Android is the world’s largest use Mobile Operating Systems and it is totally managed by Google. As Android is Open Source OS , Millions of Apps are available on google Store for different purposes.

Today , I will let you know the information the best Android App to get the Latest News in India. As there are thousands of such News Application , but I will give you the information on best Indian News App. So below are the list of the information on News App available

  • Daily Hunt(Previously is known as Newshunt) : 
This Android apps provide the daily news , Study Materials for entrance exam and books. You will get updated with the latest news on different categories such as Business , Politics , Sports , Live Scores and News from India and world. You can read the news in your local Indian language. Dailyhunt brings news updates from all the Leading National and Regional News agency. Dailyhunt has been installed more than 90 Million Phones.
  1.  Dailyhunt is the Top 10 Mobile apps in India
  2. According to Livemint it is must have apps
  3. It was awarded the Best Mobile App by Next Big What
Daily Hunt has been awarded with many awards after its launch and it has rating of 4.2 out of 5.

  • Google News and Weather
Google News and weather is the application of Google News and it provides the news link from all the news network. It provides the News across the platform.It provides personalize view of the local news as well as local weather. Google shows the news from 60,000 news from across the world.It has been downloaded by more than 50 Millions downloads.
It has the option for suggestion , where it will shows the news related or interest you.
  • Flipboard
Flipboard is the innovative your news magazine and it is one of the best and famous News magazine. It is use by the Millions of the webuser daily for their personal news. Follow the topics, share the news all you can do from  a single app. You can collect as much stories you want , on a single click it will be added in your flipboard dashboard. It has been published in 24 local editions. It has a review of 4.4 out of 5 and it has been downloaded by More than 50 Millions.
  • Times of India
The Times of India is the largest New Network Media in India. It brings the news across India and world in different category. Times of India Android News app provides all the news which user wants , All the breaking news are shown by the TOI apps by giving you the Notification. Times of India app is downloaded by around 15 Million users and acerate rating of 4.2 around 5. It gives the news from all over india.
  • SmartNews
It is the award winning News app with more than Millions of download and it is one of the unique type of showing the news. It shows around 13 Millions of articles a day. It will show the Trending News across the world. 
you can read the News in Offline mode.It will use your current location to provide the localize news and weather report.
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