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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to bloggerfreak.com- A solopreneur enthusiastic blogger who is from Mumbai! I’m Freak the Founder of bloggerfreak. Bloggerfreak living with a internet lifestyle and currently a boon to all young bloggers out there.


Here is what you can find on BloggerFreak

There are over 300+ posts written by me, Contributor (Prasad Maitra) and Co-founder My better half Jyoti. 

These posts are based on Starting a blog in easy manner. Learning how to be a Affiliate marketer and a straight money making techniques from your blog. These are pretty cool stuffs but not that easy.

BloggerFreak writes about mostly on the Web Hosting, Web Securities, WordPress Themes & Plugins. And, dedicated to our fellow bloggers.

Bloggerfreak make things easy for you by comparing, judging and recommending you the right services for your blog. This site is not even limited to web hosting, We occasionally roundup all things in our blog such as WordPress, Insurance, Make Money Online.

A complete “How to” of hosting a website or blog is what we are more focused these days.

Exclusive deals and discounts are available for web hosting, themes and Plugins so that you can grab one by looking at our reviews and comparison on web hosts, themes and so on.  Free guided methods to setup your first blog or website so that you can come out well in this complex blogging jargon. ( This is new to us and we’re growing steadily)

A free affiliate marketing handbook will be prepared soon with our team member in hand Prasad, who works on most of our blogs that gets published.

In, future we’re more excited to launch our app on ios & Android to learn effective blogging on the go.

Something about the Founder

I bought the domain bloggerfreak.com on january 1st 2016, and that time I was unaware of the niche I should write for. It was not easy task to pick a niche which I have less competition in its segment but I tried hard to achieve my desired goals.

Something, that started and became a fun for me was life changing blogging experience. In last few years, bloggerfreak.com has more of a popular work among our readers.

This blog is mainly popular among young bloggers who always wished for starting their own blogging journey but gets stuck with either hosting or setting up their first blog on WordPress. This is definitely we make a difference I share my blogging experience not only that I suggest and recommend others to use the services so that they don’t have to hustle and bustle for things and end up purchasing inappropriate products or service that could ruin their blogging journey.

I started bloggerfreak in hope to become a internet marketer, the sole job for my blog was to teach and educate things on how to start you first affiliate sales. Along, with I try to withstand the effective methods by which a normal person can make good amount of money through blogs. I teach everything out there on my blog.

Blogging is a natural way of expressing things on internet, so don’t mistake it with another thing. It’s just a bigger way to empower you and to stay motivated. Blogging help you to reach out to everyone in the planet.

About R Mishra(BloggerFreak) (That’s me)

I am the freak behind BloggerFreak. I am a simple guy, resides in Navi Mumbai, trying to make some mark in blogging.

I completed my education from Mumbai University in 2011 and I have keep my personal presence invisible for some reason. Prior, to this year Mrs. Mishra (wife) took over my blog and kept churning out different methods in pursuit of better interaction towards our fellow readers.

I got my first blog at blogger.com (google subdomain) and moved to wordpress seeing better opportunities and control over blogger.com. I found blogging is a bigger medium to reach my audience and to do that. I mostly use free tools for finding all keywords and maintain a proper authority on my blog.

So that’s all about me..The major source of inspiration came from my spouse, who not only motivated me from time to time but also took over all my duties regarding on my blog.


There are 3 team members as of now.

  • Me (BloggerFreak- founder of bloggerfreak.com)
  • Jyoti Mishra My wife ( Co-founder of bloggerfreak.com)
  • Prasad Maitra ( a friend of mine, who plans the writeups and content marketing strategy).

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