GreenGeeks prides itself in protecting the environment while the servers mainly run in low renewal energy(expected less energy consumption than other hosts) known as the most eco-friendly web hosting. Are there any such hosts? How does the GreenGeeks stack up?

In this article, we dig deep into the GreenGeeks environment claims and finds out more about their hosting services, especially if it’s the right host for your WordPress website. GreenGeeks inaugurated in 2006 and since then the hosts focus on environment issues that worked quite brilliantly overtime.

Since GreenGeeks has grown with a massive figure having a capacity of hosting more than 300,000 websites and 35,000 customers. GreenGeeks leading the pave way to the best green web hosting provider.

GreenGeeks hosting plans are low and suitable for beginner and intermediate website owners. Also if you are looking to start a website or want to scale up GreenGeeks is just the right WordPress hosting provider for you.

9 Reasons to Select GreenGeeks as your WordPress Hosting Provider


Why choose GreenGeeks?

“GreenGeeks is a solid fit to start a site or scale up”

GreenGeeks is begun to offer the core features (shared hosting) plan that is widely popular among users. However, GreenGeeks also specializes in dedicated WordPress hosting as well as higher-end plans like VPS and dedicated servers.

GreenGeeks manage to set offer unique scalable hosting for beginner hosting packages for solid WordPress hosting. Also, every GreenGeeks plans come with backup and security features with the privilege to choose own datacenter.

Reason #1 GreenGeeks Eco-friendliness hosting

GreenGeeks have come out with saving 300% renewal energy commitment offering cleanest hosting technology available in the market. GreenGeeks eco-friendliness is far best WordPress hosting in the industry.

Supposedly greener doesn’t mean weaker. GreenGeeks is partnered with EPA green power shoving strong green operation with no compromise in quality. Instead, high technology is the core focus of GreenGeeks hosting. GreenGeeks though relies on extensive use of wind energy credits to empower the sever facilities to meet the latest energy efficiency standards. GreenGeeks is leading when it comes to green web hosting.

Reason #2 GreenGeeks (Best WordPress hosting)

GreenGeeks WordPress hosting is popular and their shared hosting provides the best place to start your effort on the web. GreenGeeks has 3 shared hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth, storage, domains & email accounts. It also comes with a free domain for the first year.

The cheapest plan (Ecosite starter) starts with just $2.95 per month when you start off for a long contract. However, the top plan (Ecosite premium) comes with everything in other plans but have the privilege of four times that of a starter plan which includes a premium SSL certificate along with PCI complaint.

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What makes GreenGeeks WordPress hosting stands out?

Despite pricey hosting plans of GreenGeeks hosting. It’s always nice to have for people who don’t mind to stay focused take care of the entire website at one single place. These features are nice to have them on board but what makes GreenGeeks WordPress hosting stands out is the commitment towards

  • Speed technologies
  • Security & reliability technologies
  • Datacenter options

Reason #3 Website Speed

The importance of speed can’t be overlooked. There are plenty of evidence shows if your site takes more than 2 seconds to loads, you are losing readers and potential buyers. This is because most users become impatient with sites that load slower than usual.

Also, Google search engine factors also depend upon site loading speed. It may take longer for the Google crawler to limit or slow down its crawling rate of your site if it takes more time than usual.

GreenGeeks speed stacks increase with the use of “set of technologies” and includes

  • Litespeed web servers
  • SSD drives
  • Fast MariaDB
  • PHP7
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • HTTP/2

Reason #4 Security

GreenGeeks provides tools that make your site secure from infection. These include

  • Real-time file scanning
  • Proactive server monitoring
  • Clustered threat analysis
  • Secure vFS
  • Hosting account isolation

Reason #5 Datacenter options

GreenGeeks comprises of 4 main datacenters whereas GreenGeeks offers you the privilege to pick the datacenter of your choice to host website. This is surely a bonus.

Dedicated IP addresses available

If you need dedicated IP addresses then, you may need to put the request manually. You can open the account ticket from the account management dashboard and by having assigned a dedicated IP address comes with additional fee yearly on most plans.

How good is GreenGeeks Future Upgradability?

GreenGeeks allows users to scale up their shared hosting by offering great performance in higher level plans. GreenGeeks steps in when your site grows and increase traffic simultaneously demands more resources. With GreenGeeks you’ll start to see how valuable it is.

For instance, instead of purchasing VPS server you can upgrade to a higher shared plan with an increase in additional RAM, CPU, and other features.

Indeed this helps in GreenGeeks becoming more popular for beginners to run & test their WordPress site in powerful server environments.

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How good is GreenGeeks WordPress hosting?

GreenGeeks offers you the greater mileage when you start with a WordPress site. GreenGeeks is the top choice among its contenders that enhances sites performance and makes it a whole lot easier to utilize the WordPress hosting. GreenGeeks offers WordPress plans that depend upon the right shared hosting plan. In most cases “managed WordPress hosting” from GreenGeeks hosting provider takes care of the technical part of getting the server maintained for you. These includes

  • WordPress migration
  • Free domain name registration or transfer
  • Automatic WordPress core updates
  • Automatic Security scans
  • Protection from DDoS attacks
  • Increases the protection level of your site on the shared server
  • 24×7 US-based support access

GreenGeeks simply puts your WordPress site into optimized WordPress environment and it will remain online when you need it the most.

Reason #6 Cpanel & Features

Additionally, GreenGeeks has the best-looking Control Panel that is as follows.

  • Inclusion of site builder and theme installer when using the website builder
  • Use of Softaculous one-click installer
  • Cpanel account migration
  • Enhanced security features
  • Video tutorials in regard to installation, troubleshooting
  • A few database performance tweaks
  • Search engine submission and SEO tools
  • Polls and survey software
  • Form generators
  • Magento, osCommerce, and Prestashop in shopping carts

You will get most of the apps you need while searching around the control panel using by using the search bar to save some time. Also, you get to see website stats on the left-hand side that shows the current CPU usage, account data, etc.

In account management screen you will most likely to find options such as

  • Managing your domains
  • Buy additional services
  • Opening of tickets
  • View the billing request
  • Accessing the cPanel

Reason #7 Performance |Uptime | Speed

GreenGeeks topped our chart carrying uptime of 99.89% and to our believe the recent uptime data is much better which is quite reasonable and competitive with other hosts.

MonthUptimePage Load
Feb 201899.94%604 ms
Mar 201899.89%590 ms
Apr 201899.93%481 ms
May 201899.92%472 ms
Jun 2018100.00%335 ms
Jul 2018100.00%338 ms
Aug 201899.93%382 ms
Sep 2018100.00%385 ms
Oct 201899.93%381 ms
Nov 201899.95%348 ms
Dec 2018100.00%368 ms
Jan 2019100.00%338 ms
Average99.96%419 ms
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GreenGeeks claims to offer 99.9% uptime guarantee which is enough to make a way in customer’s heart. While GreenGeeks takes the uptime seriously. Speed is the next big crucial element in hosting with overall page load speed in a 12-month average was 419ms and have come down to 367ms in last 6 month.

These speeds are admirable compared to big web hosts such as SiteGround and WP Engine which are known for server performance.

Reason #8 Additional Features

GreenGeeks packs some exciting additional features that you can’t ignore. In terms of security measures, the servers are put to 24×7 monitoring with the inclusion of a built-in firewall that protects against the DDoS attacks and similar cyber-attacks.

GreenGeeks also include site builder in WordPress hosting so as to get the site online as soon as possible. The site builder equipped with 100’s of mobile-friendly themes that can be customized according to needs.

Lastly, site migration features are essential when you want the existing site to migrate to GreenGeeks hosting. GreenGeeks team will help you do conveniently free of charge with minimal downtime.

GreenGeeks has the following datacenter located at several places

  • Chicago
  • Phoenix
  • Montreal
  • Amsterdam

The privilege of choosing own Datacenter

Choosing your own datacenter is an added advantage and this means GreenGeeks provides you 4 mentioned datacenter locations of your choice so that you get the closest from where probably most website traffic likely to come.

Reason #9 Customer Support

GreenGeeks provides 100% customer satisfaction rate which extends to a wide range of support methods. For example, customers can reach support via live chat, email or phone. Phone support is available during the business hours however users can access the live chat 24×7.

On top of that self-help resources are easily available to work out technical issues. Large knowledge of database and tutorial is available. If you are looking to grow your WordPress site and worries about SEO, security then, GreenGeeks is a sensible investment.

My Conclusion

GreenGeeks step ahead to compare it with other hosting companies. Having lots of specialties & functionalities such as migration, support material, robust control panel, available data centers, money back guarantee, lowest plan price, backup policy, inclusion of site builder, PCI complaint makes GreenGeeks one of the best environmentally friendly host bundled with features and 24×7 monitoring with 100% customer satisfaction rate which seems extremely good for running your WordPress website.