What is Green Web Hosting and What is the Best Green Web Hosting?

The internet is growing every day and it has become far fledged even into this day. The web has been occupied mostly with the ever ending content and multimedia files including audio and video. Similarly, all these content are hosted on a various server and the majority of them are on data centres. These facilities

Fastcomet vs Siteground – Who should be your Hosting Partner?

There are 1000 of web hosting companies providing the same hosting service and everyone claims to be the best in the industry and It always become a difficult job to select the best one. When, I was searching for the best hosting providers to host my Blog and that time, I have done a lot

Best Web Hosting for Hospital

As a webmaster, you already know there are thousands of website trying to find their way on niche industry that’s why it became so competitive and in the Hospital business most services are offered for a client which might be further advertised by the help of creating a website. Now, what exactly are you trying

3 Best BuddyPress Hosting provider company across the globe

BuddyPress is a great community plugin that can take your website to new heights. It can convert your simple WordPress blog into a social networking website. There are plenty of features that you can find in BuddyPress such as groups, forums, user profiles, private message system, notifications and activity streams. If you are thinking about

Best Web Hosting for Static Websites

What are the best web hosting for static websites? or Can you let me know to hosting companies to host static websites. This are the some questions that is asked by many of my friends and Readers who are all having a static websites and they are looking for the best web hosting providers.  As

2 Best Web Hosting for Educational Websites

What if you’re in charge of a school or university and helping organizations to build websites for them. Should there be any best web hosting for educational websites? Especially for college, school or university. Indeed, there are lots of hosting you can find for educational websites. Thus, which things should you consider before opting a

How to Start a Food Blog? A Complete Guide for Newbie

Don’t you love foods? I mean lots of food. If you, probably love reading about them. Now, How to Start a Food blog?  I know, most of you do search for recipes and find the best food blog out there. Nowadays, food blogs are sharing one of the highest position in blogging arena. Also, it’s easy

Best SSD Web Hosting in 2018

When you know the essence of speed on your blog picking a best SSD hosting offers  you something better is one specific feature that’s everyone need.  We’re more often taught how speed sells and performance is pivotal, but we hardly practice what we preached. I had this opportunity to compare price vs performance when shopping

How To Use A Free SSL Certificate With Fastcomet Hosting?

According to me Fastcomet is one of the top and best web hosting provider for your blogs and websites. They are also my recommended Best Web Hosting companies and I have shared my detailed Fastcomet review, which will help you to decide Fastcomet as your hosting partner. Today, In this article you will read to

Top 10 Wildlife Lover Places in India

Remember the days visiting wildlife centuries when you’re child, yet the sight of nature mesmerises anyone right. The wildlife comprises of the beauty that has been lost into the concrete world. This article brings you the list of top ten places where your journey to the wildlife promises an enjoyable and delightful one. 1 .