Social Bookmarking Submission is one of the main aspect of SEO. Social Bookmarking increase your Visitor on your website and it also helps to faster the indexing of the Search Engines. Here I will give you the list of top 15 best Social Bookmarking list that I have use personally. All the list of social bookmarking websites is used by me personally. Social Bookmarking is very helpful to share the Pages, Images, Videos, Blog Post , News so the people are aware about that.

List of Top 15 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites in 2019

  1. : It is news website , where user can submit their news on It is one of the best and trustworthy social bookmarking websites. Slashdot was launched in 1997 i.e has been 18 years old. It mainly discuss about Science and Technology. Page Rank is 8 and It has Alexa Rank is 1621(Worldwide).
  2. StumbleuponIt is one of the famous social Bookmarking Site and It tops in my social Bookmarking list. StumbleUpon is a kind of discovery engines which finds the list of pages across the categories, Submission of your News on Stumbleupon is very easy and it provides the dashboard where you can see which links you have submitted on stumbleupon. Pagerank is 8 and it has Alexa Rank 374.
  3. Newsvine : In Newsvine you can your Blog Page , News or you can also write an article and you can submit on Newsvine. You submitted news are viewed by other user who are interested on a particular category. It has Page rank 8 and Alexa Rank is 6,924.
  4. Delicious :Delicious is one of the oldest social bookmarking website and is it my best. Here you can share any link.It helps with you a traffic to your link. I would suggest it should be in your bookmarking list. The Pagerank is 8 and Alexa Rank is 2931
  5. Reddit Reddit provides the user generated news and it has a voting feature which makes your news or post on top of the result. Reddit should be in your social bookmarking list. It has pagerank of 8 and Alexa Rank is 33.
  6. Facebook : Facebook is one of the popular Social Media website, where you can submit the links to your friend circle or user who has like your page. To Make Viral your Post or News it is the best to post on facebook. By Posting any link on Facebook is no use in SEO Perspective but it will help you to increase the traffic.
  7. Folkd : Fold is one of the best social bookmarking website and it must have in your list. You Can submit or Bookmark your favourite web pages with Fold . The Pagerank is 7 and Alexa Rank is 2784
  8. Diigo : It is a News sharing and a powerful research tool. You can share your Blog post or news in Diigo. Diigo also has a chrome extension so it make easy to bookmark your page. Diigo Pagerank is 8 and Alexa Rank is 2597
  9. Bizsugar : It is also one of the must have high PR bookmarking site and my favourite. Here Blog Post on Small Business and News related to business is share.Approval process is little difficult. Pagerank is 6 and Alexa Rank is 10,445
  10. Pinterest : Pinterest is the Image Sharing website, So if you have a Image you can share with Pinterest and it will give you the traffic. Except traffic , don’t expect SEO juice from it as it gives you the Nofollow link. Pagerank is 8 and Alexa Rank is 30
  11. NewsmeBack : It is also one of the social bookmarking website and it is quite popular in his category. The Pagerank is 5 and Alexa Rank is 12,479
  12. Twitter : Yes Twitter is also one of the Kind of Social Bookmarking Websites. Here you can submit your links using Keywords as a Hashtag and it will increase your post traffic. It is one of the Popular Social Networking platform with Page Rank – 10 and Alexa Rank is 10
  13.  LinkArena : Link area is the news and link sharing social bookmarking website, where you can share your content or News with Link Arena. Page Rank is 7 and Alexa Rank is 18,534.
  14. Digg : It is also a popular social bookmarking website, where you can submit your page or news with digg. Page Rank is 8 and Alexa Rank is 1106
  15. Bibsonomy : It is also a Popular and Must have Social Bookmarking site. You can submit the news or blog post with it. The Pagerank is 7 and Alexa Rank is 5347
So Above is the List of 15 Top Social Bookmarking websites that is best suited to use in 2019, there are many bookmarking sites , but this are the best and trusted list of Social Bookmarking sites.
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