One of the main reason for shillong tourism has emerged with a preferred location for all travelers around the world are Shillong Local Attractions such as Architectural buildings and places for sightseeing. With, significant number of bengalis and Nepalese residing there, it has became one tourist places in shillong primarily deserves nepalese endeavour with slanting roofs, and numerous windows with wooden floors, which deserves a highlight not just because of terrain structure.

This is due to heavy rains and frequent earthquakes makes it an earthquake prone area. Shillong is basically called as Scotland of East and it’s to believed that with all that waterfalls surrounding the town looks fabulous on shillong tour. Hence, you can travel with your families and belongings to shillong tourist places which we’ll broadly shared with you in below  tourist places in shillong.

There are around 42 places to visits, we picked the most famous 11 for you. You can even visit the place in Mid February to November at a anytime of the day.

1. Shillong Peak

Shillong Peak is the most elevated peak of the region of Himalayas, stands at a height of 1,965 meter over the ocean level. A standout amongst the most a breathtaking view from hill station, this peak gives an amazing perspective of Shillong city and Himalayan extents. The ritzy night alongside the city lights is a treat to witness.

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From the history, Shillong is named after this hill. According to ancestors, the deity “Lei Shyllong” has her residence on the hill and shields the city against all shades of malice from here. Moreover, a sanctum offering Shulong is situated at the hilltop. Amid springs, the chief minister of Mylliem offer prayers at the sanctum.

A perfect withdraw for guests, the area also includes a radar station of the Indian Air Force. Because of security reasons at the air base, voyagers need to surrender their cameras while achieving view-point.

This is one of the best place for shillong sightseeing for all travelers. Even the hotels in shillong are quite affordable and which comes in various denominations.

2. Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong is a little town in the East Khasi Hills region in Meghalaya, the home evolving mists. Mawlynnong is popular for its matrilineal society and also having been proclaimed Asia’s cleanest town which goes under the Pynursla people group development block  and authoritative get together to form a legislative assembly.

Mawlynnong is a town in the East Khasi Hills area in the Indian province of Meghalaya. It is celebrated for its ladies driven society and additionally having been announced Asia’s cleanest town. Mawlynnong is of the best shillong tourist places  one can look for.

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The villagers are basic people and are known for their warm and friendly nature. You will treated with their luscious form of tea, called ‘Kwai’, and will be offered to take protect in their agreeable houses. On the whole, Mawsynram will touch your spirit and abandon it totally revived!

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Taxis and shared taxis can be taken from Shillong to reach Mawlynnong. The village can be traversed mainly by foot. There are various budgets hotels in shillong available for tourists traveling anywhere from world.  One can even choose from budget hotel or go for premium ones too.

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3. Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls is among most mainstream  travelling location of the city in East Khasi Hills District. The waterfall is situated in Upper Shillong region inside the Eastern Air Command of Indian Air Force. Mostly situated at a distance of 12 km from the capital city of Meghalaya and at a distance of 8 km from Rhino Point, the site can be progressed through open transport.

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The tranquil fall is an accumulation of three falls that join together to shape the stream that falls over rocks. The Khasi tribe named it Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khoh Siew, which means Three Steps Waterfalls. Different waterfalls in the locale incorporate the Wir Phang Falls and the Wei Laplam Falls.  The shillong sightseeing offers you deep inside life within the shillong valley.

Britishers named it Elephant Falls amid their administration after a stone by the side of fall that looked like elephant. The stone was decimated later because of tremor. Although, there is a pathway from base to fall leading to a little lake.

You can get hotels in shillong at a cheaper cost which ranges from Inr 500 to 3500. You can spend days on budgets hotels in shillong and can enjoy your quality time with friends and families.

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4. Wards Lake

Wards Lake is among most well known tourist place of Shillong. Though, it’s a artificial  lake that is concealed inside a vast garden. Otherwise called Polok Lake, the water body is situated in middle of the city.

The serene horseshoe shaped lake is visited by visitors, honeymooners and picnickers. Wards Lake offers various activities, for example, boating, strolls alongside cobble-stoned ways and wellspring moving. Wooden scaffold at the center of the lake is the feature of the water body. Either side of the lake has lotus blossoms over a wide extend. Well, now you can take a dip into the lake and spot different brilliant types of fish resides there.

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Besides, exploring the shillong tour the lake complex has a cafeteria offering an extensive variety of foodstuff and drinks for refreshment. Alongside the Wards Lake is a Botanical Garden that houses a broad scope of colorful plants and blooms. Situated underneath the Raj Bhavan (Governor’s Residence), the lake can be effortlessly drawn nearer through local transport.

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It offers various restaurants and fitness centers. The hotels in shillong are cheap and provides you TV, AC while the premium ones offers you with luggage stores, tour desk and dry cleaning.

5. Laitlum Canyons (Offbeat Attraction)

Laitlum Canyons can be one of the offbeat attractions at Shillong in Meghalaya. This place is striking because of its common natural formation. At a great height, it is in truth the edge of a slope which is encompassed by green slopes and valleys. The perspective of green all over the rough slopes along the tiny villages far beneath is truly looks great.

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Strolling down to the valley by means of an uneven rough way is somewhat simple, however the climb is tough, somewhat dreary and there is just a single shop in the region which offers beverages and snacks. Laitlum Canyons is not at all crowded and marketed like other tourist attractions but it is one of the most appropriate when you need a separation from busy life. It is completely a heaven for trekkers and nature lovers.

6. Mawlynnong waterfall

Mawlynnong Waterfall is found is one of Asia’s cleanest and bountiful towns, Mawlynnong, Shillong. Prominently known as God’s own garden, this is a place that educate each visitor’s some things about cleanliness which helps their trek toward the North East.

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This wonderful goal makes a totally otherworldly involvement with its pleasant magnificence and tranquil falls. It is a most loved fascination for a few travel enthusiasts and photographers, because of the amazing nature view. Seeing the falls and sound of the water, combined with the freshness of Shillong air in this immaculate condition make this one best tourist places in shillong by explorers.

7. Motphran, Shillong

Motphran is literally translated into Stone of France. The monument here you found is dedicated to Khasi Labor corps went for World War I. This place has a inscription on board on the stone reads, it is sweet to die for one’s country.

The place can be easily reached in 2-4 days and if you ask us the best time to visit there, it’s generally from Sep-May. The temperature sometimes drops and can be little freeing but to be honest it can be anywhere between 19-20 degree of centigrade. With, 24 hours at service staffs hotels in shillong are often by international delights at cost of 5500 INR/night.

8. Sohpetbneng, Shillong

At a height of 1343 m above the sea level, it’s one of the mesmerising place to meet mother nature. Sohpetbneng refers to navel of heaven in the local language and it is a truly heaven for that offers breathtaking views of entire shillong.

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You can head to Sohpetbneng during the month of september. The city ranks 1 out of 8 place to visit in Meghalaya.

9. Diengiei Peak

It is situated on the western side of Shillong, at 6200 ft the peak just shorter than the tallest peak in shillong, on a height of about 1000 ft, it looks steep enough for mountain climbers which make this a great mountain climbing.

During favourable climate the peak can be used for adventurous sports and rock climbing.

10. Lady Hydari Park, Shillong

It’s one of the best tourist place where people gathers to pay heed to the first lady in the province- Lady Hydari. The bountiful surrounding here encompasses a major variety of flora and a mini zoo with 73 species of birds and covers over 100 varieties of reptiles.

A bed of roses also enhances the beauty of the park, A special play is also available for children below 10. It can take you anywhere between 1-2 hours to fully explore the Park. The entry is free and open for everyone visiting Shillong, on all days of the week from 9Am to 8Pm.

11. Meghalaya state Museum

Definitely, the last but worth seeing! The Museum exhibits vast collection of artefacts and various ancient architecture. It boasts within the state central library complex near to Lachumiere.

The museum is open to all and it’s free entry! The usual timing on 10AM to 4PM.

I hope this article, will help you to plan you trip for shillong. You can share your feedback with me about more places to visit in Shillong.