Wix vs WordPress – Which website builder is best?

Wix and WordPress are two best WordPress builder available whereas wix is known as a powerful website builder offering drag and drop facility along with countless preset templates together come out to showcase great looking websites. Alternatively, WordPress provides less customization but highly anticipates in post and page management system. In fact, more than 30%

9 Reasons to Select GreenGeeks as your WordPress Hosting Provider

GreenGeeks prides itself in protecting the environment while the servers mainly run in low renewal energy(expected less energy consumption than other hosts) known as the most eco-friendly web hosting. Are there any such hosts? How does the GreenGeeks stack up? In this article, we dig deep into the GreenGeeks environment claims and finds out more

Why WPForms Is The Best TypeForm Alternative?

When it comes to adding forms to the website, most WordPress users are disgusted has worst choice after all. Whereas most of the form builder tools are either too complicated or tricky for beginners to grip in. At last when two most awaited form builder plugin struggle to win the race which one do you

WPForms vs. Gravity Forms – Best Form Plugin Showdown

You must have seen lots of online forms while surfing internet online. There are various contact forms, order forms, inquiry forms, signup forms, questionnaires, surveys and more. Forms offer a direct way through you can capture information (by asking particular details) rather than saying “send us a message” But how do you think these forms

How to Secure your Shared Hosting Account?

Shared hosting has its own sets of PROS & CONS that occupies major concerns in the heart of peoples having either a shared server or thinking to get one. One of the biggest concerns levy on exposure to security threats that lots of websites are hosted on the same server. If you too have a

3 Best Monthly Web Hosting Service Providers in 2019

Today, I am writing this detailed article on top 3 hosting providers or companies which provides the best monthly web hosting service in 2019 with its features and pricing which will help you to decide monthly hosting plans for your website or blog. Web hosting services are secretly mischievous when billing cycles are around the

3 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives – Which are Affordable, Reliable and Secure

If you are reading this article, then I can understand that you are using DigitalOcean and you are not happy with the DO hosting service and planning to switch your hosting then you have come to the right place where you will get the top and best DigitalOcean alternatives 2019 which are affordable, reliable and

How to choose best web hosting plan for website?

Picking the best web hosting plan for your website is similar to the way how you purchase any commodity. Not everyone knows everything about a web hosting especially the components, although it’s better to know few than more. However, you may know how a hosting plan stands out to be the best from others. How

Best Hipaa Hosting – Recommended 3 Best Hipaa Compliant Healthcare Hosting

Are you looking for the best hipaa hosting in 2019? In this article you will find all the top and best web hosting compliant with HIPAA and you can host your healthcare website without facing any kind of issues. Let’s read the detailed information on hipaa compliant web hosting companies HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Hosting 2019

How to clear inodes in Cpanel?

Did you got the message or error from cpanel that your Inodes if full and you have to take a necessary action on it. I have written a detailed article on What is Inode in Hosting? Here, I will let you know how to reduce or avoid the issue with over usage of Inodes in