The fact you need a best web hosting for your existing business or a personal website now. What factors should you consider when purchasing a web hosting service?

Most people focus on the technical capabilities of the provider; however, you can also look at different aspects such as the nature of the website and target audience.

But when you think of buying a web hosting from a European hosting location, are there any benefits?

We can help you with reasons to buy hosting from Europe especially from the Amsterdam region.

Why Amsterdam is highlighted so much preferred web hosting server location in Europe?

The reason is the Netherlands as a country trails on high internet usage. Having said that 95% of the population remain online but interestingly the Amsterdam region is the 2nd largest exchange point in the world.

By now, you have understood why Amsterdam is a popular place among webmasters, website owners. It is due to the place (datacenter) where you keep the website parked for several reasons.

Why Amsterdam Is Perfect Server Location?

Before we move ahead with the topic on “Why Amsterdam is perfect for server location”. Let us give you insights on how you should choose a server location.

Usually when choosing a web hosting provider do note about the following points in mind. You can already know that a good website requires reliable and power-packed web hosting.

This is the reason why most bloggers, webmasters in the hunt for a good web hosting with their servers located in Amsterdam.

An internet page extends to three or more pages. Considering each one of these the following points will help you with better insights such as: –

  1. Country specific targeting – If you tend to publish content that is supposed to reach a large pool audience in one country you may need a web hosting which has great page loading speed to suffice the overall google search engine ranking. Ensure global targeting in google as well as Bing settings.
  2. Worldwide Targeting – When you are delivering content to world masses, you should consider web hosting features more than a location. Ensure proper checks and go for the high-quality services which will help your users for a better experience and improve the credibility of your site.
  3. Targeting users worldwide using multiple languages – On the off chance, this is a great way to locate each version of your website on a different server across every country on earth. However, this option is expensive and you may need a single server with high reliable rate. Also, you have to add each version of the website separately to webmaster tools.
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You should have acknowledged the fact that why we need a web hosting server location parked at Amsterdam. But what makes it more credible here?

There are some reason why Amsterdam is a perfect place for server location?

An IT Specialists “Jim Adkins” says: a perfect server location will allow the owner of the website with technical stability, a different state of the art security measure and better pricing structure.

And this, in turn, server location in Amsterdam provide excellent features that we’ll discuss in the post.

Ability To Take Backups – Data Centers located in Amsterdam offer excellent backup architecture. Besides the double star network topology prevents fatal errors and 100% guaranteed uptimes.

Security Measures – Most website owners are afraid of the national security agencies that they would invade their privacy and steal user data. To counter this “Patriot Act” restricts government agencies to cause any harm to this. The law is applicable to even Great Britain and other parts of the world.

Best-Of-Class Connection Speed – If you own a website which rests in Amsterdam based server then you’re already getting superb connection speed. The fact that Ethernet connections used can reach up to 100 Gbit/sec with more than 10 gigabit aggregated ports which offer your website with fast loading speed.

Affordability – Many web hosting companies working together that guarantees superior speed, power-packed features all at a reasonable price.

Mainly web hosting companies have a lot of power to run their engines that don’t come for cheap. And the reason why we want this you to know because the price of the web hosting will eventually come down to the customers.

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However, the Netherlands has been working around with green technologies and making use of a renewable source of energy to power up their servers.  While in a country electrical energy is used which is much cheaper compared to green web hosting.

In other words, you will not only save some bucks but also increases profitability.

A server location has everything to power up your business. Needless to say, technical specifications, website content and at last target audience is one of the key factors that you’d be looking at. While Amsterdam is the second-largest exchange point. The Netherlands currently has the best server locations globally.

While keeping every aspect in mind make sure you validate across the right perspective while building a new website.

Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) made the Netherlands the Best web Hosting destination

The Netherlands situated in European nations is famous for windmills, liberal policies and above all uses renewal source of energy to power up their data centers. Thus, any web owner needs to remain closest to their audiences. Defiantly the “Latency” plays a bigger role in application use which includes seamless access to the database.

Choosing Web Hosting in Amsterdam ensure you get the best performance and unbeatable connectivity at low cost. Almost every web hosting company based in the Netherlands offers a modern and powerful platform using Xenon scalable processors backed with NVM-E SSD for fast loading website.

AMS -IX offer hub-spoke architecture and a robust technology through core switch and multiple edge switches which use double star network topology hence the results do not have a single point of failure.

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If you own a website then you may know about the “Target Audience”. You can quickly review google analytics to find out where your audience is from. If you have a new website find out the demographics to make a better decision of your target nearest location.

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The big tech companies are situated in the Netherlands. The booming industry is ushering with startups and big web hosting companies.

Amsterdam is the place referred to as the center of internet and a prime location for web hosting. 100% guaranteed uptimes, superfast servers and low latency why Amsterdam is famous for.

Also, the pricing, the low cost and effective price tag is why most people are leaning towards getting their website hosted on servers located in Amsterdam.

Take this advantage of hosting your business website in the Netherlands. If you’re well-acquainted with the place – Amsterdam Park is known for performing the most complicated job.

The Amsterdam data tower integrates a faculty such as fast response, deep troubleshooting and prevention to major attacks and hacks.

Best Web Hosting Provider for Amsterdam Location

Web Hosting CompanyPrice
A2Hosting$3.92 Per Month
Fastcomet$1/mo (Offer)
TMDHosting$2.95 per month
Liquidweb$19/mo (High Traffic website)
AccuwebHosting$3.09 Per Month