Blog hosting is an increasing need as the recognition of blogs continues to go up worldwide. We at have tested and reviewed all of the best blog hosts and rated each on their blog hosting services with particular focus on factors like pricing, support, setup time for blogging, and more.

Here you will find the most reliable and affordable best blog hosting sites for your blogs. 

Blogging is a great way to connect with the world. Whether you blog to express your passion for your hobbies, blog to connect on a personal level with others or blog to help promote a business, it can be a great way to connect with the world. It is said that Blogging is much more than just writing or posting photos.

Finding the best blogging platform for your needs is important but difficult to get. You will want to have a platform that is easy to use and provides you with the customization tools that you are looking to give your audience everything they need to read and interact with your blog.

Have you ever heard the term “blog” and you want to know what this blogs are all about. Well you’ve come to the right place. In this series of articles we will take you from asking what a blog is to having all the knowledge you need to start a blog of your own.

A blog is an often updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place where you can express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be.

Recommended Blog Hosting Provider

Click here to visit Fastcomet (opens in a new tab) Get free domain name registration for life time!) . I’ve been using Fastcomet for my Blog and I am happy to recommend them!

Why you ought to stay away from free blog hosting?

Everyone knows that the reason behind tremendous development of blogosphere is, the awesome free blog web hosting services like blogspot, Geocities,, typepad etc. But in recent years, many happenings around free hosts do not seem good as it sounds. Here are the 4 reasons you should avoid free blog hosting.

  1. No Customization, No support

Free web hosting services usually limit your options when it comes to your web page design. Most of them run on templates which are not really open to more serious changes. Free web hosting services offer limited capacity for plugins, so you count on that you’ll have to make compromises on which tools you’ll add to your websites.

  1. Free blog posting provider are not reliable

At any time free hosting providers can close their free service. They will definitely inform you before closing their service as per the terms & policies.

  1. There is no control on server resources for you

You don’t have control on your blog server resources. Hosting companies will control your blog then your blog will surely go down.

  1. Limited storage and bandwidth

Most of these providers have a paid package as well, so it’s quite naturally to assume that those who pay for their services will get the biggest piece of the cake. Same things goes for storage space as well. Not only that it will be limited, but, if you carefully read the Terms and Conditions, you’ll find out that your host can delete your content if he wishes to, for God knows what reasons.

What exactly called a free hosted blog?

These blogs are the one which offer you free hosted blog when you don’t have experience. You just have to signup and start blogging. These blogs are not real money making. There is initial start up cost and you will get a limited options to work on.

10 things to search for in best blog hosting

If you are looking for best blog web hosting? Then here are the 10 best things which should keep in mind before purchasing hosting service for your blog.

  1. WordPress/Script installers

If you are using a wordpress and finding a difficulty in installing the program. With the help of auto installers setting up wordpress become automatically completed. Read my detailed article on Best WordPress Hosting provider

  1. Free Website Migration or blog transfer  

You can easily transfer up to 5 blogs at a time. It is possibly only with live wordpress blogs. Every hosting companies provide a free bog transfer.

  1. Site backups

It is important to backup your blog once a week so that you don’t lost your blog record. Some companies provide automated backups free software and other companies provides one-click backup tool.

  1. Refund policy

You should choose a company with 100% money back guarantee. Some companies offers a refund in 30 days. When you choose a hosting plan you should look for refund policy of host. Fastcomet provides 45 Days of money back guarantee service, you can read here my Fastcomet Hosting Reviews.

  1. Control panel

Control panel is commonly used control panel used in Hosting industry. The only control panel you are familiar with. It is a Cpanel which you see after login and you can upload files, create mails etc. You can read my article on Best Cpanel Hosting

  1. Ease of scalability

Now a days number of hosting companies are now offering no-downtime server upgrades. If your hosting company provides this option for free, then it is another thing you don’t have to worry about.Bloggers used to buy outrageously expensive hosting packages just to accommodate for future growth. If you choose your host wisely, you don’t have to do that.

  1. Storage

It is a device used for storage space. It is a disk space which usually allow 500mb or 1gb. You can store amount of stuff in the server. I will suggest look for Unlimited web hosting service, that will help you even if your website size increases

  1. Data transfer (Bandwidth)

It means the number of visit your site is being served. Average website is 3MB. It means you can transfer 3mb of data to single visitor.

  1. Reliability
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Reliability is one of most important aspect you head when you start blogging. Every hosting company guarantees you that your blog will be accessible every time.

  1. Support

Customer support is one of most important point in blogging. You will end up calling customer dozens of times for support. An hosting company always tries to serve you in best way. Fastcomet customer support service is really awesome. You contact them via Live Chat, Ticket based and Phone based support. 

What is simply the major barrier of a self-hosted blog?

  1. In blog we include URL of free site which is very hard to verbalize. The URL of a free blog is frequently longer, less eye-catching, tougher to say out loud.
  2. A second disadvantage to a free blog site is that the free templates accessible can be limiting. You will most likely be limited to a certain structure.
  3. Last free blog site disadvantage relates to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Some blogs are not posted on free blog sites so that they are not live on the main company website, so all the content being added and indexed is “credited” to the free blog site, not credited as content to the main company website.

What are the costs of a self-hosted blog?

There is no upper limit when it comes to blog investment, and in this guide, I will share the minimum amount you need to spend to create a professional blog which you can proudly share with the world. To hosting a package from fastcomet for $2.95 a month. There is also special discounted rate given by fastcomet, you just need to contact them.

BloggerFreak recommendation for every bloggers out there

Click here to visit Fastcomet (opens in a new tab) Get free domain name registration for life time!) . I’ve been using Fastcomet for my Blog and I am happy to recommend them!

nowadays lot of new bloggers have been asking about the best place to host a blog. There are an overview of the three elements you need to start a blog properly. First you have to purchase a domain name and hosting package through bluehost. And then install Fastcomet software for your blogging. FastComet is the best web hosting.

I can proudly tell you that after using their services for more than 10 months. The reason is simple. FastComet offers best & dependable hosting services with 99.99% uptime backed with 24*7 customer support. They are in system administration business for more than seven years, and later they started offering web hosting services to the public in 2013 becoming an official hosting partner for many multinational companies till now.

Do you know Fastcomet is best for your all kind of hosting needs.

Fastcomet is best blog web hosting service provider and their web hosting packages are crafted for all kind of businesses. Although, major benefits of Fastcomet web hosting includes:

  • It provides its clients with SSD (solid state drives) Space instead of HDD which is up to 300% more faster than traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drive).
  • We had already discussed earlier that they also offers CDN, website transfer, daily/weekly backups for free of cost.
  • All hosting packages comes with cPanel control panel as the default panel for customers to manage their websites easily.
  • 1-click installer is also provided for the easy installation for different kind of popular applications and softwares.
  • Mod_Expires to Leverage browser caching to improve your website speed and performance. PHP, Node.js, Perl, Python, and SSH access support.
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What’s Different now? Blogs on various Niches. Diversify your blogging.

In the blogging world we will see a diverse kinds of blogs and bloggers who blog to reach specific goals. If you decided to become a blogger, but you’re not sure what your blog is going to tackle, then identifying the type of blogger you want to become can help. In below details we are going to look at types of blogs and bloggers that exist and how each strives to become successful in the blogging world.

Personal Blogs

Online diary bloggers is appeared to be first type of blogger. These were people who wanted to take their daily journal online to share their experiences, feelings, and innermost thoughts with an audience. To become a personal blogger, there were no rules to follow or themes to hold. Personal bloggers now a days lean to follow the same route, even though they no longer have to fight the barrier to entry of setting up a website. These bloggers can post blog Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and similar networks in less than fifteen minutes and start sharing their brilliance with the world.

Business Blogs

Business bloggers are called to those who blog for their business. They might be a business they own or company they work for. The business blogger’s goal is just to put on more experience, traffic, and ultimately customers for their business. A business blogger will write about the topics that will attract their ideal customers.

Professional Blogs

Professional bloggers are those who blog to make money online. Career goal of professional blogger is just to earn a salary through their blogging efforts. Professional bloggers always be likely to use a variety of monetization strategies to achieve this goal, including selling display ads, creating information and digital products. Professional bloggers should be likely to either focus on one blog or many niche blogs to generate revenue. Each blog should have the potential for attracting a large audience, producing lots of traffic, and being a good fit for advertisers and product sales.

Reverse blogs

Reverse is also called guest host blogs which are a unique but modern type of blog. As an alternative of the owner creating content, the content is supplied by the public. A reverse blog has a team who restrained posts and prevents unlikable interactions and promotes slow topics for greater interactivity. You should Keep in mind that different types of bloggers share variety of ideas when it comes to blogging.

Are you planning to start a Forum, then you can read my detailed article on Best Forum Hosting

The niche

Rather than focusing on broad topics like leadership, marketing, or sales, niche blogs get hyper-specific. With niche blog, you can focus more on a particular topic thus making research rather easy. It’s easier to identify strengths and weaknesses of that niche and write about things you know the best. You can also use that blog and change your passion into a small personal business.

Freelance bloggers

Freelance bloggers are called to those who are paid for providing services For example A freelance blogger writing content for other businesses. Freelance bloggers cover topics provided by their clients. In Some market experts are themselves in a particular industry, while others market themselves as general writers who can cover anything with a bit of research. Experts within a particular industry or niche tend to be able to charge more than general writers.

Read the detailed article on Website Blacklist Removal Service which will help you to protect

Media blogs

Media blogs are defined by the content they produce. If you enjoy video blogging you will be called vlogger. If you curate content from other websites you will be called linklog. This type of blog is most popular among people who belongs to different fields.. Photographers can share tons of pictures they took on the last trip. People that running podcast can post audio files of the last episode recorded.

The Guest host

What the Guest Host is all about — regularly hosting top-notch guest content. Although the Guest Host regularly features content from guest authors, the person (or people) behind the blog will also regularly step back into the spotlight and write posts of their own. The benefits of guest posting have been blogged about ad nauseam. But the benefits of hosting guest content have been written about much less.

The Homer

It’s reserved for bloggers who write posts of epic proportions — posts that take readers on a 2,500+ word journey every time. the Homer is not a label reserved for blogs about doughnuts, nuclear power, or Duff beer. hough word count is one of the most noticeable aspects of the Homer, it doesn’t define this type of blogger. Word count is simply a means to an end, and that end is a transformative journey.

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Read the detailed article on WordPress Malware Removal Service which will help you to protect

The enterprise

A team of writers creates content that is relevant and valuable to the type of people who fit the company’s customer profile. That content then attracts those potential customers to the website, where they can learn more about the company’s product(s). The Enterprise is a blog built for a company, not an individual. It’s the type of blog companies like Buffer, HubSpot, and Coca-Cola feature on their websites. It’s a key ingredient to an effective content marketing strategy for your company. A great Enterprise blog can dramatically impact your company’s revenue.

What are the software’s needed to craft your good-looking blog?

If you are looking for a reliable and easy to use blogging platform to launch your new blog, then you are in the right place! Today, we’re taking a look at the top blogging platforms out there, and giving you our ultimate review of the 8 best and most popular solutions (self-hosted)

As we all know that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform of them all. It is currently powering more than 25 percent of the entire web. In every one in four websites is built with WordPress. This article can help you for your best blog hosting, that can help you to host your blog without any issue


You Couldn’t be better – it’s $0 for the software itself.

Hosting included?

No. The software you get from is a downloadable package, which you then have to upload/install on a web server you already manage.

Do you get your own domain?

 No. A custom domain name is something you have to buy separately. Then you can hook it up to your hosting account.

 Any prior skills required

Self-hosted WordPress surely isn’t a no-learning-curve kind of thing. You just have to Install it and then configuring it properly will take 20 minutes to an hour if you haven’t done this before.

2. Blogger

Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms . Currently, it is being run by Google so all of you just need to sign up is your standard Google account. If you compare to, Blogger takes care of all the technical heavy lifting, allowing you to just focus on creating content. Here are the feature of blogger

Price. $0.

Hosting included?

Yes you read it is true that Blogger think about of hosting your blog with no additional payment charges.

Do you get your own domain?

You also get a subdomain like For example You can catch up your custom domain too, but you have to obtain it independently.

Any prior skills required? / Ease of use.

Blogger is very easy to use, although it is a little out-of-date compared to some more modern solutions like or Medium. Setting up your blog is still very easy and quick. No skills required to start blogging under Blogger.


Fastcomet is one of the affordable blog hosting services which is trusted by thousands of websites. It has made its fame and name with its decent Hosting plans, customer support and unique features. Here are the some of reasons why you need to consider Fastcomet shared hosting service:

Makes it easy to manage and set up web pages

Rookies should not be worry about using Fastcomet blog shared hosting service because it is super easy to operate. You do not need to have any experience to use the shared hosting service. Configuring the server on your own is not a necessity because like most shared hosting services, Bluehost shared hosting service also does the setting up for its providers.

Customer Support

Every website admin would like to get support from the hosting provider without any delays. It is here that Fastcomet proves more advantageous than other blog hosting providers.

Control Panel

It provides a very easy to use control panel that is developed as per industry standards. The intuitive UI assists users manage websites all alone very easily.

Email Marketing And eCommerce

It will also provide you eCommerce different applications like Magento and ShopSite to develop online stores and suggest items to consumers. Though ShopSite is comparatively easier to operate, Magento provides more flexibility.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

Fastcomet provides one of the best wordpress optimized hosting environment. Bluehost also provides managed hosting plans with automatic updates and backups.

Money Back Guarantee

Fastcomet the best blog hosting provider provides a 45-days of money-back guarantee which means that first-time Fastcomet clients can attempt out their favored hosting package for a period of forty five days and continue with it only if they like.