is a great community plugin that can take your website to new heights. It can convert your simple WordPress blog into a social networking website. There are plenty of features that you can find in BuddyPress such as groups, forums, user profiles, private message system, notifications and activity streams. If you are thinking about starting a social network, a business directory or a community forum, you should switch to BuddyPress. I will give you the detailed information on Buddypress later in this article

Best Buddypress Hosting

However, it is important to know the best hosting providers for BuddyPress before you opt for it. Let’s look at the 3 best BuddyPress web Hosting provider companies across the globe in 2018.

#1 Fastcomet (Recommended)

Fastcomet is another great BuddyPress Hosting providers. It is a high performance cloud hosting provider. You can get a great hosting experience as Fastcomet provides plenty of interesting features such as BuddyPress SSD Cloud, Free BuddyPress transfer, Free CloudFlare CDN, weekly & daily backups.


They have a good support team who is 24/7 available for you. You also get a free domain forever. The prices are fixed, and therefore, you can renew it at the exact same price. Their service is so good that they also offer money back guarantee in 30 days. If you want your business to prosper, you should opt for Fastcomet BuddyPress Cloud Hosting.

The key strengths of this hosting provider are great security, state-of-the-art hosting technology, 24/7 hosting support and hosting environment that is worldwide accessible and according to me their hosting customer support service is the best.

The hosting technology of Fastcomet is praiseworthy as it is designed with detailed attention. From application optimization to backups, you get a great package tailored to meet your needs. Fastcomet promises to protect your website always and therefore, you don’t have to worry about the security.

Fastcomet Hosting is popular for being the fastest WordPress Hosting provider. They use SSD, the advanced speed up technology. Fastcomet has great features such as Lifetime free domain, unlimited disk space, data backups for free and unlimited bandwidth. If you are looking for a super fast best Hosting provider, you can opt for Fastcomet.

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#2 A2Hosting

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A2 Hosting is definitely one of the best BuddyPress Hosting providers. It is the easiest, fastest and the most reliable hosting solution.  A2 Hosting is loaded with interesting features.

  • You can get 20X faster server and an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.
  • They have a great support team who is 24/7 available for help and can also move your website to A2 Hosting.
  • They would love to install it for free.
  • A2 Hosting is the fastest BuddyPress Hosting and therefore you don’t need to think twice before opting for it.

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#3 TMDHosting

This BuddyPress Hosting provider is known for its superior experience and exceptional speed. If you opt for TMDHosting, you will get free installation of applications, templates and components. They provide an uptime guarantee of 99.99 %.

  • You will also get daily backups, great support from the technical team, security from online threats, great speed and protection from unwanted messages.
  • TMDHosting is a fully managed hosting provider.
  • They also provide money back guarantee if you are not happy with their services after 60 days.
  • It is definitely a great and affordable BuddyPress Hosting provider.

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What is BuddyPress Hosting?

BuddyPress is an open source social networking software package which is a Plugin can be installed on wordpress to transform your website into a social networking platform. It is a very flexible software to develop online communities, team or any group. Buddypress has all the features that you can expect from any other online community script. It has features like User Profiles, Groups, Notifications and many more. A Small plugin can transform your wordpress blog into a full fledged social community websites.

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Features of BuddyPress

  • BuddyPress included a several components that will be directly integrated on your site. With buddypress you can customise the features as per your requirement and this plugin can adapt without any issue.
  • On BuddyPress, the User can create and update their profiles, like Adding, Updating or Deleting the profile photos. The Webmaster has all the parameters regarding the user profiles.
  • The user has special abilities, with regard to one another
  • The user has the ability to send a personal message to the other users of the platform
  • The user can create Groups and Join other groups
  • The user has the option to follow all the activity of the other users
  • The user can create blogs
  • The user has the ability to join any forum discussions

How to Get Started using BuddyPress?

1st Option – If you are tech savvy and have a little bit technical knowledge then you can install buddypress very easily. But before installing you need to have a best buddypress hosting and I Recommend you to go with FASTCOMET.

Once, you have purchase hosting from Fastcomet, you can install WordPress within a single click and after that you can install BuddyPress plugin from your Plugin dashboard.  Once you are done installing buddypress, then you will need a Best BuddyPress theme and there are many websites where you can get the Premium buddypress theme and you can install and start running your social community websites.

2nd option – The 1st option, is for the Bloggers or small players who are planning to start some social community and the 2nd Option is for the one who is a big player and are quite serious to start social networking websites then you should hire a professional buddypress developer who can make one of the best social networking websites as per your requirements. If you need a Custom Buddypress development then you can contact BuddyBoss they are one of the professional BuddyPress developers. They also provide the professional premium Themes, Plugins and Mobile App development for your buddypress websites.

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BuddyPress Hosting Requirements

  • Buddypress can be easily work on Shared web hosting
  • Shared web hosting is suitable for the user who has the moderate traffic on your website
  • If you have more than 1 Lakh traffic, then I will recommend you to go with VPS or Dedicated server hosting
  • If you have a budget constraint then I will recommend you to go with Shared Hosting, but there some technical requirements . Let’s See the basic requirements your hosting should have

Make sure your web hosting should have minimum 10 to 15GB SSD webspace for the startup social networking website

– It should have Concurrent connections (EP)

– Number of processes (nPROC) should be high as possible

– The Number of Script Executions you should look before

– You should look for the Average Script Execution Time

– Average Daily CPU Utilization

– Always look for the High Inodes

– Your server should have Minimum Cron Job Interval


Now, I am concluding my article on best buddypress web hosting companies. Each of them has some added advantages and benefits. You should choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements. If you have any doubt or need further information you can comment and let me know. I will try to answer all your query regarding buddypress hosting service.