The Ahref tool has become one of the most popular tools that promote SEO activities. But it is available in the market at a premium cost. Do you want to know the best Ahrefs alternative tools that are highly effective to use and very affordable?


You have to find alternatives tools because of the major shortcomings of Ahrefs that are discussed below:

  • One main downside of Ahrefs is the higher cost which is not easily affordable. The site auditing options are not as effective as other tools like SEMrush.
  • It doesn’t effectively display the effects of backlinks like many other useful tools. Also, it doesn’t manage to filter the spam clearly.
  • The advertisements are not well supported by Ahrefs. The important PPC, PLA and other advertisement related metrics lack efficacy.
  • The report building feature is very limited and doesn’t completely support digital marketing functionalities.

The Ahrefs API is available at increasing prices. You can find several Afrefs alternatives that can easily fit your requirements and offer the best of features and functionalities. 

Let us discuss some of the useful Ahrefs alternatives in details one by one:

1. SEMrush All-in-one SEO tool

SEMrush is one of the most advanced SEO tools which work well for bloggers, advertisers, and marketers. It has useful tools that help in doing research. The recent update of the database keeps SMErush ahead of many other Ahrefs alternatives available in the market.

Ahrefs Alternative - SEMRUSH

It has also created a keywords & backlinks database which is the biggest. The database stores 20 billion keywords and 30 trillion backlinks also it has 1.3 billion referring domains and 142 geo-databases that make it a very powerful database.

The tool also offers social media platforms, competitor research, advertising options, content management tools, and SEO that makes it a highly powerful tool.


The database of SMErush is bigger than Ahrefs. The keyboard magic tool is powerful and returns useful keyboards.

  • SEMrush offers a useful position trickling mobile app. Such applications help in tracking suitable keyboard using mobiles.
  • SEMrush offers an influential feature called Traffic analytics. The competitive intelligence add-on helps you to supervise website analytics. It also helps in displaying bounce rate, average page visit duration, and also visit sessions, and other on-page metrics of the competitors.
  • SEMrush offers a very useful tool that comes very handy. It displays the trend graph of the keywords.
  • The topic research tool helps you to have suitable content for the useful keywords and it also allows you to create blog outlines that boost the relevancy of the blog posts relating to the given topic.
  • The SEO strategies are also available along with the SEO template content. It can be implemented after studying the SERP of 10 top competitors. It helps in reducing manual work and saves a lot of time. The SEO related options and the template works like a SEOSurfer alternative.
  • It also offers advertisement research features such as PPC, PLA research & Display advertisement.


The SMErush price is based on a plan which offers 3000 reports per day & projects. It doesn’t display historical data, listing ads of products and multi-targeting options, etc.

Semrush - Pricing

The price is around $99.95 per month. The plan is most suitable for all types of businesses. The discount offer of 16% is available on annual billing.

SEMrush also offers a special 30 days free trial including all the available features. The trial will help you decide if you wish to make use of SMErush for your business.


  • SEMrush offers a bigger and powerful database of keywords and backlinks.
  • The competition intelligence add-on is mainly used to manage traffic analysis.
  • SMErush has high-quality and effective advertisement features.
  • Content management marketing enhances on-page SEO and correlation SEO.
  • The rich report builder feature is useful and very easy to use.
  • It also has various effective tools and utilities.
  • It also offers a free trial of 30 days.
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  • The tool is advanced with additional features and it looks complicated to handle for new users.
  • The user interface is limited and sometimes it feels cluttered.

Bottom line:

SEMrush offers a set of powerful tools and it is useful in various fields. The bloggers, advertisers, and marketers make use of it to extend the business. Their higher plans offer required help to the agency owners.

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2. Mangools – Low-cost SEO tool for budget bloggers

Mangools is a highly effective research tool in the industry. It has various useful tools SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, KWFinder, and SiteProfiler. Also, it offers other free tools such as an SEO browser extension, SERP simulator, and SEO volatility checker.

Mangools - Ahrefs Alternative


  • The difficulty score of KWFinder’s is highly efficient than other tools of competitors.
  • The long-tailed keywords can be used and it can help in getting higher ranks.
  • Mangools often make use of the fresh and historical index of Majestic.
  • It doesn’t make use of the backlink index.
  • The ranking can be analyzed on daily basis with the help of SERPWatcher.
  • The email notification keeps you updated.
  • SERPWatcher tracks the geographical locations based ranking.
  • It also supports all types of search results made using mobile and computers.
  • Mangools also offers extensions of Chrome & Firefox browsers that can help in calculating the site metrics.


Mangool is available in three different plans. The starting price is $49 per month. It allows you to access 100 keyword lookups on an hourly basis. It doesn’t offer simultaneous logins but allows 25 competitors keywords per every search.

Mangools Pricing

Mangools also gives a free trial of 10 days along with access to various features and tools. The money will be refunded if you don’t want to use the services offered. The money-back-guarantee is of 48 hours.


  • The keyword difficulty score is always accurate and very reliable.
  • The cost is reasonable.
  • It offers user-friendly interaction.
  • The extensions offered on various browsers are highly useful.


  • It doesn’t have a white labeling feature.
  • The important features of SEMrush & Ahrefs are missing here.
  • It doesn’t have features like PPC and other paid campaigns that promote advertisements.
  • The backlinks database is also missing.

Bottom line: 

Mangools is the best reasonably priced SEO tool. The KWFinder tool that it offers is the best for researching keywords with long tails.

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SEO Powersuite

It is desktop software that can be easily accessed using Windows, Mac, and Linux. It offers the best of tools such as Rank Tracker, Link Assistant, SEO Spyglass, and Website Auditor.

The application is not cloud-based and it works slowly. But it also offers advanced on-page SEO analysis and SEO Power suit and practically works well.

SEO Powersuite - Ahrefs Alternative


  • The users who are managing the local SEO tool will find SEOPowersuite very useful in data search operations at the local regions. The tool SEOSpyglass offers high-quality back-links along with metrics. The inline score and penalty score along with backlink traffic help in minimizing toxic links.
  • The SEO Spyglass uses autopilot to check the links of the reports made available. The useful feature of bulk analysis checks and analyzes 200 domains and the detailed profiles.
  • With the help of SEO Powersuite which is one of the best tracker tools that can allow analyzing the webpages by more than 300 search engines.
  • The Google search console, Google keyword Planner, and SMErush help in finding the best of the Keyword database.
  • The target profitable keywords are useful in getting higher traffic of great metrics. It is well-supported by KEI rank trackers
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SEO Powersuite is available with a generous plan which is free and can offer access to a large number of websites and allows using a wide range of keywords but with certain limitations.

The professional and enterprise plan can offer reasonable prices of $499 and $1199 for each of the plans respectively.

The SEO agencies choose the enterprise plan and the bloggers prefer the professional plan. The various tools are available and if you want to buy a particular tool, then you can choose the tool by clicking it.


  • The tool offers a nicely designed plan.
  • The plan is free with limited features but it can be updated with the help of search algo.
  • You can get the required tools instead of buying all the tools.
  • It provides an SEO auditor that can be useful in advanced TF-IDF analysis.
  • The rank tracker is available at affordable prices and is one of the best in the industry.


  • Being a desktop app, it uses a large amount of memory and reduces CPU speed.
  • The database available is not as wide as SEMrush or Ahrefs.

Bottom line:

SEOPowersuite offers highly useful premium plans along with many other new utilities that are of high-quality. The rank tracker and Website Auditor tools are highly useful.


Moz is an SEO tool easily available and comes with the following utilities as Keyword research, Backlink research, Rank tracking, SEO toolbar, Domain analysis, SEO audit, and crawl Moz Local.

Moz Local is an exceptional tool having management and monitoring of your local listings and manages the online reviews and reputations. It is integrated with Facebook & Google integration.

Moz - Ahrefs Alternative


  • Moz Pro helps in improving search engine ranking with the help of detailed analytics and insights.
  • Moz Pro with its keyword explorer offers 95% accurate keyword suggestions according to the given specifications.
  • You can determine the competition of the keyword and it can effectively handle the keyword difficulty, required volume, and the expected organic click-rate.
  • In order to analyze the profiles of the competitor’s backlink, understand the reasons for the broken, spam link, and to make the site safe and secure.
  • The link intersects feature finds out the sites linking of the competitors but not on the actual sites. These sites can be directly linked to your sites. The feature is similar to the functionalities of Ahrefs and SEMrush.
  • The ranking can be tracked in the top search engines of about 200 countries. The mobile and desktop devices can be tracked with the help of a rank tracking tool but yet this tool is not considered as the best tool.


It provides various premium plans that vary from Premium cost ($599/mo), Large plan cost ($249/mo), Medium cost ($149), and Standard cost ($99/mo). The various features and tools offered are MozBar Premium, Multiple Search Engines, SEO Insights, 24-Hour Online Support, Moz Q&A Forum, and 1-on-1 Walkthrough.

The basic level plans are useful but don’t offer branded reports and the reports inform of templates. To run the advanced agencies, one has to get the advanced plans.


  • It offers 30 days of free trial after registration.
  • The Moz webinars are available with complete actionable suggestions.
  • To get sync with updates, make use of Moz Local features.


  • The user interface is not effective.
  • It is not easy to navigate using the limited features offered.
  • The tools available are not as powerful as required.
  • Highly expensive when compared to the available features
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Bottom line:

Moz Pro is highly useful for in-house SEO companies and SEO agencies.


SpyFu is mainly used for identifying profitable search terms in the organic search campaigns and also the competitor’s paid campaigns. It is a tool mainly used for competitive analysis or it is also called spying.

To improve the performance of the companies, the SpyFu tool is used by digital marketers. It is useful in keyword research and to identify promising keywords and to use it for SEO and SEM techniques.

SpyFu - Ahrefs Alternative


  • When compare to Ahrefs or SMErush the cost of SpyFu is reasonable. The various tools and utilities it offers are SEO Research, PPC Research, Keyword Research, Backlink Research, Keyword Rank Tracking, and Competitive Analysis.
  • SpyFu SEO keywords are useful in managing the organic search for keywords for the websites. It can enhance the performance of the website which is an advantage over many other competitors.
  • For the keywords, keyword difficulties, and the searches carried on a monthly and yearly basis, SpyFu shares the rank and it helps in sorting the keywords in different categories.

The keywords categories are as given below:

  • Most valuable keywords
  • Newly ranked keywords
  • Keyword rank gains
  • Keyword rank losses
  • Page one keywords
  • Almost there keywords

The useful features that make SpyFu unique from similar other tools are discussed below.

  • With the help of SpyFu, it is to find the backlink profile of any website. While this feature is not as robust as competitors such as Ahrefs, it does provide valuable information.
  • For every backlink that is pointed towards the website, for each backlink, the tool refers to the strong domains depending on its monthly traffic. It also helps in finding the backlinks that your website gets from other sites & blogs.
  • SpyFu is based on grouping technology that allows you to use paid search terms & manages them into different groups. It makes you understand various groups and categories of keywords that are useful in the worldwide competition.


  • SpyFu offers various plans and the price varies between $39 and $299 per month.
  • Basic Plan is ideal for the people who don’t access API and it is available for $39 per month.
  • Professional Plan is mainly useful for companies that make use of API access or need a large number of keywords (15,000). It is available at $78 per month.
  • Team Plan is for multiple user accounts (5 accounts) and is for $299 per month.


  • It offers well-built tools that can find new keywords to be used in paid and organic search programs.
  • The tool competitive analysis helps to identify the best online competitors.
  • The database in use is of over 13 years which makes use of Google data.


  • The keyword research tool has limited functionality and it is not as powerful as SEMrush.
  • The keyword rank tracking is done at a basic level.
  • It is not preferred for backlink analysis or site audits.

Bottom Line: 

SpyFu allows you to learn about the backlink profile of websites. It provides useful information even when it has limited features.


For advanced bloggers, marketers, and advertisers, there is a number of tools available that are useful in handling various SEO and SEM functionalities. These tools are powerful enough to manage a different aspect of inbound marketing.

These tools are the best alternatives for Ahrefs at a limited price. Being a beginner, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the premium tools and it offers high-quality results. You will find these Ahrefs alternatives tools most effective in getting the best results while saving your money.