When you are Looking to buy a web hosting for your website, business or blog it’s is always a questions from the user How to Choose a best Web Hosting Service or providers? To answer this questions, I have listed 21 things that you should consider in detail to get your best web hosting companyIt is always recommended to know about the key factors to consider when choosing a web hosting providers.
This 21 things on choosing web hosting company will helpful for the bloggers to business owners and this will help you to get your hosting partner. When you google about Best Web Hosting Company then you will find out the thousands of hosting providers claiming to be the best in their service and We know by claiming that they are the best doesn’t give the certification.
To overcome this we go to the Hosting Review websites where hundreds of reviews are published by the users and from there we try to identify the best web hosting partner for our website but it always a confusing as someone is happy with particular hosting company and some are not and you should know every user has different requirements and then again we get confused in this vast and competitive hosting market.
I have also faced such situations when, I was Looking for web hosting for my website, I have came across many web hosting companies their offers, gone through hundreds of review websites. At that time, I have decided to write the articles on How to choose a Best Web hosting partner for your website or business? By doing all the research, going through the hosting reviews, analysing the bloggers views on the hosting service, I have consolidated 21 Points that you should consider before purchasing a web hosting service.

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Let’s Read 21 Things of Questions Need to ask before Choosing a web hosting service

1. What Kind of Websites you want to build?
This should be the first question that you should ask yourself, before looking for web hosting company. If you want to start a Blog or small business, then you requirement for web hosting would be different and if you want to host a Video or Live streaming website or you want to host multiple websites then your requirement would be different.
  • For Bloggers or Small Business, you should go with the Shared Hosting service
  • For Large Ecommerce websites or Live Streaming website, you should go with VPS or Dedicated server for your website

2. Where is your web hosting provider located?

It should be your first question about the web hosting company, Where they are located. If you are from India and purchasing web hosting from US or Canada, then it would be very difficult for you to contact them due to different time zone. So before purchasing web hosting, always look take this point in your research on web hosting companies

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3. Does your web hosting company sell dedicated servers?

I have listed this question here, because in future your blog or business grows then you will need to have extra space,extra bandwidth or may be you need a dedicated server for your business at that time your hosting provider should be able to provide dedicated server for your business or else you will need to look for other dedicated hosting companies and then you will need to migrate your website on some other hosting platform, it is always a very tedious and time consuming task

4. Can I buy a VPS package from your web hosting provider?

It is the same questions like above, Here you should look if your hosting companies provide VPS hosting service as many business owners cannot afford dedicated server. Always confirm if they provide managed vps hosting service or not

5. Will my hosting plan come with a free domain?

Everyone loves Free, Even I do. Many web hosting companies offers free domain for a year. Get a Free domain for your website and try to save around $14 for a year. But don’t compromise on other hosting features just they are offering you a free domain

6. Is there a money-back guarantee from your hosting provider?

As you are investing around $100 to $200 per year first time on your new hosting partner, then before signing up you should look about the day provided for Money Back guarantee. Usually it ranges from 30 Days to 100 Days you can get your money refunded if you don’t like their hosting service. Also read the terms and conditions of Money back guarantee on what circumstances they will refund your money

7. Does your Hosting Company offer phone support?

Always look if your hosting company provides a Phone Support or not. It is very important that a genuine hosting company should have a phone customer support so that your issue gets resolved as quick as possible

8. Where are your web hosting servers located?

Always look where your hosting servers is located i.e Data Centers. There are many hosting companies which offers Multiple data centers which help you to have your website located at your nearby locations, it helps your visitor will have a little bit faster than hosting your website far from your place or country

9. What programming languages are supported?

Before purchasing web hosting, just do the research on the Programming languages are supported by your hosting company. May be you are building your website on ASP.net and after purchasing hosting, you realise that they don’t support ASP.net or doesn’t support the versions of your language. So before investing do research on programming languages and the versions, it should support latest versions of your programming language

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10. Is cPanel provided?

Cpanel is an online based web hosting control panel which simplifies the process of hosting a web site. So look if the web hosting is providing Cpanel or not. From Cpanel you can manage all your web hosting aspects from a single platform

11.What types of payment options does your Hosting accept?

Always, Look the Payment options your web hosting accept, look if they are accepting the payment in local currency or in Dollar. Check if they accept payment in Credit Card, Internet Banking Vouchers and many more. It is not that important, but you should know different payment options and it you can select your favourite options

12. Does your web hosting companies allow customers to pay monthly?

Always check if your web hosting companies allows you to pay your hosting bills monthly. Many web hosting allows you to pay only yearly, 2 Year of 3 year hosting plans. If you have a budget constraint or you want to test the hosting service, many users prefer to pay monthly. It has its advantages or disadvantages you can select monthly as per your requirement

13. Can I get help transferring from my old host?

There are many web hosting companies which offers free website migration service to its customers. ALso, there are many hosting company which charge you for the migration. I will recommend you to go with the Free migration services

14. Can I host multiple websites on one account?

Many web hosting companies have a different hosting plans and they always offers single website and Multiple website hosting service plan to its customers. If in future, you think to host multiple websites, then always go with the Multiple Website Hosting plan and it t would save your time and money. I have written detailed article on Best Web hosting for Multiple websites

15. Does your web hosting offers site builder tool?

Site Builder Tool is the software from where you can build your website without any kind of coding knowledge. Nowadays many web hosting offers free website builder tools or paid website tools. Choose Free or paid website builder tool as per your requirement

16.Does your web hosting company provide an uptime guarantee?

It is very important aspect in purchasing web hosting company. Uptime is the amount of time that your web hosting server is up and running and normally it is listed as percentage like 99.99%. Uptime is the method to measure how good your web hosting provider is. Always look for the company which has higher uptime guarantee i.e above 99% and also look the terms and conditions if they are not able to provide the said uptime, then how they will compensate for the same.

17. What is the backup policy at your web hosting site?

This question is very very important for you to do research on your web hosting company. I have suffered due to this and once, I have lost all my website data and then I came to know my web hosting company doesn’t take any kind of backup of my website. Always look the backup policy of your website, there are many hosting companies which provides Free Daily and weekly backup of your website and single click restoration of your backup. It helps to get your website up and running if some malicious thing had happen to your website.

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18. Does your web hosting support Ecommerce script?

Always make sure with your web hosting provider that they support ecommerce scripts or not. May be in future you want to take your business in ecommerce world, then you should not get any kind of hosting related issues. It is not mandatory for bloggers or who doesn’t want to enter in ecommerce business.

19. Does your web hosting suitable for an ecommerce site with SSL?

If you want to enter ecommerce business or wanted to enter in ecommerce business in future, then always look the web hosting which is safe and secure for any ecommerce website. Also look if your hosting service provide the SSL certificate for your website.

20. Does your Hosting provides some special security features with hosting accounts?

In today’s world there are always a threat to your website such as Malware, Hacking, Brute Force protection you should invest a serious amount of time in research on web hosting on this security features. If your website is not secure and vulnerable to attacks then all you hard work will be wasted.

21 – Does your website provides CDN services?

CDN is Content Delivery Network is a system or network of distributed servers that delivers your web page and other content based on the geographical locations of the website visitor. Many web hosting provides the CDN for free and many charge for that.

22 – Customer Support Service

Always look for a web hosting company which provides 24x7x365 days of customer support service via Live Chat, Ticket based and Phone based support service

So, Here are the 21 Tips or things need to consider before choosing a web hosting service for your blog or website. May be I would have been missed some points or checklist that we need to consider before purchasing hosting service, you can comment and let me know and I will keep update my tips in future

I know by Reading this, you would be feeling which is the Best Web Hosting company, I am providing you the List of 3 hosting companies you can select anyone from this list and this hosting companies have all the above 21 things that you need to consider.

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