For Many Days Following Arvind Kejriwal the Delhi CM on Twitter , I have found that Arvind Kejriwal is a Twitter Troll and not a CM of Delhi. I have seen he spends more time Trolling Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Reviewing Movies on Friday.

I have heard that CM of any state is very busy and they don’t have time to Read or Reply every tweet but this is not the case with Arvind Kejriwal. Any Tweet by any 3rd Grade Type Journalist spread a Fake News against Narendra Modi or BJP he will be the first to do so.

He will give reaction to every news which is not related to Delhi , but he will be the first to react , and to reach their. Arvind Kejriwal has become the Vulture of Indian Politics. He can play a Politics on anything

I think the Reader would have remember about the Gajendra Farmer from Rajasthan has done a Suicide in front of Him and He has not done a single attempt to save him and Farmer was doing suicide and he was continuing his Political Speech and was targeting Narendra Modi. After this Gajendra Incident when Media was showing the News , He was First to ask the Media “Please Stop showing this News , Someone has Died , Don’t use Suicide for a TRP”.
When Pathankot Terrorist act was happen  and Journalist ask him about his reaction He Told “I am a Delhi CM , please ask About Delhi”

  • Do you Know Student Rohith Vemula from Hyderabad University who has done a Suicide, Our Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was the first Person to Visit Hyderabad to play politics on Dalit. I think someone would have told him that Hyderabad is in Delhi.
  • After Pathankot attack around 9 Military person was Martyred and Delhi CM after 2 Week Visited a Martyred Military Personnel House in Pathankot and He has Done Announcement , When He will form a government in Punjab He will give 1 Crore rupees for the Martyred Person from Pathankot
  • Here the Main Point to Note is , He has done announcement for Martyred from Punjab and Martyred from Rest of the Country were ignored because there was no election their. This incident shows , In Today’s time he is the Biggest Vulture of Indian Politics.
  • For Every Incident , He will be the First to blame Narendra Modi , I am just waiting a Day , When he will blame Narendra Modi for his Cough and He will allege Modiji is not allowing his Cough to get heel.
  • Someday Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal will say , I am like a Son of Narendra Modi and other Day he will Call Narendra Modi a Coward and Psychopath.
  • If you have visited his twitter Timeline you will noticed that He will be the First person to RT every Anti Modi News , He will not try to authenticate if it is Fake or Not.
Please See the Screenshot from Arvind Kejriwal’s Twitter Timeline

In the Above Screenshot , you can find 4 Tweets and 3 Tweets is of Anti Modi and 1 tweet is related to his work (I hope So).

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Arvind Kejriwal love’s everyone’s speech it can be of Kanhaiya Kumar , Ravish Kumar and Barkha Dutt. When you will see on twitter How Arvind Kejriwal openly supports the Journalist then one thing comes in My Mind Is all this Journalists are working on Payroll of Arvind Kejriwal.

All time Arvind Kejriwal is on Twitter retweeting Crap from a 4th Grade Journalist who doesn’t have any kind of Credibility.
The Big Question is that , 526 Crore Ad budget of Delhi govt has brought all the So called honest Journalist near Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal’s best timepass is the Movie Review , I don’t know or I cannot confirm from any sources But any one who is doing Movie Review is being Paid by Producers.
You would be shock to know , on every friday Arvind Kejriwal will review the Movie and on every weekend He will that Movie , But I am amazed that Do CM has time to Watch Movies and behave like a Twitter Troll.

Do you Remember Somnath Bharti , His wife complain that Somnath Tortures her and Arvind Kejriwal and AAP party was the first to blame on Modiji that it was a conspiracy of Narendra Modi.

There are unlimited such Incidents , When you will read on Twitter You will get confused that is Arvind Kejriwal a CM , Political Vulture or a Twitter Troll.

Recently , I have done a Twitter Poll on Arvind Kejriwal below is that Poll.

Kya @ArvindKejriwal Modiji ka Sabse Bada Bhakt Hain?

— Rohit Mishra (@rohitmishra183) March 4, 2016

Around 1900 People have participated in the Poll and 87% People said that Arvind Kejriwal is the Biggest Bhakt of Narendra Modi.

My Only Advice is for Arvind Kejriwal , Please concentrate on Delhi or Else you will not become a MLA from Delhi.