Allu Arjun Movies List

Allu Arjun is considered one of the famous stars of the Telugu industry and his graph started rising up when his movies were constantly getting successful at the box office which made him a superstar of not just Telugu but Indian film industry.

Allu Arjun has a huge fan following across the world and not only his actions but also his dance moves made him the most popular star of the Tollywood in past few years. The streak of profitable box office releases made him one of the top 100 celebrities in India – according to Forbes India.

Allu Arjun has won several awards & nominations in his 20+ years of acting career. He has earned several awards including the prestigious Nandi award & Filmfare award several times and his first National award came in the year 2023 for his outstanding performance in Pushpa the rise.

Let us find out more about the most outstanding Allu Arjun movie list. The below Allu Arjun movie list is about the best award-winning movies from the Allu Arjun Hit Movies list.

The top 10 Movies of Allu Arjun are discussed in brief below.

Allu Arjun Movies

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1. Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1 (2021) – One of the Best Allu Arjun Movie

Allu Arjun won the National award in the best actor category and the movie had a gross collection of Rs.360 crore at the box office during the year 2021

Story of the movie:

The movie is an action thriller based on the smuggling of red sanders. It is about a laborer – Pushparaj, an illegitimate child of a rich businessman, his struggle for existence and his success.

It is also interesting to see, how his ladylove Shrivalli changes his life and how an IPS officer restlessly follows him to reveal the truth. It was the first part of the movie and is about to continue in part two.

Direction & music:

The director of the movie was Sukumar and the music was given by Devi Sri Prasad. The main co-actors of the movie are Rashmika Mandanna, Fahadh Faasil, Jagdeesh Bhandari, and others.

Allu Arjun’s super acting performance, Rashmika’s dance moves, and Fahadh Faasil’s terrific looks always remain memorable.

The song “Teri jhalak ashrfi Shrivalli” broke all records on the national platform. The famous dialog from Pushpa’s movie “Pushpa Jhukega Nhi” has become part of every talk, speech & show across the world.

The songs of the movie are :

  • Jokke jokke mekke
  • Oh anthiya oo
  • Srivalli
  • Sami sami
  • Eyy magha idu


The Allu Arjun movie was commercially very successful. The movie has not only become the highest-ranked movie of the year 2021 but it also became the highest-grossing Telugu movie of all time.

2. Ala Vaikuthpurramuloo (2020)

The movie has become a duper hit and has won a National award for the best music by S. Thaman. Also, it won the Filmfare award for Tabbu & Murali for the best supporting actress and actor.

Story of the movie:

The movie is based on a family drama. the movie ticket middle-class lifestyle and the relationship between the father and his son. the movie makes you laugh and the dancing sequence of Allu Arjun makes you enjoy.

Director & Music:

Once again it was T.Srinivas who directed the movie perfectly well and the music performed by S.Thaman remains enjoyable. The acting skills of Puja Hegde and Taboo along with Nivetha and Murali remained of higher class.

The highlight of the movie is the songs :

  • Samajavaragamana
  • Ramuloo Ramulaa
  • OMG Daddy
  • Buttabomma
  • Samajavaragamana – Female
  • Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo
  • Sittharala Sirapadu


The movie has set new records in the Telugu film industry. The budget of the movie was Rs.100 crore but it has earned around Rs. 300 crore in gross profit.

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3. DJ : Duvvada Jagannadham (2017)

The movie has earned Zee Golden awards for the singer, and a Filmfare award for the best music director.

Story of the movie:

Allu Arjun played the hilarious role of an undercover police officer, who to expose a business tycoon, disguises himself as a Brahmin pandit. The scenes in the Movie are based on cultural values. Allu Arjun & Puja Hegde perform excellent dancing skills.

Director & Music:

The director of the movie is Harish Shankar and the music was scored by Devi Sri Prasad Ganes Acharya has did the choreography of the songs.

The movie star cast includes Puja Hegde, Vennels Kishore, Subbaraju, and others.

The songs of the Allu Arjun DJ movie are:

  • Gudilo Badilo Madilo
  • Mecchuko
  • DJ Saranam Bhaje Bhaje
  • Mecchuko
  • Seeti Maar
  • Duvvada Jagannadham


The movie is full of humourous scenes and also some action scenes which Allu Arjun fans will enjoy the most. The movie has earned a net profit of Rs. 150 crores.

4. Sarrainodu (2016)

The movie has won the critics award for Best Actor for Allu Arjun and it has been nominated in 4 different categories of Filmfare award for the best actor, music director, and playback singer- male & female.

Story of the movie:

it is an action-packed movie with jaw-dropping scenes. the movie is full of Allu Arjun which is comic timing and perfect dance moves. watch it how an ex-military man struggles to keep his promise of giving away violent ways of life.

Director & Music:

Boyapati Srinu directed the movie with excellent action scenes. S.Thaman has done drum beats to offer excellent songs. The cast of the movie includes Aadi, Rakul Preet Singh, Catherine Tresa, Brahmanandam, and others.

The songs that made people enjoy them are

  • Athiloka Sundari
  • You are my.
  • Blockbuster
  • Thelusa thelusa
  • Private party
  • Sarrainodu


The movie has excellent action sequences, cinematography, and music. The budget of the movie was ₹ 50 crores but it has made a profit of worth ₹ 140 crores.

5. S/O Satyamurthy (2015)

The movie with a funny name has become one of the biggest hits of both Allu Arjun & T. Srinivas. The music has won Gulf Andhra music awards.

Story of the movie:

The movie is full of family drama and based on cultural values. After the death of his father, a reckless young man faces the reality of life. Allu Arjun with his emotional role and his standout dance performances made the movie successful.

Director & Music:

Devi Sri Prasad has done an excellent job of offering superior music & songs. The cast of the movie includes Upendra, Samatha Ruth, Adah Sharma, and others.

The songs of movie are :

  • Chal Chalo Chalo
  • Cocktailaai Nee
  • Neelaakaasakkonil
  • Ey Penem Paperum
  • One And Two And
  • Maarivillin Panthalundu
  • Vannallo Vannallo


The movie has become a grand commercial and has earned 90 crores. T. Srinivas teamed up again with Allu Arjun to offer an outstanding movie.

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6. Race Gurram (2014)

The movie was highly entertaining. The movie has helped Allu Arjun to win the Filmfare award for Best Actor. Also, Shruti Hasan has won the Best Actress award.

Story of the movie:

The movie is full of comedy, drama, and action that makes the audience enjoy the most. It’s a story of two brothers, one is sincere and goes by book. The other brother enjoys life at his will.

Director & Music:

Surrender Reddy offered excellent direction and S.Thaman composed the music. The cast of the movie mainly includes Shruti Hasan, Shaam, Ravi Kishan, and Brahmanandam.

The songs of the movie are:

  • Bhoochadae
  • Gala Gala
  • Cinema Choopistha Mama
  • Sweety
  • Down Down Duppa
  • Race Gurram


It is an entertaining Allu Arjun movie that offers action-packed drama and comedy. The movie has earned a gross income of Rs. 101 crores.

7. Julayi (2012)

The movie successful movies of Allu Arjun. The movie has received several awards including Nandi awards, the best feature film award with awards for dubbing artists.

Story of the movie:

The movie is perfectly blended with a mixture of entertainment and action. the movie is about a fight between truth and evil. Ravi, played by Allu Arjun meets a gangster Bittu who decides to rob a bank but fails to do so because of Ravi. the story is a fight between good and bad when Bittu tries to destroy reviews, the entire family.

Director & Music:

  1. Srinivas directed the movie which is an action-thriller. Music director Devi Sri Prasad has scored mind-blowing music. The star cast of the movie has Ileana D’Cruz in the leading role supported by Sonu Sood, Rajendra Prasad, and others.

The songs of the movies are:

  • Julai
  • O Madhu
  • Chakkani Bike Undi
  • Osey Osey
  • Mee Intiki Mundhu
  • Pakado Pakado


This Allu Arjun movie/ fils was one the successful hits and has earned a gross profit of Rs. 43 crores. The movie was especially hit due to its super music and dance performances.

8. Arya2 (2009)

The movie has mixed response at the box office. The movie has higher expectations but it has faced jolted reactions from the audience.

The movie was nominated for best direction,  best actor, and best music director. The movie has won a Filmfare award for Best Dance Choreographer –Prem Rakshith

Story of the movie:

Ajay and Arya were twin brothers. They were orphans. Ajay was lucky and was adopted by a rich family. Ajay runs his own business and become successful. By chance, he meets Arya, whom he gives a job in his office. Then there is a twist in the story when a girl enters the office and both of them fall in love.

Director and Music:

The director of the movie is again the most successful Sukumar. The music director Devi Shri Prasad was nominated for best music. The three main characters played in the movie are Allu Arjun, Navdeep, and Kajal Aggarwal along with Shraddha Das and Brahmanandan.

The songs that capture the hearts of music lovers and have become part of success stories are

  • Perfect
  • Uppenantha
  • Ringa Ringa
  • Karige Loga
  • My Love Is Gone


The Allu Arjun movie didn’t do well as expected but the movie was highly popular among the youth and appreciated by the audience across the state. Allu Arjun has shined well and has kept ruling the hearts of the masses.

9. Parugu (2008)

Allu Arjun won the Filmfare Award (Telugu) for Best Actor & also received the Nandi Special Jury Award. The movie earned Rs. 20 crores as a gross profit.

Story of the movie:

The story revolves around a girl being run away with her lover and her father seeks help from the young man Krishna who while helping to find the lost girl, falls in love with her younger sister. There are other characters involved who either complicate the issues or help the young couple fall in love with each other. The story has a comic side and it is full of fun & enjoyment.

Direction & Music:

The movie is directed by Bhaskar and along with Allu Arjun who was in lead roles, other members of the cast are  Sheela Kaur, Prakash Raj, Poonam Baja, Sunil, Saptagiri, and others. Music is given by Manu Sharma which has become an instant hit. The songs are

  • Parugulu
  • Nammavemo Gaani
  • Yelageyalaga
  • Chal Chal Chalo
  • Hrudayam
  • Manakanna Podiche


The movie Paragu was a medium-budget movie but it has performed well at the box office. The comic role played by Allu Arjun was well supported by Sunil. The movie helped Allu Arjun to boost his career by higher earning gross profit.

10. Arya (2004)

Allu Arjun won the Nandi Special Jury Award (Telugu) for best actor, and Sukumar won the Filmfare award (Telugu) for best director and also for screenplay. Lakshman won the best fight master award. This Allu Arjun movie has earned nearly Rs. 30 crores as gross profit.

Story of the movie:

The theme of the story is mainly about one-sided love. Allu Arjun plays the role of Arya, a spirited college student, who instantly falls in love with a girl.  Even after getting the rejection. The story narrates the incidents when Arya gets over-confident and keeps pressing the girl passionately. His love despite ups and downs finally wins his sweetheart.

Direction & Music:

The movie was directed by Sukumar who won the best director award. The music is composed by and the songs have become highly popular among the youth. The star cast includes Anuradha Mehta, Siva Balaji, Rajan Dev, Sunil, and others.

The songs of the movie are –

  • Etho Priya Ragam
  • Thakadhimithom
  • Aa Kande Alakapuram
  • You Rock My Love
  • Etho Priya Ragam
  • Oh My Brothere
  • Aarya Proud of Youth
  • Feel My Love


It is a movie that has brought many laurels and awards to Allu Arjun and the director. The story of the movie was about a youth who remained positive while achieving a goal the movie was much appreciated by younger generations.


These are only a few wonderful Allu Arjun movies list discussed here out of his huge list of hit & super-hit movies. Allu Arjun with his excellent acting performance, his perfect comic timing, and his immaculate dialogue deliveries made people go crazy, movie after movie. The superstar has earned many nicknames, such as Stylish Star and Bunny.