If you are an active member on social media, then you would be aware of the terms that usually trend on social media. One is the Right wing side mainly comprises of Proud nationalist or the proud Hindus or core supporters of Modi and RSS . While the other side are those who label them and call themselves Liberals who according to dictionary are free minded, intellectual Guys who are unbiased people. While Bhakts usually behave in uncivilized way and when they go blank uses unethical words.

Liberals behave civic and have greater sense of global Exposure in them and who love freedom of expression as well. But in fact they have no idea towards social reform and have no solution for the problems India faces. You would often find them protesting against Hindu Invasion and calling for Right to protect Minorities in India. So what these Liberals are?

Liberals are people who grew up with certain amount of privilege compare to their peers. They are not only rich with money but also have attended English medium Institutes and colleges, like stephens or something. They are exposed to global tradition and culture. They often put themselves away from the rest and have created their own class though India is based on caste and class. Remember the children in your class who use to eat Ferrero Rochers while you struggle with Dairy Milk Bourneville. Or the children who use to listen to Linkin park or Eminem while you know the only Hollywood song “Beat It”.

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These people remained in their own class and remained in touch with their company. They wanted a difference to show how they are different with the normal class people in terms of their class, education, money or intelligence. But with India’s rising economy the middle class men have fought with the situation and emerge as the real nationalist. They have become financially prosperous and have gained sufficient amount of knowledge. This has lead to a chaos between the established liberals and they feel insecure of their created place and class.

Though the middle class men have become financially stable and have been well in English, they are not comparatively much exposed to the global culture. While on the other hand the Liberals ganged themselves and were quick to attack any Hindu Fundamentalist, calling themselves as fair, tolerant and modern but you would rarely find them speaking against any Islamic fundamentalist. They discussed freely on Gujarat 2002 but never discussed how Islamic Intellectuals Burned the Trains in Godhra.
They are often derogatorily referred as pseudo-secular or pseudo-intellectual because their agenda was to look down to the classes who lacked Global exposure. If RSS members were trained from a Harvard or studied in Stephens or at least they spoke fluent English, these Liberals won’t hate them much.

The sad part is that, we desperately need Intellectuals and liberals who really are unbiased and take a step to transform India instead of creating clashes between the societies. If these Liberals really do become Liberals, they can help out the politicians giving India a fine shape than ever before.

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