Are you considering signing up with A2Hosting but not able to decide whether you should go for it or not. A2hosting is a hosting company that basically offers a 20x faster server with a powerful infrastructure and features and affordable price segment. In this article, I will provide you the detailed A2 hosting review which will help you to decide your hosting partner

Read our A2 hosting review before you hop into any conclusion. Check all the facts and check out our exclusive deals before you proceed to sign up. We hope we can make things simple for you in this article.

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A2 Hosting Review

A2Hosting comes with a high reputation talking about the high powered hosting, making speed and reliability a crucial factor. A2hosting calls it’s servers “Turbocharged server” that loads up the pages in the blink of an eye.

Typically 20% faster than the non-SSD servers. Well, you might not need that high powered industry graded SSD hosting. For that, A2 hosting even features some of the best shared hosting plans for client-end.

Even if you’re saturated with few bucks for your monthly plan. In this A2hosting review, we summon some of the interesting facts about A2hosting that you probably know about.

A2hosting has won many awards and consistently ranked on being the Top hosting provider in most of the hosting list you come across daily. Yes. they provide almost 99.9% of uptime on their servers and if you find any issue with the hosting you can call upon the Guru crew or support team available round o’clock. If you’re young, starting to own a blog you might need to look somewhere to meet your budget for hosting. I think your search would end here.

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Let’s get started with the A2hosting that commits green energy practices and partnered with the carbon fund to deduce the carbon emission for the FutureServe program. Since 2007, A2 hosting doing its job with 100% carbon-free emission. Now, with that, you can be pretty much sure and start your blogging journey to a new level. Advanced users can see this one for bitcoin mining and OpenStack. A2hosting is literally considered a worthy addition to your blogging career.

Start a new way… Start with A2hosting

A2hosting was founded by Bryan Muthig and well known for its industry-grade SSD easy to use hosting.

A2 hosting packs with the Turbo Servers that are usually a generation ahead of standard hosting. With the help of this A2hosting review, I would like to prosper the need for the support team that looks up your hosting issues almost all the time. And this is what A2hosting generally known for.

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A2 Hosting offers you an SSD, unlimited data storage transfer, free site migration, and loads of other stuff.

I don’t see any reason behind not choosing A2hosting as your hosting partner

Let’s jump straight to the pricing A2 hosting provides to its users. A2 hosting generally the cheapest of all hosting plans that starts with $3.92 per month. Even not only that they will get you a full refund if you’re somehow not happy with the hosting a straight 30-days guaranteed returns.

Know more about the Company

A2hosting is the best web hosting company operational from 2001 to Bryan Muthig. However it originally purported to offer their service in the small segment but in 2003 this company gained a larger amount of clients so, the name has been changed after AnnArbor, Michigan.

A2hosting generally runs with a tagline “Lightning fast loading themes”– as always they offer first-class 24 x 7 service with their inevitable support team.

A2hosting headquarters located in the United States and offers its hosting services throughout the world.

Click here to visit their official sites

What you get in A2hosting – Let’s Get the details

A2hosting is one of the best hosting providers available in the market. For more than a decade they are fine-tuning their operations and coming with more speed, reliability, and best customer satisfaction. The company itself is known for its ultimate performance and fast loading pages. A2hosting is far more superior than you think more this company has been developed over the last 10 years by the most profound IT gurus.

A2hosting is quite good in terms of allowing users to utilize most of its resources and through this review, you get more of detailed insight on A2hosting.

A2 hosting has a lot of unique things to offer and comes well serving your latest as well as finding a route to help you with traditional hosting (I mean to keep the hosting pricing down, Not all of us need a powerful server).


Try A2 Hosting. A straight Anytime money back guarantee.

>Introducing Solid-state drives

Perhaps, you know but we would like to clear some facts. A2hosting uses Solid State drives almost in all hosting plans. SSD’s perform better rather than using a traditional HDD. State drives are basically having a solid read and write head along with request microchips and it doesn’t use a mechanical arm thus, it helps you get the process faster and contribute less time to send the requestor load up a page.

>Cloud Hosting Solutions

We all know the essence of security for any site. This is a common issue faced by all hosting companies but with the power of advanced technology A2hosting uses supplemented with cloud hosting comes to those using special hosting service and get benefitted by hand-in-hand.

This is much simpler now and now users need not worry about hacking or site going down or becoming unresponsive.

>RAID-10 Storage

All web hosting provides used the RAID controller to set up a storage configuration that stores data in more than a device. RAID has been used to get rid of faulty drives and in case one hard drive fails. The drive can be efficiently replaced without any data loss. The unique data backups features make the A2hosting reliable among all others.

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A2 Hosting prefers green channel: Why?

A2hosting do not want to see themselves as ordinary hosting providers. That’s an initiative A2hosting followed up from a decade and still running on accessing a green hosting.

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What it’s offer is still unbelievable:

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Of course a brilliant support team- Make a call, open the Live chat or mail them from your phone..choice is yours
  • Prime or Prime Plus (SSD) choices
  • SSD boot loading and can speed up 300% faster
  • The load times are just 1.9 seconds
  • Unmetered bandwidth with data transfer and storage
  • You get several e-mail accounts…looks cool
  • Free Server rewind backups- fulfills the cherry on top of the cake
  • A straight 30-days month money back protection

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A2 Hosting Reviews on its Shared Hosting plans…here it is

A2hosting offers a wide range of plans that pretty much help you to establish your simple blog to a new level.

One can find all the options giving you super edge performance. choose from shared, reseller, managed VPS and managed dedicated hosting options.

A2hosting shared hosting plans

There are specifically 3 hosting options to choose from shared hosting plans

  • One that is called LITE
  • Another is Swift
  • Finally a TURBO plans for advanced users.

With LITE on you get to host a single website with Unlimited data and bandwidth, 25 email accounts and free SSD site migration  It would cost you around $3.92per month. Visit A2 Hosting to grab this deal at the same rate

The Second one is called SWIFT that offers a little more from the LITE plan. It offers pretty much unlimited for everything with a price $4.90 per month.

Finally the one, we’re interested in TURBO mode that allows, some extra such as Free SSD migration and comes with a TURBO server and site Accelerator.  This would cost around $9.31 per month.

There are a lot of other features too that includes, Server rewind backups for 24×7 support, Quadruple redundant network, numerous developer features, separate emails for users, WordPress hosting, Cpanel, E-commerce features.

A2 Hosting review on Uptime and Performance

A2hosting kept a promise for 99.9% uptime guarantee. Hence, in many instances, if you face any issues with the hosting. A2 hosting will come to rescue you professionally responding to the promised guaranteed.

Still, I feel there is no such hosting provider that can beat A2hosting. Thus, I appeal to everyone looking for a hosting must give it a try. With the introduction of the Swift server, you can pretty much get the latest technology with a maximum level of specifications ensuring highly indisputable hosting performance.

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Here is the following feature you should look before choosing A2hosting as your primary hosting provider.

> Know about 20XX faster server

I know most of you dwelling on the server speed and lacks in most of the shared hosting packages. With this Turbo drives. A site can load up to 20 times faster. Now, you can see your site getting indexed fast with a hosting match.

>Using SwiftCache

A2hosting offers you fastest speed performance. Though A2hosting is making enough of routine to make this a fastest hosting solution. Caching on the other hand A2hosting discovered the involvement in RAM & Hard Drive with Turbo boost for caching that throttling your web pages at minimum load time.

> Featuring Quadruple redundant Network

A feature that allows the users to remain connected even when several US A2 hosting data center links goes down.

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A2hosting Review on the Customer Support Service and Help

A2hosting firmly believes that the best easy way to outreach is having a good support which pays heed to 24x7x365 days of customer support. While there are companies claims to offer the same services but are only limited to certain extent.

It won’t be difficult for them if you message them 3am though staffs of other companies don’t work at night. The staff is pretty nice in handling queries and resolving issues. I actually did not face any issues this is quite nice if you read testimonials from the existing customers you’ll see the real fact.

Money back guarantee 

I know, it hurt when there is a regular flow of traffic and all of a sudden your website goes down and you have to face a great deal in terms of revenue and potential of new clients.

A2hosting provides a 99.9% of uptime guarantee and uses a technical person to look after managing your online business live at all times.

A2hosting is for yourself and you can take back your money (a full refund) if you cancel the services within 30-days and Also, you can get your full money refund at any point in time. 


Now, who don’t want freebies! Luckily, you will be gifted with a magazine subscription. Now with that, you get $50 bing/yahoo ads credit. Now you can list your website in less than 24 hours with special discounts in WordPress theme from TeslaThemes.

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What we liked about A2Hosting let’s find out the Pros & Cons?

We insist you read the pros and cons when considering A2hosting as your new host. So, let’s jump into that


  • It is Not linked to Endurance Group Company
  • High-quality support and expert support is available via phone, email and live chat.
  • You can choose from a server location like Europe, the USA or Asia
  • Unmanaged and managed plans so you get plenty of options to choose from
  • All the plans use robust industry graded SSD
  • Ideal for WordPress users for that loads the pages six times faster
  • One-click installation is available which is quick and secure
  • 10 GB Quadruple redundancy network that offers great peace of mind.
  • As always 100% neutral


  • They are limited to two data centers. Choose the one either with Europe or nearer service center.

Quickly wrapping up on A2 Hosting Reviews

A2hosting offers plenty of services and the type of plans they offer are simply phenomenal. The plans are really good with that you get the option to manage your own site. The site is also recommended by the other peoples also who looked for a hosting provider and stuck with A2hosting.

This is significant to know that once you with A2hosting always with A2hosting.

A2hosting is well optimized for WordPress and for that you just need to click this link to get started. So, overall we’re getting high quality, premium hosting with the minimum amount of hassle purchasing hosting.

Though, we would like to emphasize more on the additional advantages and the high quality hosting you will get with it.

Get massive deals on this A2hosting coupons. Bookmark this page. We’ll be updating it from time time. Save almost 50% on your first billing cycle with a2Hosting. Remember to pay us a treat for that